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11 Best Pregnancy Gifts for New Moms


Transitioning into motherhood is not always easy but it can be super rewarding. When you have the right tools, gadgets, and support system, you will wonder why you were even sweating the small stuff. Now that the growing belly is about to reveal a new life, we have complied the best pregnancy gifts for a new or even the seasoned mother who is expecting baby number four. After all, she is still a new mom to this new little one!

1Breathe a “Psi” of Relief

Let’s face it. “Morning sickness” is a term given in hopes that for just a couple of hours in the morning you feel some nausea. Well, for the real mom-to-be who lives in reality, it is definitely more like all day nausea and discomfort! One of the best pregnancy gifts to start with is this, the Psi Band. It provides acupressure relief whenever you need it…not just in the mornings!

Psi Bands
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Ready to stay in control of your cup of joe throughout all stages of your pregnancy? We have found Mommee Coffee which allows you to continue to drink your favorite beverage during pre-conception through breastfeeding stages. They give you options that meet your physical and emotional needs without leaving you feeling worried or guilty that you aren’t doing the best for your growing baby. Chemical free, organic, and still perfect for mornings… we say, double yes, please!

Mommee Coffee
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3Mommi A Daily Prenatal Shaken Not Stirred

Everything you need in a shake for you and baby. This drink includes your protein to help combat morning sickness, is designed to help manage healthy weight gain, and is complete with all your prenatal nutritional needs. We also love that it is Gluten Free, MSG Free, and Non-GMO for us label-conscious mommas.

Mommi Prenatal Protein Shake
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Now you can protect the environment and save yourself the headache of having all these plastic bags around the house that look the same. Organize your life’s clutter with these stylish, reusable, and washable bags! Leave the plastic counterparts on the aisle shelves and pack up your snacks, toiletries, make up essentials, wipes and diapers, teething toys, and so much more! Whatever you need, ZizzyBee can hold it.

ZizzyBee Bags
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Now it is time for a quick outing with just the essentials. You no longer have to contend with the big and bulky (and dare we say…ugly) diaper bag. Just because you are a mom, you still have a sense of style with the functionality of an Itzy Ritzy Mini that contains 8 pockets for everything you need. This has become one of our favorites because of the signature rubber feet that protect the base of the bag from filthy surfaces and helps to prevent wear and tear. Yes, it transitions beyond the diaper bag, ladies. What new mom wouldn’t swoon over this pregnancy gift?

Itzy Mini Blush Pink
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Moms, no more wrapping around and under your arm and tucking in places you may never unravel again! With light, breathable, fabric that mimics the cocoon safety of your womb, your baby will be snug as a bug in your arms. This is the perfect pregnancy gift for baby to transition from womb to world, which never looked so cute and precious!

Woombie Air
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When you are on the go, it is time to go! The modern mom needs the convenience of keeping her hands free while having the comfort of support. That is where Belibea’s maternity bra comes into your life. The whole idea is to make your life easier as a nursing momma on the go and a breastfeeding baby on bottled breastmilk. With this pregnancy gift, pumping and taking that phone call (yeah, we really mean texting) is easily accomplished no matter where you are.

Belibea Nourish Nursing Bra
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These oversized (but just right) soft terry towels will make bath time the highlight of your child’s day. Your child can enjoy the fun animal characters while you snap some over-the-top adorable pictures. After all, who can resist a snuggly clean baby wrapped up as a Flippy Frog?!

Baby Snow Terry Hooded Bath Towels
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Now that your baby is ready to virtually put everything in their mouth, rest assured that they are safe with the Mochi Teething Plate. It’s 51% made of Japanese rice with absolutely NO harmful chemicals and is 100% soothing, safe, and fun for baby’s gums. All the bumps and ridges along with the thumb hole make it easy for baby to maneuver the plate into position just how they need it.

Mochi Teething Plate
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Every baby, every mom has a year of firsts. Whether or not you are having your first bundle of joy or you are welcoming baby number 5, Lucy Darling’s keepsake books are the perfect pregnancy gift and beyond to jot down your feelings, events, hold pictures, and record all of these special moments without spending hours to do so with their simple and beautiful designs.

Golden Blossom Memory Book | Golden Stargazer Memory Book
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You will love this compilation of exciting and new pregnancy gifts that you can get either for yourself (we don’t blame you) or for a dear mom who is ready to meet her new daughter or son. Each item has a special place for baby once they enter the world beyond the womb. Whether you choose to spoil the new mom with pregnancy gifts or a simple I know you really need this kind of gift, your heart is in the perfect place.

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