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10 Wonderfully Unique Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards


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Every mom wants to be spoiled.  Most moms look forward to the second Sunday of May each year when family and friends come together to celebrate and love on the special moms in their lives…Mother’s Day!  While the default gift is often flowers, cards are a must to show love and appreciation. This year, consider thinking outside the box when brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day cards…starting with the recipient.

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Who to Give Mother’s Day Cards

While traditional family members like Mom, Grandma, Sister, Daughter, etc. are top of mind on who to give Mother’s Day cards, daily life sheds light on moms of all types.  While she may not be your mother, a stepmom, mother-in-law, godmother, or someone else might fill the role of mom.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms who serve others – like friends who are moms, single dads, and caregivers.  If you are currently a mom, do you remember the anticipation before having your first child? Make someone’s day by giving a card to a mom to be or a grandma to be. Celebrating Mother’s Day isn’t limited to mothers of people…send a card to a pet mom!

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Homemade Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards

Purchasing a store-bought card is a quick and easy option when exploring ideas for Mother’s Day cards – but this year, consider creating something personalized and one of a kind. Have your spring flowers started to bloom?  Pick some of your favorite flowers, place them face down in a heavy closed book lined with parchment paper and open the book seven to 10 days later for some pressed flowers to decorate a card cover.

Another unique idea: research the movies released or the number one song on the Billboard chart during her first Mother’s Day and use them to decorate the card cover.  On the other hand, “Call Me” by Blondie and “Friday the 13th” may not be a great mix for a card cover…

Using a child’s handprint is a great way to tug at those heartstrings.  Place the child’s hand in paint to create the top of a cupcake, a vase of flowers, a butterfly, or a sunshine.  Send a hug from afar by tracing and cutting out a child’s hands and wrapping the hands around a card so they are essentially hugging the card.  For an even more impressive homemade touch, search for calligraphy templates online or view a “how to” video to perfect your handwriting skills.  A craft like this extends beyond just Mother’s Day!          

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Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards That Use Pictures

A great way to make mom cry happy tears is through the use of pictures. There are so many unique ideas for Mother’s Day cards that incorporate pictures – all of which are personal and customized just for her.  The various photo hosting websites like minted, snapfish and shutterfly, as well as your local photo developing centers (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.) all offer personalized greeting cards. Use a current photo and get creative!

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Have you seen those goofy pictures of adult siblings trying to recreate a childhood post?  Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to make her laugh and create a card using these pictures. Maybe even sort through your old clothing bins and try to fit into clothes from your childhood.  If going with this idea, you should probably be comfortable with seeing your pictures posted on social media…because no mom will pass up showing off this photo opp!

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Every mom loves pictures of her babies – especially when someone else is spearheading the effort. Plan ahead and take pictures of a child/children holding signs.  Whether multiple photos of the same child spelling out “I love you” or more than one kiddo holding signs that say “Happy Mother’s Day”, or a pet with a sign around its neck that says “I’m glad I’m yours”, her heart will melt seeing any of these ideas for Mother’s Day cards.

If you don’t have access to current photos, or maybe a trip down memory lane sounds more appealing, try and find photos from her childhood.  Whether a picture of a favorite past time – or one that includes someone who is no longer alive, this is a thoughtful way to make the card memorable.  Scan one or more photos of your choosing to create a personalized historical keepsake.

daily-mom-parent-portal-10 Wonderfully Unique Ideas For Mother’s Day Cards

Alternative Ideas for Mother’s Day Cards

Did you know that photo hosting websites offer products other than greeting cards?  Consider taking the words you would normally write in a card and place them on a blanket, a mug, a desktop plaque, or even an iPhone case.  Every mom likes to brag about her family and any of these gifts give her something to feel special all year long. 

Looking for a keepsake that she will look forward to each year?  A journal with pages for multiple family members to write a Mother’s Day message year after year is a gift any mom would love.  Even if you decide to give a store-bought card, place the card in a journal to historically catalogue the memory of this year’s Mother’s Day.  A Mother’s Day journal is a perfect memento for a mom/grandma with young kids that allows her to go back and remember Mother’s Days of years past.      

Mother’s Day was created to “appreciate and honor mothers through handwritten letters expressing love and gratitude” according to Wikipedia.  Regardless of how you appreciate and honor the moms in your life or which of these ideas for Mother’s Day cards you select, she is sure to love the final product.  Whether a mom of ten, a sister, a daughter, or a mom-to-be, the mothers in our lives deserve to be loved and celebrated today and every day!

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10 Wonderfully Unique Ideas For Mother’s Day Cards

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