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12 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Go Pitter Patter


Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it is time to pull out the Valentine’s Day decor ideas that will transition you from those dreary winter days to the cheery season of love! While many may think Hallmark owns this holiday, there are so many ideas and adorable decorations out there that no matter your preference, from hearts and cupids to simple additions of red and white around your home, there is something for everyone. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner in for two or a day of love to celebrate with your kiddos, these Valentine’s Day decor ideas will make everyone’s heart pitter-patter this season!

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Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for the Home

Grandin Road

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Love is in the air! Thanks to Grandin Road, it can be properly represented in the home, too. This Valentine’s Day, prepare your spaces for all the love with Grandin Road and their collection of lovely Valentine’s Day decor ideas that will make you, your family, and your guests swoon.

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The centerpiece of the porch or any room is the Hearts Harlow Topiary. This fiberglass topiary is perfect for every season in which we celebrate love, but it’s perfect to introduce to the home this Valentine’s Day. A hand-painted design decorated this glossy piece and the durable nature of this topiary makes it the perfect addition and focal point of any outdoor or indoor space. It’s also easy to sand (for the weight) as it breaks down into two pieces. No matter where you put it, it’s going to add a certain flare of fabulous in your February home.

The finishing touch of any sacred space in your home is the perfect candle, but they always seem to melt away far too quickly. That’s why we are loving the Flameless Textured Battery Operated Candle this year. These battery-operated wax candles feature an LED flame which look incredibly realistic without the hazard of a flame around children or animals, but the best part is a tie between the remote-control and the optional timer. These candles flicker and shine where you want and when you want.

Love makes us all want to snuggle, so snuggle in style with the Heart Grid Pillow and the Heart Arrow Pillow. Each of these pillows features a hand-hooked, 100% wool front with bright red and pink decorations. Its off-white, cotton velveteen back brings a softness and warmth to your home, and the playful patterns are fun for everyone to enjoy.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

This Valentine’s Day, invite Grandin Road into your home and share the love with these Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Flameless Textured Battery Operated Candle | Hearts Harlow Topiary | Heart Grid Pillow | Heart Arrow Pillow
Grandin Road | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Lorena Canals

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

This Valentine’s Day add the Lorena Canals Agatha Puffy Washable Rug to your collection! Perfect for placing in the living room, or in a little one’s bedroom, the Agatha Puffy adds a pop of color to your home. From lounging in front of the fire to reading books or hanging out for a day of play, the Agatha Puffy is both a functional and beautiful rug because of its washable design. This is a rug that will last through the holiday, now and for many years to come.

Crafted in a bold red color, this all-natural cotton rug is soft and smooth to the touch, while also safe and healthy for babies and toddlers to crawl on as it is tinted with non-toxic dyes. Machine washable like most of Lorena Canals collections, this rug is the perfect addition to even the busiest homes because it is so easy to clean.

With the adorable addition of a hot pink, heart-shaped “puffy” cushion attached, this rug lends itself to lounging because of its comfy and cozy design. Sustainably made, handcrafted, and meant to last, the Agatha Puffy Heart Shaped rug is a high-quality selection that acts as a trendy and bright centerpiece in any room, for Valentine’s Day or all year long.

Agatha Puffy Washable Rug
Lorena Canals | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reset and refresh just about everything in your life — home included. So what if you missed the boat with “New Year’s Resolutions,” with Spring just a few weeks away, now is a great time to declutter, upgrade and spruce up your home. And, rather than let your partner aimlessly walk the big box store looking for something you probably don’t want, point them over to Frontgate. Frontgate has everything you need to set the perfect tone for the rest of the year, including wreaths and greenery.

The right wreath can instantly breathe life into your home, especially after a cold winter. Lifelike magnolia blossoms burst forth from the deep green leaves on the gorgeous Magnolia Wreath. Featuring magnolias in every stage of growth, from the bulb to the full flower head, and ready to hang; this wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests at your front door or as part of your indoor motif or Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Magnolia Wreath
Frontgate | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Backyard Candles

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Wondering what you might be receiving from your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? If he’s in need of ideas and you want to drop some subtle hints, send him over to Backyard Candles!

These handmade, eco-friendly candles make wonderful gifts for many occasions and are sure to put a smile on any gift recipient’s face! There are Coconut Candles available in many heavenly scented varieties, such as Ocean’s Edge, Sea Salt & Orchid or Plumeria.

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For something even more splurge-worthy, check out the Candle Gift Sets. Each includes five candles that are five ounces in size, nestled in a coconut shell as well. For February, Backyard Candles is celebrating Valentine’s Day with Oakmoss & Amber, Grapefruit & Mint, Love Spell, Banana Nut Bread, and Cucumber Melon scents. With 15-20 hours of burn time per candle, stay up for a while and enjoy a romantic, candlelit evening with your Valentine!

Candle Gift Sets | Coconut Candles
Backyard Candles | Facebook | Instagram


Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Art is everywhere and can be experienced in its many forms by all of our senses. Have you ever gazed on a piece of art and pondered other ways it could be explored? The artists with Artistscent certainly have, and they’ve created a new way to enjoy beautiful art with their candles.

The Polynesian Waves Candle brings our minds to a quiet afternoon of sunshine and emerald waters. While the scent of sea mist and juicy pineapple waft through the air, the gorgeous print boasts blues and greens that make us feel like our shoulders are being kissed by the sun rather than toasty under our winter coats.

The Maui Scented Candle transports us to the sand after a long day to enjoy a cocktail and the sunset. Hues of ruby and turquoise swirl together in a warm dance that compliment any space. Night blooming jasmine and coconut waters promote relaxation and calm and certainly deserve a place in your sweetie’s home and in your Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Maui Scented Candle | Polynesian Waves Candle
Artistscent | Facebook | Instagram


Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Want your Valentine to truly feel loved? Give them a few pieces from the Heartful Home collection by Tracy Pesche at DEMDACO. With playful colors against black and white backgrounds, these whimsical designs will certainly lighten and brighten the spirit of home.

