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10 Items To Check Off Your School Supplies List


Get ready for back to school by packing your kids’ backpacks with all the essentials from me4kidz. Items like First Aid and wellness kits, antibacterial wipes, cold packs, bandages and more are all non-toxic, BPA-free, recyclable,earth-friendly, lead-free, latex-free and pediatrician-approved.

The Medibuddy First Aid Kit contains 50 items, including bandages, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, and more. The bandages are latex free and all products are USA manufactured of recycled, lead free plastic. The Medibuddy has won multiple awards in the juvenile industry over the years and each purchase gives back to the disabled community.

Great for backpacks, gym lockers, purses, glove boxes, or baby bags. It’s a must have for the on-the-go family. 

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Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes are great for on the go, cleaning hands, dirty faces and scrapes too. Kills 99% of germs without the sting and each wipe has a fresh scent that kids like.

Medibuddy First Aid Kit | Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes

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