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12 Awesome Inside & Outside Toys for Kids to Celebrate Spring


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Outside toys for kids are the best investment you’ll make this Spring! Spring has sprung and there is no better time to open the doors and let those kids run free; they’ve been cooped up and bundled up all winter but the days are finally beginning to warm. Between virtual school, too much snow, and the negative implications of all day screen time, parents everywhere can rejoice that the season of sunshine, longer days, and gorgeous weather is finally upon us. Before the heat of summer sets in let your kids enjoy their time outdoors playing with any of these awesome outside toys for kids that will keep them entertained, engaged, and even learning as they run, jump, and play this season.

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Guardian Bikes


It’s no secret that cycling is a great exercise for almost everyone. And especially for kids, who generally have tons of energy ready to burn, riding a bike is a wholesome and whole-body activity. The benefits of using one are almost countless. From focus and hand-eye coordination to increasing their lung capacity, building strength, and relieving stress, it’s the perfect spring-thru-fall toy.

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But Guardian Bikes knows there are so many different types and sizes of bikes on the market. They’ve made it extremely easy to find the correct fit for a child using their easy and interactive patented sizing tool, Ridesizer, ensuring the purchased bike fits and feels great to the rider – big or small. It’s also easy to feel confident that a bike from Guardian Bikes is well constructed, and engineered specifically for kids’ proportions.

For a bike-experienced child with a height of 45-53 inches and/or a seat range of 22.5 – 28.5 inches, the 20″ Large Ethos Bike is the perfect fit. At only 22.9 lbs, the steel frame is still easily maneuverable by a smaller child, giving them the confidence they need to continue improving. The 20″ Large Ethos Bike comes in two fun, kid-approved designs, and is ready to rock and roll after only 5 minutes of set-up time. It even comes with the tools too!

What we love most about Guardian Bikes is their SureStop easy-stop hand brakes. With hand brakes, children learn the proper way to stop without the use of backpedaling. With their bikes designed with only one brake lever, which is correctly sized and placed for Junior’s hand, a child can’t get confused in moments of speed. This special brake also won’t ever flip the bike, which happens more than one would think.

Add in a safer, low crossbar and step-over height, amazing customer service, and a height-adjustable seat, and this bike will surely be one of the better purchases of a child’s or even a family’s life. It’s a bike that can be handed down child-after-child and easily resold when it’s no longer the correct size, making it an economical choice in the long run.

20″ Large Ethos Bike
Guardian Bikes | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Kid Trax

Daily Mom Parent Portal Kidtrax 3

Let them get up and go for an all-out web slingin’ good time with the Spider-Man Dune Buggy this Spring! Who doesn’t love speeding around in a fun and fast dune buggy under the midday sun? Kids will delight in this low riding, double seater dune buggy as they ride around town, the beach, or even just the backyard. Whether they are searching for villains, pretend playing as superheroes, or racing a track like a pro, Kid Trax has the rip-roaring, fast-paced outdoor toys for kids this season.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Kidtrax

The Spider-Man Dune Buggy Ride-on Toy from Kid Trax features two forward speeds and one reverse speed along with two seats making room for both your superhero and his sidekick. Easy to switch gears and with one-foot pedal acceleration, your little one can easily maneuver his Spider-Man Dune Buggy wherever he wants to go. With Power Trax™ rubber traction strip tires your little ones will get improved traction on grass, gravel, pavement, or sand for a smooth, fast, and simply marvelous ride! The 12V rechargeable battery is easy to access with the one-step direct connect charging system and included charger. This dune buggy is ideal for kids ages 3-7.

Spider-Man Dune Buggy
Kid Trax | Facebook | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal Veer 5083

Spring is officially here, and that means we can finally start to enjoy some warm weather! With that warm weather means updating all your gear and finding things that are easy to set up for the kids. Veer has your back for all your outdoor needs! Whether you’re planning a day in the park or a trip to the beach, The Veer Basecamp is an absolute must-have for any trip. This tent keeps your little ones safe in a shaded and insect-free environment, and can even protect them if the weather changes suddenly and it starts to rain. The design of the The Veer Basecamp is perfect for parents who are looking for an easy way to tote around all their kid’s camping needs. Simply pop-up and fold down, it’s the easiest tent you’ll ever set up!

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On rainy days, pop open The Veer Basecamp in the kid’s bedroom or playroom for some indoor fun. Their imaginations will bloom as they spend hours inside the tent reading, playing, and pretending they’re on a camping adventure. Rainy days are perfect for getting your kids ready to camp. Simply pop open The Veer Basecamp and your kids can have their own overnight camping vacation in the living room.

