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12 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love


Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the dad in your life just how cool you think he is. He may not be listening the the newest music anymore but these cool Father’s Day gifts will remind show him that you still think that he’s pretty darn awesome. We’ve picked out our favorite cool Father’s Day gifts to help inspire your gift giving with new ideas that are outside the box.

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Daily Mom’s Favorite Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

If dad is a business man making trips around the world, chances are that he needs a good travel bag to take with him. Quick overnight trips or weekend trips rarely need a full-size carry-on or suitcase, but he still needs something durable and fashionable to carry with him through the airport or train station. The Dooney & Bourke Toscana Executive Duffel offers not only the high-quality craftsmanship that Dooney & Bourke are known for, but also the style and class that people love.

Cool Father's Day Gifts

The Toscana Executive Duffel is crafted with full-grain, burnished Italian leather. It is large enough to hold dad’s things for an overnight business trip or weekend away with the spouse. The outside pockets give him easy access to the things he needs like his phone or wallet, while the inside boasts several interior pockets to help keep things organized.

There is a detachable cotton webbing strap that makes it easy to carry though the airport or train station, keeping his hands free to shoot off emails or carry his coffee. The interior has a gorgeous deep blue cotton fabric, adding a bit of detailing that makes it stylish. The hand-stitched handles offer the durability he needs to carry it wherever he goes.

Dooney & Bourke is known for their high-quality bags and wallets, so why not treat the hard-working dad in your life this Father’s Day with a bag from one of the best?

Toscana Executive Duffel

Dooney & Bourke | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Father’s Day 2019

Is your dad a “green “machine who is all about the environment, or does he simply seek to cut costs with eco-friendly products that are good for our environment, our homes, and our wallets? If he fits in to any of these categories then the perfect Father’s Day gift this year is the Nest Learning Thermostat guaranteed to please his eco-friendly soul. With a simple installation process and compatibility with any air-conditioning units in your home the Nest Learning Thermostat is a must-have for your smart home and sustainable lifestyle.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the first ENERGYSTAR certified thermostat that not only regulates the temperature within your house but with its smart capabilities learns to detect what temperatures your like and programs itself. Use it for only a week and it will learn what you like, ensuring the perfect temperature settings at all times. Further with the ability to control the Nest through an app on your smart phone or other smart device you can continually monitor the temperature settings within your home. Ideal for those looking to save energy, and cut costs, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a small investment with a significant reward – the impact on our planet and your wallet.

Nest Learning Thermostat

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Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

Raise your hand if you’ve encountered a grumpy dad because he didn’t sleep well last night. Well, you can say goodbye (or goodnight) to all those morning grumpies with the OOLER Sleep System. This innovative system allows you to set the temperature of your bed to exactly how you like it- even if there is more than one of you- so that you can get the most peaceful night’s rest imaginable.

OOLER is a temperature controlled sleep system that allows you to set the temperature of your actual bed to anywhere you’d like. No more wrapping yourself up in blankets only to kick off the covers half way through the night. No more restless sleep because he’s hot and you’re cold. Also, the OOLER allows you to cool just your bed and not the whole house.

Using a hydroponic pad and a temperature system, your bed can be cooled or warmed up to whatever temperature you like. It fits all beds and all mattresses, and is cheaper than running your air or heat constantly over night only to still fight with the covers. After all, can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep?


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11 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

There is no doubt that dad loves to take his music wherever he goes. Whether he is entertaining guests or working out in the home gym, his favorite jams are always following him. But headphones don’t always cut it and not all wireless speakers are created equal. The Soundcast VG5 allows dad to take his favorite music with him wherever he goes, and he is able to play it loud.

The Soundcast VG5 has two Class D amplifier speakers and 6-inch subwoofers, making the sound crystal clear and loud enough to hear no matter what is going on around him. It is also completely weather-resistant so he can take it by the pool or outside in the cold (if that’s his thing). The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours, and the Bluetooth capability allows him to connect it to his phone or other device.

