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Feeding fussy bubs: getting the most out of meal times

Family meal times should be enjoyable and relaxing, yet often parents find themselves locked in battle with their baby. Here’s how to call a ceasefire. Think about the last time you caught an episode of MasterChef. Imagine the reaction of the aspiring chefs if one of the judges were to …

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Four brain games to help your baby’s development

For babies, playtime is a lot more than having fun – it’s while they play that their busy brains are developing vital life skills. Fiona Baker explores some excellent ways to help your child develop through play. This story first appeared in Body+Soul When your baby ‘plays’ he or she …

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The truth about teething and fevers

Drooling babies chewing on everything but the kitchen sink usually means teeth are on their way. It can be an upsetting time, both for the baby cutting teeth and parents trying to console and comfort them through the discomfort. But what many parents don’t realise is that fevers, often mistaken …

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