Who says camping with kids is uncomfortable? Veer has made their tent even more comfortable with the Air Pad! This cushion comes in a compact bag and unfolds to inflate itself. The Air Pad attaches on the outside bottom of the tent for max safety and comfort, hooray for no more squeezing a small mattress in a tent! When you’re finished with your camping trip, simply roll this mattress up and slide it back in the bag, you won’t have to worry about a deflating process. Spring Break and summer trips are going to be a breeze this year with Veer!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Veer 5090

The Veer Basecamp | Air Pad
Veer | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Schwinn Krate EVO 16 Inch Bike

Daily Mom Parents Portal Spring 2021 Toys Schwinn Krate Evo 1

Looking for a taste of nostalgia that will take you back to your childhood while watching your child zoom around the neighborhood? Then look no further than Schwinn’s new Krate EVO 16 inch bike for kids. Half Retro, half modern, this bicycle will have all the boys from the yard lined up…to ride it, of course. From its cool banana seat to its slick rear tire and front shock, the EVO is truly a “cool kid’s bike.”

Daily Mom Parents Portal Spring 2021 Toys Schwinn Krate Evo 8

Recommended for kids between the ages of 3 to 7 (although kids over 7 will certainly want to ride it), the Krate EVO is only available with 16″ tires, but the seat height ranges from 20.25″ – 23.75″, making it ideal for kids with inseams ranging from 20″ – 24″ for those riding without training wheels, and kids with 18″ to 22″ inseams for those riding with training wheels. It’s the kind of bike that can really be enjoyed for many years.

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One of the most iconic features of the Krate EVO is the long and comfortable banana seat. Consistent with the old school Krate you may remember of yesteryear, this well-padded, long seat is also functional as it provides plenty of space for kids to position themselves on the bike. Whether your child wants to lean in towards the front of the seat to aggressively go after a jump or lean back and cruise, we wonder why all bicycle seats aren’t this comfortable.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Spring 2021 Toys Schwinn Krate Evo 7

Another defining feature of the Krate EVO is the 2″ wide, flat, and smooth Schwinn Sting-Ray Slik rear tire. This style was originally released in the mid-60’s, and while it looks ridiculously cool, it also does exactly what it’s intended to do – provide a smooth and stable ride on paved surfaces.

No surprise to us, we love the Schwinn Krate EVO! From its unique styling to its comfortable ride and longevity of use, the Krate EVO is sure to remain one of our favorite bikes in the neighborhood this Spring.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Spring 2021 Toys Schwinn Krate Evo 2

Krate EVO
Schwinn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Strider Bikes

Img 1646

For the little adventurer in your life who needs to go fast, Strider 12 Pro is the perfect way to get them up and running. This balance bike, the lightest one on the market right now, is the perfect way to encourage independence and discovery for your child. This bike is lightweight, crafted with an aluminum frame and no-tools-necessary assembly, your little rider can start zooming around in no time without fussing with heavy equipment, pedals, or pesky accessories.

Img 1712

The Strider 12 Pro has a footrest for when your speedster really starts to gain momentum. Furthermore, with an adjustable seat height as well as an additional seat post, your little rider will be able to enjoy their bike between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. The best part? These tires require zero maintenance! These unique rubber tires will play as long as your sweetie wants, and will always be ready for their next adventure.

This spring, get speedy and confident with Strider Bikes.

Strider 12 Pro
Strider Bikes | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube



Prepare to have some sky-high fun right in your own backyard this spring, with b4Adventure! With the 80-foot American Ninja Warrior™ Zipline, the kids can get a head start on their ninja warrior training and have a great time in the process. They’ll be begging to put down those screens and go play outside every single day.

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All you need is two healthy trees and a sense of adventure – the rest is included right in the American Ninja Warrior™ Zipline box. After a quick, 30-minute set-up, they’ll be ready to soar from tree to tree, hanging from the trolley’s comfortable gripped handles with attached rope and seat. Parents can rest easy, too, knowing that b4Adventure is one of the nation’s top zipline companies, offering time-tested, high-grade components. This means strength, reliability, and added confidence for you, as you send your precious cargo gleefully zipping along!

81pd1nz00kl Ac Sl1500

Whether your child is obsessed with jumping, climbing, and stepping stones, or simply loves to yell out that the floor is lava, b4 Adventures Playzone Fit Stepping Stones are the perfect outdoor toys for kids this Spring! With 2 tall and 3 short heavy duty stepping stones featuring secure rubber bases for stability and traction, these durable blocks are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Great for large motor development, building core strength, balance, and self-confidence, the Playzone Fit Stepping Stones provide endless opportunities for fun and engaging play. Children will spend hours designing challenges, practicing their course, and even stacking and building with these great stepping stones. Encourage active and imaginative outdoor play for your kids big and small this Spring with the b4 Adventures Playzone Fit Stepping Stones.

American Ninja Warrior™ Zipline | b4 Adventures Playzone Fit Stepping Stones
b4 Adventure | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest



Those totally rad eighties movies had us believing our sneakers would do all sorts of cool things in the future, like lace themselves up or self-dry. While we haven’t seen all of that yet, one amazing shoe brand has certainly delivered on footwear innovation – and that’s Heelys, the original wheeled shoe. Introduced in the late nineties and still super-popular today, Heelys transform from a typical everyday sneaker to roller skates, without missing a beat! 