Dad can get his music started with just one tap using the captive touch interface, and his music will continue to stream for hours. This is a great speaker for the dad who needs his music with him always and loves the crisp, high-quality sound that goes along with it.

Soundcast VG5

Soundcast | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

11 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

He’s a super cool dad, and his clothes should reflect that. This jacket by Hammeracher Schlemmer is a perfect way to show dad how cool he really is in your eyes. The bomber jacket, reminiscent of the US Air Force A-2 bomber jackets, will make dad feel like a total badass and it will easily become a statement piece in his wardrobe.

The hefty bomber jacket is a generous fit so dad can wear sweaters underneath if he wants, and it has a poly-fiber fill so it will keep him warm during the cold winter months. With several pockets, a snap-down collar, and a fitted waistband, dad will feel like he’s targeting his inner Tom Cruise in Top Gun with this lambskin bomber jacket.

Army Air Corps Leather Flight Jacket

Hammacher Schlemmer | Facebook | Youtube | Pinterest

Fa Day Template

When Dad is also a First Responder celebrating time together as a family is that much more special. Odd schedules, difficult work and dedication to the community draw him away from the house daily. This Father’s Day select a gift that both honors his commitment to the community while also recognizing how important he is to your family.

Known for over ninety years of outstanding craftsmanship Citizen designed special edition watches featuring the iconic thin blue line and thin red line to recognize everyday hero’s.

The Stainless Steel Chronograph watch features a 200 meter water resistance and tachymeter scale. The stainless steel case and band is designed for everyday wear and a 1/5 second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes. Fully solar powered there will never be a need to change the battery even with everyday wear.

Each timepiece is engraved with the recipients name, rank and badge number to make the watch even more special. A gold toned inscription card matches the watch and provides a unique memorabilia item that will remind him of the year he received this special gift.

Citizen Men’s Thin Blue Line Watch

Citizen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Ashley S Html

In today’s age of internet streaming and multiple devices under one roof, it’s more important than ever to have fast, secure, and reliable internet available to your entire family. That’s not always possible if you only use your internet provider’s router. However, the NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi System does just that! Stream all the movies and TV you want. Play video games, download music and books, or surf the web to your heart’s content without a WiFi booster or extender.

The Orbi WiFi Router and Satellite extend high performance WiFi to your entire property from the basement to the backyard (up to 5,000 square feet of coverage); and the system smartly manages your WiFi so that each device’s access is optimized and never interrupted. Furthermore, guests can access your WiFi while protecting your network and password. You can also set online time limits, block inappropriate websites, and pause the internet with Circle on NETGEAR. Use the Orbi app to get started with Circle smart parental controls and easily manage content and time online on any connected device.

Orbi works with your current internet service provider and sets up in minutes right out of the box. Use the Orbi app or any web browser to create your entire home’s secure WiFi network in minutes. It’s so easy, even the non-techy dad will love it.

NETGEAR Orbi Home Wifi System

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Fa Day Template

At the end of a long day, Dad needs time to relax. This year select a gift that will help Dad find the ultimate calm and relieve stress with the Relaxation Weighted Blanket from Sleep Number. Over the last year the benefits of weighted blankets have been echoed from every corner of the earth. Weighted blankets mimic the experience of deep touch pressure therapy and as a result help ease anxiety by releasing oxytocin in the brain.

Cool Father's Day gifts

Originally developed for use with individuals experiencing sensory processing disorder, autism and ADHD, weighted blankets have been found to improve health and wellbeing for a number of other conditions. From relieving anxiety and insomnia to assisting with restless leg syndrome, the wide variety of uses makes the Relaxation Weighted Blanket the ideal gift for any Dad.

Developed by a brand we love and trust the Relaxation Weighted Blanket features a no-shift diamond construction that helps maintain even weight distribution. The soft microfiber cover is completely washable and perfect for snuggling up with at the end of a long day. Inner ties keep the liner in place and ensure that the weight full covers Dad’s body as he relaxes. Available in three different weights (15 lbs, 20 lbs, or 25 lbs) select the weight closest to 10 percent of your recipient’s weight and pick from one of three classic colors that fit any decor scheme.