We particularly like the Black Stripes Mug along with the Black Dots Platter for Valentine’s Day decor ideas. These unique, artful pieces are perfect to give to your special friend and are even better served with her favorite cup of coffee and a special treat.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

We also love the Heart and Dots Frame paired with your favorite friendship moment. This heart-focused picture frame, perfect for Valentine’s Day, is designed to be hung on the wall or rest atop any surface, this black and white frame will coordinate well with any Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

Black Stripes Mug | Black Dots Platter | Heart and Dots Frame
Demdaco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

The Dreamy Gallery Candle Co. creates one-of-a-kind affirming candles that not only enhance your confidence and self-love but also enhance your home with unique fragrances to elevate any room with beautiful and bold scents. The Seduction Set is one of the perfect Valentine’s Day decor ideas that can be used during a romantic dinner, relaxing bubble bath, or just enjoying each other’s company over candlelight. This set features 3 themed candles that are meant to express your self-confidence. The 3 candles are “I Am Divine”, “I Am Fuego”, and “I Am Sexy”.

Seduction Set
Dreamy Gallery Candle Co. | Facebook | Instagram


Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Candles are both useful and simple Valentine’s Day decor ideas and Lightscapes is the home for luxury candles for every moment. For a more unique candle look, the Cinnamon Bun Dough Bowl Candle will not only smell amazing but add a bohemian decor vibe to your home. This candle will fill your home with warm notes of orange, pastry, and cinnamon topped with a tantalizing vanilla glaze that smells so good you’ll want to eat it. With up to 40 hours of burn time and 4 wicks, this candle will remain a noticeable piece in any room and then even after the candle is complete you have the option to repurpose the bowl as well.

Cinnamon Bun Dough Bowl Candle
Lightscapes | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

The Little Market

The Little Market has all of your cute and classic Valentine’s Day decor ideas this season of love! From their adorable felt heart garland to serve ware, candles, and more, whether you are looking for a sweet home decor gift or planning for your own holiday celebration, the Little Market has all the artisan-crafted goods you need.

This Valentine’s Day the Little Market’s Red Heart Felt Garland is a favorite! Crafted of wool and cotton by artists in Nepal, this Red Heart Felt Garland features 3D hearts that are perfect for decorating this season. Available in a variety of colors, the Little Market’s heart felt garland is also perfect for decorating children’s rooms, celebrating engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, and more.

Whether you are setting the scene for a Valentine’s night in, or simply love the scent of new candles throughout your space, this Valentine’s Day make sure to add a heart candle from the Little Market with fragrant scents ranging from fruits to florals, sure to keep your living room, bedroom, or kitchen smelling amazing while looking cute too.

Red Heart Felt Garland | Candle – Heart
The Little Market | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Lucky Dog

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Send your friends a note to let them know how special they are on Galentine’s Day. Be sure to use the adorable note cards in the Succulent Love Illustrated Mini Greeting Card Pack. The 10-pack of cards by Lucky Dog Design Co. boasts two different succulent patterns perfect for you to celebrate your green thumb. The cards can be used to write quick thank you notes or “thinking of you” notes.

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

It’s not too late to get the perfect Valentine’s Day card for your favorite. The “Still the Best Damn Decision I Ever Made” card says just that. Bold. Simply put. In all caps. Right on the front of the 5 by 7-inch felt-textured hand-folded card. The inside is blank so you can write something personal, too.

The Mischief Managed Rainbow Notepad is perfect for the Harry Potter fan-couple who likes to leave each other notes. The 50-page pad is 4 by 4 inches. Of course, any Harry Potter fan of any age will love this tiny notepad for Valentine’s Day or any day.

Succulent Love Illustrated Mini Greeting Card Pack | Still the Best Damn Decision I Ever Made Card | Mischief Managed Rainbow Notepad
Lucky Dog | Facebook | Instagram

Santoro London

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

Santoro London offers amazing pop-up 3D greeting cards. Surprise your Valentine with a beautifully illustrated, intricately designed pirouette, pendulum, or swing card. The Butterfly and Dragonfly Pirouette card is so beautiful it looks as if it was plucked right from a magical garden. The ready assembled card provides a space for you to write a personalized message. Your Valentine then pulls the tab until it locks and watches the paper scene come to life in a 360-degree spin.

Do you and your Valentine try to one-up each other on the best or most unique card each year? If so, check out Santoro London’s Masterpiece Card Collection. The collection takes many great works of art and adds humor and flair. The Head Over Heels card features the artwork by Andrea Solario, “Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist” (which is housed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art). The card adds the words “Head Over Heels” in neon green and a neon pink heart. It comes with a neon green envelope, too.

Pirouettes – Butterfly And Dragonfly | Masterpieces – Head Over Heels
Santoro London | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

This Valentine’s Day set the scene at home for a romantic date night in with one of the many fragrant, sensual candles from Lafco. Featuring a variety of full-bodied scents containing notes of florals, fruit, and even more masculine fragrances, the high-quality candles from Lafco offer 90 hours of burn time wrapped up in one beautiful glass container, making them the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day or spring home decor.

Orange Blossom Signature Candle
Lafco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Decorating our homes is always fun and this Valentine’s Day let these Valentine’s Day decor ideas inspire you to pick up a few cute, cozy, and love-inspired decorations or fragrances to spruce up your space. From surprising your sweetie with a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner to showcasing your space with a Galentine’s get-together or party for your kiddos, make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet with any of these fabulous Valentine’s Day decor ideas for your home!

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12 Valentines Day Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Heart

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