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11 Unexpected Lullabies for your Bedtime Routine


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Let’s admit it. Bedtime routines can oftentimes become a bit of a power struggle. Kids don’t want to brush their teeth, they don’t want to put on pajamas and they definitely don’t want to go to bed. But never underestimate the power of a good lullaby. 

11 Unexpected Lullabies For Your Bedtime Routine

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It’s More Than Just a Song 

Children respond well to soothing lullabies with rhyming or a steady beat. You may think you’re just calming them down for a good night’s sleep but it actually goes beyond that. Singing is its own special language and has been proven to improve your children’s lives in more ways than one.

Songs with a steady beat can remind them of the steady beating of your heart while in the womb making it easier for them to settle down and relax. Additionally, music and rhythm help their growing minds learn the cadence of language. The more they hear, especially live, the more they understand tones, language signature, and inflection. Music has even been shown to help them with skills such as cutting with scissors and using a whisk, all because of the rhythmic pattern they hear.

Learning to play a musical instrument later on in life will also be easier if they’ve been exposed to music and song as infants. But even with all this, the most important event that happens while singing lullabies to your child is it strengthens your relationship and attachment. These bonding moments are something they’ll remember and look fondly on when they’re older and it reassures them that they are safe and loved.

But just because we know that singing melodic lullabies can be good for your children in more ways than one it doesn’t mean that children’s lullabies are your cup of tea. Rockabye Baby doesn’t always feel like the right song to sing for every parent. As adults, we have musical tastes that don’t typically blend well with the more youthful and adolescent songs that are geared towards children and babies. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on the idea.

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Lullabies don’t have to be what your parents sang to you or even what their parents sang to them. As long as it’s soothing, has a rhythmic tone and you enjoy singing it, that can work! You’d even be surprised at how many of the songs you already love can be transformed into a tune worth singing while soothing your kids to sleep.

Here are a few unexpected lullabies you can use in your bedtime routine to spice it up a bit:

Clementine (Outlander):

[embedded content]

While yes, this song is very traditional and has been around a great long while, the rhyming and sweetness of the melody can make this a quick favorite. As Brianna and Roger show us in episodes of Outlander, even though the words might be a little more on the solemn side, it can be quite a pretty song even in modern times. The chorus is catchy and rhythmic but surprisingly sweet for a bittersweet song.

Pippin’s Song (Lord of the Rings):

[embedded content]

With rich, Gaelic harmonies and that special hint of mysticism, this is a perfect lullaby for your little one. It also clocks in and only a minute long so even if the song is new to you, it’s an easy one to learn! It also gets you to that glass of wine and Netflix a little quicker because obviously the unwind session begins as soon as the kids are down!

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The Sign of the Times – Harry Styles:

[embedded content]

There’s a reason this was a top hit for 12 straight weeks on US Billboard’s Top 40. The melody alone will suck you in and with an almost hypnotizing sound, it’s sure to lull your littles into a dreamful sleep in no time. Even though it’s a newer age it has great potential to be the new most requested song at bedtime.

Blackbird – The Beatles:

[embedded content]

Even before Boss Baby came out this was a crowd-pleasing favorite. The lyrics are serene making it a great choice to fill their minds with whimsy before they close their eyes for the night. It also gives you a good reason to pull out your old Beatles t-shirt.

Pure Imagination – Gene Wilder:

[embedded content]

Singing them off into dreamland with a song about pure imagination? This one was definitely meant to have a lullaby side to it. You don’t have to dress up in the full purple and top hat get up, but the lyrics definitely have their place at bedtime.

Remember Me- CoCo:

[embedded content]

This one is a tear-jerker. Singing it to your wee one while they drift into peaceful slumber will be sure to give you all the feels. We all cried when they sang it in the movie and it’s even more touching when we sing it to those we love.

Sea of Love- Phil Phillips:

[embedded content]

The 50’s and 60’s sure knew how to croon. This rhythmic song is full of admirable lyrics and is even easy to learn. You could even tag team with your partner and have them sing background bebops

All I have to do is Dream – Everly Brothers:

[embedded content]

The title alone tells you it’s a great one. The harmonies in this song make it easy for any singer, high or low alike (soprano or alto) and the simple sweetness of this old love song gives it the perfect tone for a lullaby.

Always Remember Us This Way- Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

[embedded content]

Shallow maybe got more attention and praise but we can’t ALL sing those high notes like Lady Gaga. This favorite from the movie, A Star is Born has a heartier message than most children’s songs out there and you’ll feel the depth in the lyrics without feeling like a phony.

Sweet Child of Mine- ACDC:

[embedded content]

Don’t be scared off by ACDC’s reputation as a rock band. To make it more appropriate for bedtime simply slow down the tune (and perhaps cut down on the electric guitar riffs) and you’ve got yourself a non-conventional but wonderfully lyrical lullaby. It may not have been what Axl Rose intended for this song but it definitely lends itself well to it.

Smile- Nat King Cole:

[embedded content]
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With the impact positive affirmations can have on us it’s never a bad idea to teach it to our children in a subtle way. Singing to them about having a positive outlook and spreading hope with a simple smile is not only a great message but also a wonderful way to end the day.

Singing your child lullabies doesn’t mean it has to be a nursery rhyme. It doesn’t mean you have to learn the words to a song you’ll cringe at singing. You can sing songs you love while you soothe your baby and by doing so you’re doing more than guiding them to dreamland. You’re helping them develop, encouraging their language skills and most importantly, you’re expressing your love. 

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11 Unexpected Lullabies For Your Bedtime Routine

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