Relaxation Weighted Blanket
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Fa Day Template

When the Dad in your life is a fashion expert you should get him a gift that allows him to really shine and show off his unique style. A comfortable blazer and lightweight button up shirt are the perfect fashion gift for the stylish Dad.

Founded by third-generation tailor Combatant Gentlemen is one of the worlds first design-to-delivery men’s wear solutions. Known for their custom suiting options our Father’s Day picks come from their ready to wear line.

The Grey Cotton Herringbone Tailored Travel Jacket is a versatile style that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Cut in a tailored fit and designed with extra room in the chest and shoulders even the most athletic men can be both comfortable and trendy. A subtle texture matches any of his favorite shirts and lightweight lining makes this blazer perfect for even the hottest summer nights.

Cool Father's Day Gifts

You can’t give a blazer as a gift without a new matching dress shirt. The Navy Grid Stretch Shirt is another item designed specifically to fit athletically built men. A trendy pattern and details like reinforced seams and double-button cuffs will make this shirt quickly one of his favorites.

Grey Cotton Herringbone Tailed Fit Travel Jacket | Navy Grid Stretch Shirt

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Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

The famous language learning tool now comes as an app, which makes it easier for dad to learn his favorite language or brush up on his skills. The Rosetta Stone app has been proven to help people all over the world learn a new language quickly and effectively in short periods of time with their unique learning system.

The Rosetta Stone app has over 20 different languages to choose from. A yearly subscription is the best way to get dad exactly what he wants from a language learning tool, allowing him to learn a new language on the go and wherever he is. He can access it from his phone or his tablet, giving him the ability to learn a new language (or several!) all with the touch of a button.

Rosetta Stone App

Rosetta Stone | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

If dad loves his technology, then nothing is cooler than a video drone this Father’s Day. The Sky Viper Journey Video Drone allows you to live stream video from the drone to your phone in real time at 720p and download it wirelessly to your device. The camera can also face-forward to record the flight path or face downwards to record the scenery below.

Lauren + Elena Father’s Day

The Sky Viper Journey Video Drone is also GPS enabled so if it loses contact with the controller it will override the controls and fly back to where it started. Dad can also have it come back to him with the push of a button, making it easy to keep track of it. The Sky Viper Journey Video Drone also has a “follow-me” mode where it will follow along with a person as they walk, getting a unique perspective of a person’s path. Take your hands off the controller and the drone will stop in its place, using the GPS to ensure that it doesn’t go off the path- even with wind.

The Sky Viper Journey Video Drone is a top tech toy for this Father’s Day. Imagine all the things he can do!

Sky Viper Journey Video Drone

Sky Viper | Facebook | Instagram

Father’s Day – Sasha

Dads love to take pictures of their family but some of those pictures will never leave the memory card of a digital camera or their photo gallery on their phone. Like so many people, they don’t want to deal with the hassle of sending their pictures to a store that prints photos and then go and pick them up. That is why the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera is such a great solution.

Cool fathers day gifts

This handheld device takes 16-megapixel photos and then prints them instantly on 2″x 3″ sticky-back paper. With the Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera, you will have your photos printed in under a minute on untearable and waterproof paper that are vibrant and in full color. The camera itself can go with you anywhere as it is pocket-sized and lightweight.

Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Who doesn’t love feeling cool? We love the idea of celebrating Dad this holiday with cool Father’s Day gifts to remind him that he’s not just the guy who takes out the trash and unscrews the pickle jar [even though he is ALSO that guy]. Cool can be the latest tech, the hottest fashion or even learning a new skill that impresses the kids and their friends. It’s a state of mind that you can help Dad find this holiday and throughout the year with the perfect cool Father’s Day gifts.


If you are looking for more outdoor Father’s Day gifts or just ideas in general, make sure to check out all of our Father’s Day Gift Guides.

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11 Cool Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

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