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12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas


With the new year comes new beginnings. Whether you have been with your significant other for ten years or you have recently began dating again, love is in the air come Valentine’s Day. Are you single? No problem- our romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can also be spent with your best girlfriends. Romance is romance. Everyone deserves to be loved! 

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

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1A Hotel Spa Is Always A Great Idea

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Taking your love on a romantic getaway to a hotel spa is always a great idea. It is atop our list of perfect romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. A night away is always romantic. A new space to explore is romantic. It can be a lot of fun exploring the town you are staying in, as well. Ask the employees what restaurant they recommend.

Tip: For added romance when contemplating romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, book a room with a jacuzzi tub or fireplace. At least make sure these amenities exist within the main section of the hotel if you are unable to have them in your room.

Getting a massage together is always romantic and one of the most fantastic Valentine’s Day ideas. There is just something so special about getting into your robes together and going into the spa area for absolute indulgence. We highly recommend a romantic hotel spa getaway with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

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2Love Is In The Arena

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether you are madly in love or just getting to know your boo, a sporting event can be a great option for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. Rather than drive, you could take a relaxing train ride into the city where the event is. If time allows, have dinner beforehand. You can go with the whole sports theme and grab a beer and bite to eat at a local pub beforehand, as well. The excitement of the game is contagious. Even if you are not a huge sports fan, you will have a great time with your beau attending a game.

3Learn Something New Together

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Learning something new together can be exciting and is one of our favorite romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. The best part about choosing a class is the freedom to choose. Depending on what you two are interested in, you can have a blast learning how to dance, make pottery, cook, or mix the perfect cocktail. Many restaurants are now offering cooking classes such as sushi making and mixology. For added fun, you can attempt to recreate what you learn at home for a date night in.

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas
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4A Day Trip Or Night Out In The City

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

City life is always exhilarating. Whether you go to a new or favorite city, the fast-paced energetic vibes can put anyone in a good mood. If you are contemplating romantic Valentine’s Day ideas but you just do not know which to choose, head to the nearest city with your love. You can plan ahead and surprise your date with lunch or dinner reservations on the water or a Broadway show. Take advantage of whatever your city has to offer. The level of romance amplifies around Valentine’s Day.

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas
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5Stay Home And Snuggle

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sometimes the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can stem from routine. If you enjoy staying home, do so for Valentine’s Day. Cook dinner together and eat by candlelight or in your bed. The choice is yours!

Snuggle up in front of a fire and watch movies all night love. Be creative with what you have. You can turn the most routine activities into romantic Valentine’s Day ideas if you want to. Extend the romance into the next day and enjoy breakfast in bed together!

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

6Poetry Is Pure Romance And Perfect For Valentine’s Day Ideas

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Find a local poetry reading when planning your romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. Many coffee shops and libraries host regularly scheduled poetry readings. If you have trouble finding a reading, visit your library and sift through the poetry books. You can even check some out and read them at the romantic place of your choosing.

Tip: Add more romance to your Valentine’s Day ideas, by writing your love a poem and surprise him/her by reading it at the event.

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas
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7Chocolate Is Key To Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Truffles scream romance! Surprise your date with a nice chocolate tasting or truffle making event. Check with your local chocolate shop to see if they will be offering anything special for Valentine’s Day. You may be able to convince them to host a private chocolate tasting for you and your sweetheart. Chances are they will appreciate your suggestions for Valentine’s Day ideas and consider them for the future of their shop. The only way to find out is to ask.

8Ice Skating

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Although it can be challenging, ice skating can fill your night with romance. When making your list of romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, ice skating should definitely be an option. We suggest having a nice dinner together at your favorite restaurant before hitting the rink. Whether it is your first time or you learned as a young kid and kept at it, ice skating with a lover can be very enjoyable. At the very least- you will have endless laughs and hold onto one another closely. If you plan on having cocktails- do so after you ice skate!

9Wine Tasting

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

When we think about romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, we ultimately think of wine. There has to be some sort of wine involved. Why not take a trip to a winery and enjoy a wine tasting and tour? Many wineries are now offering bed and breakfast options or pairing with local hotels for package deals. Eat, drink, and be worry-free about how you will get home. Enjoy a night together at a hotel or an inn.

10A Night At The Museum

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Many couples find themselves at a museum more now than ever. Knowledge is super attractive and therefore an educational time at the museum can be very romantic. A new trend is night tours at the museum. Museums can be romantic anytime. Add nighttime and Valentine’s Day and you have yourself an incredible date in your Valentine’s Day ideas pool. Night tours often include dinner or drink packages. Cheers to learning something new with your boo!

11Include A Bonfire In Your Backyard With Your Valentine’s Day Ideas

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Bonfires equate romance and relaxation. The great thing about having a bonfire in your backyard is you can plan every element of the experience to fit your desires. Want food? Cook it and bring the meal outside or have something delivered. Want to have fireside cocktails? Make a pitcher of margaritas and bring the ice bucket out with you. You can even run inside to make each round of drinks. The choice is up to you since you are at home with the feel of being elsewhere. Bonfires at home are extremely convenient and can be enjoyed during a wide range of outdoor temperatures. A clear night in the country significantly adds to the romance factor. Sitting under the stars is always romantic! Plan to put on some of your favorite slow jams while making your list of Valentine’s Day ideas and you will have the perfect night outside with your boo.

12Comedy And Valentine’s Day Ideas

12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Everyone should attend a great comedy show with their love at least once. Laughter is contagious and “the best medicine”. Some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas often include comedy shows at local restaurants or bars. Worried the show might not be funny? We suggest watching a video of the comedian prior to buying tickets. If you laugh, you are most likely going to enjoy the show. The atmosphere alone at a comedy show is worth the trip. Everyone is enjoying themselves and often enjoying dinner and drinks, as well. Check with the venue to see what packages are offered and what add-ons are available.

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12 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

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