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12 Terrifying Halloween Decorations every home should have

Halloween is upon us. After you finish adding pumpkin spice to your life, the next step to properly celebrating Fall is to decorate your house with scary Halloween decorations. These terrifying finds will spook the entire family. Here are 12 terrifying decorations every home should have:

The best way to ease into scary Halloween decorations is to not ease in at all, best practice is to jump right in. Small enough to fit inside the fridge, where you can hide it behind the milk jug, this Head In A Jar is terrifying, creepy, and is the perfect way to spook your loved ones.

Buy here: Head In A Jar

This creepy baby doll is the perfect addition to your scary Halloween decorations. This doll also makes creepy sounds, and the purchase of the doll includes the 2-AA batteries. This Haunted Doll With Sounds is so terrifying, your kids may not want to bring it in the house at all.

Buy here: Haunted Doll With Sounds

Zombies always come in groups. So pair this Life Size Climbing Zombie with your groundbreaking zombie to achieve a realistic zombie apocalypse. This life-size zombie comes in two colors, white or black. You can hang it on your house, a fence, tree or in your yard.

Buy here: Life Size Climbing Zombie

Looking for a creative way to creep out the kids? Look no further than this Blood Footprint Bath Mat. The bathroom mat has anti-slip TPR backing which ads extra protection for elders and kids trying to run away screaming. Scary but simple, the bloody footprint will give the most unflappable person a stir.

Buy here: Blood Footprint Bath Mat

Historically, people have always feared witches, which is why you can’t properly decorate for Halloween without one. This life size talking witch includes several sayings, including “Beware… AH HAA…AAA”, “Boo”, and “You’re not scared, are you?” With this witch in the window, you just may not get as many trick-or-treaters this year…

Buy here: Life Size Hanging Animated Talking Witch

Create the illusion that your house is truly haunted with this Black Creepy Cloth. You can hang other spooky critters on this black webbing for a finishing touch or place a fan near by for a creepy “blowing” effect. Hang on a wall, door, porch, or window, this is a simple, must-have versatile decoration.

Buy here: Black Creepy Cloth

Is there anything scarier than a creepy clown? Nope. This life-size twitching animated clown takes it to another level. In addition to the twitching, the eyes light up yellow and the mouth opens and closes while the clown laughs and creepy carnival music plays. If you love terrifying theatrics this  Twitching Clown will soon be your favorite Halloween decoration ever.

Buy here: Twitching Clown

Help us. That is all people need to know as they approach your door. This is the perfect Halloween decoration for your front door (or even your office door!).

Buy here: Bloody Halloween Door Cover

Calling all Hannibal Lecter fans – this is the Halloween decoration for you. This package includes a gory variety of plastic human parts wrapped up like a prime cut of beef. Keep in the fridge or place in a dish as if you are preparing to serve your guests. Halloween will never be the same.

Buy here: Chopped Human Parts

This hand painted realistic Ripped Out Eyeball is not for the faint of heart. Available in four different colors, you can keep an eye on all your guest this all hallows eve…

Buy here: Ripped Out Eyeball

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