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14 Places that Make Supporting Black Businesses with Fashion Your Super Power


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No matter where you stand in politics, the one thing we can all agree on as people is that equal rights are not only necessary but imperative. Many of us have wondered what we can do NOW to help support those who may have been mistreated, misjudged, or even overlooked. With the high emotional atmosphere that we find ourselves in, it can be complicated to find a way that you can show support without being an outspoken individual.

Well never fear! We have your back so you can have theirs. Thinking outside of the box can prove to be just as helpful as being out in the front lines at peaceful protests. You can easily be supporting black businesses with FASHION. By up-leveling your wardrobe you can hit two birds with one stone by adding fashionable pieces to your closet and supporting black businesses all in one step!

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While most of us have never really thought about questioning WHERE our clothing comes from, now is a good time to ask. Purchasing from outside the bigger chains allows you to not only support those who often find themselves drowned out by the labels but also gives your wardrobe a better chance of being unique. These pieces won’t be as “run of the mill,” so it’s less likely for you to see a friend or a neighbor donning the same outfit.

These designers will not only inspire your look but help your inner voice as well.

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Styles ranging $100 and Up

Andrea Iyamah:

Iyamah is a Nigerian fashion designer who is widely known for her bold swim line and her gorgeous ready to wear collections. A fan of vibrant colors and African design roots this self made designer will definitely be a gem to have in your closet.

Christian Omeshun:

This elite plus size designer was founded by A’Shontay Hubbard in Atlanta, Georgia. Her inspiration for all her clothing lines are ambitious, curvy women who want to make a statement when they walk into a room. Not only are her collections chic and modern, but the motivation behind her work is also so driven and needed in today’s world.


When a supermodel is behind the scenes as the designer, you know you’re going to see a stunning collection. Model, Liya Kebede started up this brand after a visit to her native land of Ethiopia and learned that the local weavers were hardly needed as the market for them was diminishing. Wanting to keep her homeland traditions alive she created a gorgeous clothing line that not only gives jobs to those in her home but also helps the Ethiopian language flourish.

Christie Brown:

Aisha Obuobi grew up watching her grandmother, a local seamstress, at work and was forever inspired by her. So much so that when she founded her own label she named it Christie Brown, after the woman who her love for fashion stemmed from. With collections full of beautiful bespoke gowns to ready to wear pieces, it’s impossible not to find something you’re dying to add to your wardrobe.


Made for ready to wear resort-style pieces, this designer will make supporting black businesses incredibly easy for you. They are locally made in Lagos, Nigeria, and are produced from biodegradable fabrics. Their goal is to provide you with more than just clothing but also sustainability, functionality, and breathable beauty.


Rene Macdonald (head designer at Lisou) grew up in Tanzania and continually visited even after moving to the UK. The entire Lisou collection consists of easy to wear, classic shapes with modern twists. Every print is exclusively designed and put on the finest of silks. In addition to supporting black businesses, you’ll also be helping young Africans with medical and educational needs as the Lisou collections donate proceeds from one piece per collection directly to charity.

Galerie La:

Celebrity designer Dechel Mckillian spent years traveling the globe with stars and saw first hand the negative and wasteful impact the fashion world has on the planet. Instead of taking it lying down she created a business to find and curate the best, most fashionable pieces that are sustainable and leave a smaller footprint on the earth.


A sleek and modern line from designer Carly Cushnie you’ll be sure to love the look AND the feel. Cushnie’s aim is to make women feel sexy, sophisticated, and powerful all at once. It’s no wonder that big names like Beyonce and Michelle Obama have been known to wear her looks.

$99 and under

Fly Nerd Apparel

Who said nerds aren’t cool? This brand makes being a bookworm something to be proud of. Exclaim your nerd self like a badge of honor by selecting any piece from their wearable collections. Their style has a fun, retro feel with comfort being a sure-fire quality.


Street style never looked so dang good. Wardrobe stylist Tamika Monique Toler has a knack for not only predicting trends but transcending them. No matter your voice in wardrobe Disclothesure has a look you’ll love.

A Leap of Style

This look is all about comfort, style, and heritage. CEO & Lead Designer, Karissa Lindsay loves the intricate designs, colors, and textiles from Africa. Many of their designs incorporate Ankara, a type of wax printed fabric traditionally worn in West Africa. Culture and style? This one is definitely a win.

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Humans Before Handles

Budget a little too tight to buy a new wardrobe piece? No problem! Spice up your outfit with these colorful earrings by Humans Before Handles. They believe that personal style expresses your mood so their line is full of bold, AND simple to match any emotion you’re feeling.


AAKS is the heart project of Akosua Afriyie-Kumi. She wanted to achieve three goals: introduce the world to her favorite weaving techniques, create sustainable jobs in her home in Ghana and maintain the spirit and durability of their ancestors with their bright colors. This statement piece is both durable and do-good-able.

Omi Woods

Layering necklaces and hair combs are a great way to uplevel even the simplest outfit. Omi Woods has gorgeously unique collections of gold plated accessories that not only stand the test of time but add a beautiful nod to culture in your everyday look. Supporting black businesses can be as simple (and stunning) as donning their pieces in your outfit of the day.

Whether your budget is large or small you can make a difference! By supporting black businesses you can invite positive change and create more opportunities for diversity to thrive! Not to mention, your wardrobe will thank you for it!

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