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10 Ways to Work From Home and Make Money


Women are a crucial part of a diverse workforce. They add color, warmth, cheer, and most of all, are talented and level-headed. Hiring more women is a boon to companies. Results of a health survey conducted by the National Center of Health Statistics in the year 2007, showed the average life expectancy of women is 80.4 versus men at 75.1. Women tend to live longer on account of better lifestyle choices like stress control, exercise and good eating habits. With all that said, some women are compelled to stay at home and look after the kids. Family comes first, but there is definitely the ability to work from home while the kids are asleep or away at school.

We are not talking about Tupperware or cosmetic sales in your basement. These commission-based earning techniques are not sustainable. There is a heavy investment upfront and the prices are set too high to account for the agent’s commission. What’s worse, friends and family start to avoid you for fear of being beguiled into buying. We are about to unravel the secret of making handsome money for stay at home moms. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’d be tempted to quit your mundane job and work from home too.

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1. Sign up for a free Amazon Associates account

This is one of the simplest ways to earn without much work at all. Once you have the right resources and you’re correctly set up, you are pretty much ready to earn by working from home.


  • Have a computer at home
  • An internet connection with a decent data bandwidth
  • Comfortable with the computer system, web, and the internet
  • Have a Facebook account
  • Have your own site or blogging site
  • Be digitally social


  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Scroll to the bottom ‘Amazon Associates’
  • Follow the sign-up procedure
  • It will generate a unique ID for you
  • Copy any Amazon product link
  • Add your unique ID to it and link it to any of your blogs, personal web portal, and Facebook account

Say you would like to write a blog on books. Just link the book-sale link from Amazon with your unique ID and post it in as many places as you can. The more sites you link it to, the better your chances of getting a hit. Amazon pays about 8% for every purchase from your link. Just sit and earn.

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2. Freelance writing

There is a ton of space on the net that needs to be filled up with content. It’s not possible to keep writing about the same topic again and again. So, people having their own blog sites hire freelance bloggers to write meaningful content on their behalf. Another scenario: Companies may want to research and publish informative content about their product in comparison with the rest of the market. Documenting data or procedures is time-consuming and such tasks are freelanced.

Some of the other popular freelancing professions are:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Data Architect
  • Ad scripting
  • Product information
  • Content development

You don’t have to be a journalist to become a freelance writer. Many companies also provide sites and other material for you to collate information and write. Most freelance writers make between $25 to $45 an article. Freelance writers working full time from home can make anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000 a month. Isn’t that a pleasant revelation to work from home?

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3. Trade in Stocks and Funds

This would be a great choice for someone with a financial management and investment background and knowledge of how the market works. If you are just starting out, we would recommend you take it easy and go with conservative funds. Investing in index funds would be a safe choice if you are just starting out. An index fund is a mix of investments in the top 500 companies in the USA. You could call them blue chips. These companies are solid and stable performers. Closely monitor the market trends. Market funds are subject to risk. Read up on your financial news regularly and keep abreast with the market.

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4. Be a virtual assistant 

Several startup’s and small business require constant email checks. They may not be ready to afford an assistant yet. Hiring a virtual assistant would be a win-win for both. The hours are flexible for moms. Small businesses can get their emails sorted out, sent out or replied to at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time assistant. You can list your service on sites like Upwork and freelancer.com. This gives you the chance to work from home for a business that you might otherwise not been able to. The average pay scale for a virtual assistant would range between $12 to $20 an hour. Now that’s not too bad.

10 work from home ideas4

5. Write an eBook

If you are one of those with a creative mind and a passion for writing, try writing your own book. Writing an eBook is a great platform for writers whose talent has been undermined. Write about home decoration, easy cleaning, beauty tips, recipe, fashion or alteration tips. The web has a plethora of information to research from. This could definitely come in handy for your substantiated facts.

6. Arbitrage

Amazon has a unique earning opportunity that can sound like music to many women. There are Amazon seller scanning apps that can give the Amazon price for a product.  Arbitrage for Amazon would mean to go shopping in the local neighborhood and buy items on clearance. Check the prices on Amazon.com  to make sure they are less than the listed price. Box these items and ship them to Amazon. Amazon sells them for you and you get your cut. Arbitrage has been picking up like wildfire with Amazon and the fad is now spreading to other shopping sites.

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7. Graphic designing 

Here’s another option for someone with lots of creativity and a little graphic design experience to go with it. Businesses always need logos for branding purposes. Designing a logo doesn’t take more than 45 minutes to an hour. Creating a logo can fetch anywhere from $100 to $175 depending on the company.

8. Online surveys

Online surveys are among hottest moneymaking platforms. Companies need feedback on their products to give consumers better product experiences and satisfaction. Surveying door to door is impractical. Instead of hiring help from interested and qualified candidates online, it is a better option to get the surveys filled out online at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time door-to-door surveyor. Online surveys are not a get-rich scheme. They can help cover unexpected expenses or the holiday season damage. Think about it.

Some of the popular and reliable online survey sites are:

10 work from home ideas5

9. Become a Blogger

Passion and talent are all it takes to be a blogger. Many stay-at-home moms are switching to this profession instead of going back to work. In most scenarios, blogging requires a casual style of writing except on technical topics. Technical blogging needs experience and subject matter expertise. Make your content informative and attractive. Once you generate a traffic of 500 to 1,000 users per day, you automatically become eligible for Ads. You could register for free in Google AdSense or contact your own advertisers. Either way, you are good to go. Sit back and watch your money grow from your home.

10. Online Tutoring

Don’t let your subject expertise go to waste or rust. Online tutoring is a flexible and convenient way of earning a little handy cash. Audio lesson tutoring sessions can be done without having to step out of the house. No dressing up, no makeup, no winter shoveling. Online tutoring jobs can fetch anywhere from $3 to $25 an hour based on the subject matter.

There is a ton of opportunity to make money from home on the web and most of these suggestions are hassle-free and a definite way to earn.

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