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10 Amazing Activewear Brands to Get You Moving


There is nothing more motivating to get you to the gym than the impending summer weather. There is just something about the sun shining that begs your body to wake up from its winter slumber and get your sweat on. No matter what type of exercise you fancy, whether you plan to spend time in the gym, hitting the trails, or simply practicing an at-home early morning yoga session, we’ve got the best of the best activewear brands you need this Spring. And don’t worry, when you really spend all day in your trendy leggings and comfy kicks, we won’t judge.

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Spring Activewear Brands You’ll Love

Spring Fun

It’s 2020 and no more excuses are going to hold you back from becoming the best (running) version of yourself. If an energizing lift is what you need to get back on your feet, the Ricochet 2 Men’s Running Shoe will provide a light, responsive ride that gives more energy back to you while road running your best time yet. With the flexible, arrow-point pattern on the outsole, you’ll have a smooth and quick transition from heel to toe, without losing energy. And for those who tend to have sensitive heels, a hidden heel wrap with heel tab prevents irritation and discomfort.

With the flat-knit upper, be sure to call out “on your left” because no one will hear you coming. These running shoes are quiet and sleek, keeping you right on pace. So, kick your run into overdrive with an added spring in your step and a sock-like fit for miles to come with the Ricochet 2 Men’s Running Shoe.

activewear brands
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Need a little more speed in your life? Take your best time to the next level with these lightweight Men’s Launch 7 Running Shoe from Brooks Running. These are your go-to cushioned running shoe when you need the middle ground of a race flat and a standard trainer. When it’s speed you need, this is the shoe of winners. The one-piece mesh upper and nearly seamless internal construction is incredibly light and airy. Run faster, lighter, and easier with the lightweight fit.

Ricochet 2 Men’s Running Shoe | Men’s Launch 7 Running Shoe
Brooks Running | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kristin’s Spring Drafts

Spring is in the air and as the weather warms it is time for us mamas to get outdoors and get moving! Whether we’re simply chasing the kids around the playground, enjoying stroller strides with other new moms, or even heading into an early morning yoga session for a little bit of me time, Mother Tucker’s activewear will keep you feeling confident and comfortable from everything from your morning workout to school drop-offs, extracurricular activities, errands, and playdates. Get your body back and do it with confidence with shapewear from Mother Tucker.

This spring we love the Mother Tucker Active Capri Leggings paired with the Mother Tucker Scoop Neck Tank. These wardrobe staples are easy to wear, always wrinkle-free, and perfect for keeping everything in place no matter how active or on the go our day may be. The classic colors and style are easy to wear and provide plenty of booty and body shaping stretch giving you the perfect compression level and slimming silhouette.

Mother Tucker Scoop Neck Tank | Mother Tucker Active Capri Leggings
Belly Bandit | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

More Spring Write-ups

The number one qualification for activewear is that it doesn’t slip while you’re getting your workout on. Terez meets that qualification plus more. Every pair of leggings, tees, and sports bras are thoroughly and thoughtfully designed so that you can focus on your gym goals.

The Leopard Goals Super-High Band Capris will leave all the other gym-goers in envy. The Leopard print pops off the pants due to its very realistic design. Made of a super soft high rise fabric, they bend and move with you, so you can easily move and grove with the best of them.

Adorn these leggings with the subtle Black Cheetah Foil Racerback Tank. The tee is ultrasoft and lightweight. The tank is loose and relaxed allowing it to flow easily with every movement. This tank pairs perfectly with fun leggings like Leopard Goals or with simple black leggings.

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Another outfit we love is the Superstar Moves Super-High Band Capris with Black Stars Foil Racerback Tank. Bring a little rockstar with you the gym with the Superstar Leggings, adorned by metallic stars that shimmer slightly as you move. They are performance leggings that compress, wick away moisture, and stretch as needed. The Black Stars Tank is versatile due to its subtle star pattern. It is soft, flowy, and moisture-wicking, all qualities that will make this one of your favorite gym tanks.