Snag a pair of Pro 20 Heelys in one of several great colors, and ride like a pro this spring. With this great styling, no one will even know you’ve got a stealth skating secret hidden in your heel. (Well, they may realize it once you flawlessly transition from walking to skating, with a subtle shift of your weight to your heel!) And good news – since they come in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes, the whole family can get in on the action. We enjoyed them as kids, and love matching our minis even more now that we’re adults!


There are so many health benefits to regular exercise. With the Reebok CL Court Low, let the kids burn off some extra energy throughout the day. Even for adults, these cool wheeled shoes – in a classic Reebok look – encourage you to grab those hidden moments in your day, get active, and make the most of them. Suddenly getting around becomes a lot more fun! So get the energy out, and as Heelys would say, dare to be yourself and make your own place in the world. Let the good times roll this spring, with Heelys!

Pro 20 | Reebok CL Court Low
Heelys | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


daily mom parent portal

After the long winter and being stuck in the house, get the kids outside and shred your neighborhood with the Rise 100 Pro Freestyle Scooter by Mongoose. Its lightweight construction and extended alloy deck make this kick scooter a great option for kids new to the scooter world. The high-impact wheels make for a smooth ride while the one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar with bike-style grips provides the perfect combination of durability and comfort. It comes in red, green, and oil slick (a favorite with our kids). Get out in the beautiful spring weather and take the Rise 100 Pro Freestyle Scooter for the coolest ride on the block.

100 Pro Freestyle Scooter
Mongoose | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube



When it comes to choosing an instrument for your little musician, the choices can seem endless. Loog makes the choice to play guitar easy, as they have planned their entire product around making music fun for life.

Loog Mini Guitar use the first three strings of a full-sized guitar, and on day one, children will be able to play songs. This is not only fun for the children, but encouraging! Playing songs on day 1 leads to children playing on day 2, and on and on. These beautiful instruments are made with quality wood and are intended to be used as an instrument-respected, played with, and loved! When your new musician is finished with their instrument for the day, be sure to store it safely with the Loog Wall Hanger. This hanger is made specifically with your little one in mind and will keep their instrument safe until they are ready to play again.

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With Loog, your little musician will want to play every day, and Loog will be there every step of the way to help make their musical journey a fun one filled with successes and inspiration.

Loog Mini Guitar | Loog Wall Hanger
Loog | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


Daily Mom Parent Portal Simplay3

As the weather warms up, it’s time for you to find Spring toys that will keep your kids nice and cool! The Rushing River Falls Water Play Table is perfect for kids of all ages who love to splash around. This table has a three-tiered waterfall effect, giving your kids the ability to create their own riverboat adventure. Simply attach your garden hose to the nozzle and let your kids immerse in imaginary and problem-solving play. The Rushing River Falls Water Play Table expands up to 6 feet and holds up to 5 gallons of water, so all the kids can enjoy the fun while having their own space. Not only will this toy be a huge hit with your little ones, but it’s so easy to assemble and clean that you will sit back and relax as they play all season long!

Rushing River Falls Water Play Table
Simplay3 | Facebook | Instagram


Thimble Io

Kids love finding out how things work through fun, hands-on projects, and teachers love knowing that they’re preparing students for their techy future. Thimble is a monthly subscription-based curriculum that features a live video platform that teaches kids about electronics and computer science through weekly camps taught by experienced technology teachers. Lessons contain pre-recorded videos, pictures, and written instruction. 

Thimble makes learning fun with STEM projects. STEM projects offer kids’ hands-on learning opportunities that help spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Not only do STEM projects set kids up for a possible future in a STEM-related career, but they also inspire critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.


The Basic Circuit & Codes kit is designed to teach kids the basics of engineering, robotics, and computer science. The beginners kit offers various sensors, indicators, and actuators to learn electronics and coding with Arduino. By the end of this project, you’ll learn to use these simple components to make a robot friend, night light, security alarm, kitchen timer, and other practical projects! Thimble STEM projects are sure to keep little scientists engaged, learning, and well-prepared for their STEM-filled future. 

Basic Circuit & Codes 
Thimble| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Madame Alexander 


Parents are always looking for fun and unique gifts that will bring joy to their children. The Madame Alexander Company has been making high-quality dolls passed down from generation to generation since 1923. The dolls are designed to engage children, parents, and collectors by inspiring imagination, creativity, and love. Meet Avi — she is a 14” Doll from the Kindness Club. She and her friends have big hearts and big dreams to make the world a better place, teaching others about caring and respect for all people. The poseable doll is dressed in a tiered floral skirt, printed tee, sporty jacket, and knee socks with white flats. The doll’s hair is long and straight with black and blue highlights. You can engage your child in imaginative play with this gorgeous and unique doll that will teach them about kindness and empathy.

Avi Doll
Madame Alexander  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Enjoy these outdoor toys for kids this Spring knowing that our little ones have had a difficult winter stuck inside. Relish in the warm Spring breeze, watch the flowers bloom, and simply kick back and enjoy your outdoor space this season. There is no better time than the present to head outside and live in the moment, even if that moment only takes you into your very own backyard. Happy Spring!

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