Leopard Goals Super-High Band Capris | Black Cheetah Foil Racerback Tank | Superstar Moves Super-High Band Capris | Black Stars Foil Racerback Tank
Terez | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Write Up Templates

Women workout for many different reasons. Some for increased flexibility, some for endurance, and some to feel better, whatever your reason, Marika should be one of your go-to activewear brands. Every piece is soft, comfortable, and versatile to move with you wherever you may go.

Amazing Activewear Brands To Get You Moving

Green is a go-to color this Spring, we’ve compiled a perfect outfit to get your workout on. You will love the Pacifica Slide Pocket Mid Calf Capri in Balsam Green. They feature a high waisted fit, a side pocket for your phone, and are the ultimate in moisture-wicking capris. The Balance Collection Racerback Tank is not only an awesome workout tank but also has an adorable design. The Sarah Cardigan pairs perfectly with both for those cooler morning or evening walks this season. It flows perfectly for a comfy pre and post-workout fit. You will love these additions to your workout gear.

Pacifica Slide Pocket Mid Calf Capri | Balance Collection Racerback Tank |Sarah Cardigan
Marika | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Elena Spring Items

Those who are fitness fanatics know that recovery is just as important as the workout itself. With Incrediwear Active Recovery, you can speed up your recovery time with their innovative technology. The fabric used in their products is embedded with Germanium and Carbon which are semiconductors that help increase blood flow to your muscles. The cells inside your body will begin to vibrate when the Germanium and the Carbon are activated by your body heat. Increased blood flow will help you recover faster by decreasing inflammation, decreasing the rate of tissue damage, and relieving stiffness and pain.

Elena Spring Items

Incrediwear Active Recovery also helps to increase circulation and remove toxins. Together this helps to reduce recovery time, optimize performance, and increase your range of motion. All of Incrediwear Active Recovery items are also thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and provide protection from the sun.

There are several different products available for your entire body with the Incrediwear Active Recovery line. These products target specific areas for athletes and fitness junkies to help protect their bodies and recover from their workouts, or injury, faster. Check out the full line of Incrediwear Active Recovery here.

Wrist Sleeve | Women’s Capris | Women’s Full Perfomance Pant
Incrediwear Active Recovery | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Amazing Activewear Brands To Get You Moving

For the active child in your life, a well-cushioned, lightweight trainer shoe is perfect for gym class, playtime, and even school uniform wear. The Gorun Fast – Welzo has a responsive cushioning midsole and a breathable mesh upper offering an incredibly responsive shoe for the child who is going places.

Amazing Activewear Brands To Get You Moving

The air-cooled memory foam makes it the ideal shoe for any child who is actively on their feet and needs support and stability.

Amazing Activewear Brands To Get You Moving

For the child who would love the continuous comfort and breathability of a soft yet trendy shoe look no further than the Kids Gorun Fast – Valor. This is an ideal shoe for gym class, playtime at the park, and anytime they are active but need the durability of a responsive shoe. Moms will love it because they are machine washable using the gentle cycle. Just hang to dry and your active child is at it again, one super lightweight and comfortable step after another! Skechers is a great choice for parents looking for reliable shoes that compliment the active, outdoor-exploring child(ren) in their life. Skechers is soon to become one of your favorite activewear brands.

Gorun Fast – Welzo | Kids Gorun Fast – Valor
Skechers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

No Sweat

No Sweat offers workout enthusiasts a new way to deal with sweat. Their moisture-wicking liner sheets adhere to hats and helmets with ease. Gone are the days of sweat dripping into your eyes. Looking for apparel? No Sweat is one of our amazing activewear brands that has clothes, too. We suggest the No Sweat Emoji Hoodie for those cool morning jogs or late night gym sessions. This comfortable hoodie is the perfect addition to anyone’s workout apparel.

No Sweat Emoji Hoodie
No Sweat | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

There are so many activewear brands out there today it is hard to narrow down which is the best. You need leggings that stay put, shirts that don’t slouch, and shoes that go the extra mile for you at the gym. We can guarantee you will love these activewear brands to keep you cool, comfortable, and confident both in and out of the gym this spring season.


Now that you’ve got the best Activewear Brands to wear this Spring, get started on your own personalized fitness plan with these tips on How To Build Your Own Fitness Program.

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