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15 Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers


The holidays can be a very stressful time. There can be a lot of planning and shopping in order to make ​holiday magic happen. The last thing anyone needs is the unnecessary stress of a holiday party. Here are 15 holiday party appetizers that will help take the stress out of party planning and make your time more enjoyable. Now all you need is to put on a playlist and grab your ugly holiday sweater.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

15 Holiday Party Appetizers

The Sweet Stuff

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

This holiday party appetizer is a treat for the senses. Even those who are not fans of gingerbread will enjoy tasting the flavor in this light, sweet, and fluffy dip. If you are feeling extra festive, buy some sprinkles in the shape of gingerbread men or snowflakes to give this dip some extra charm.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

English toffee is a classic holiday treat. If you plan to make this as one of your holiday party appetizers, you can make this ahead of time and refrigerate until the party starts. This recipe is very simple to follow. Go ahead and add your favorite holiday treats onto your toffee bark. Some favorite toppings include pecans, almonds, M&Ms, or candy canes.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Puppy Chow is always a crowd-pleaser. It is also might be the easiest sweet holiday party appetizer to make. To make your Puppy Chow in the mood for the holidays, add peppermint flavoring, peppermint M&Ms, or broken candy cane pieces. Make a lot of this appetizer because it will go fast.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

It is never too late for anything pumpkin-flavored. These bite-sized treats will have taste buds begging for more. The mixture of pumpkin and cream cheese filling is too much for anyone to pass up. With this recipe, you can choose to make the pumpkin parts any size you want. So, it is very easy to make a bunch of small whoopie pies to compliment the rest of your holiday party appetizers.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

You cannot have a pumpkin-flavored treat without also having apple cinnamon make an appearance. This spin on a cold-weather classic is perfect for holiday party appetizers. The cup shape is easy to make a lot of in a muffin pan. It is also easy to grab and eat during your amazing holiday party.

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The Savory Stuff

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

This kosher holiday party appetizer is great for all visitors. The recipe looks like it has a lot of ingredients, but they are easy to put together. You can simplify by only using one garnish or by using a sturdy cracker instead of a french baguette.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

This cute little bite-sized snack is perfect for those non-meat eater guests. Spinach Spanakopita is a traditional Greek meal and a real party pleaser. Do yourself a favor and prepare the pastry triangles a few days before.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

It is time to get excited because this is a crockpot dip, everyone’s favorite type of party dip. All you need to do is put the ingredients together, turn it on, and that’s basically it. Do not worry about the presentation when it comes to a crockpot dip. You will want this to stay warm, so keep it in the pot you made it in. This might be one of the easiest savory holiday party appetizers on this list. Not to mention the smallest bit of spice from this dip can heat up the winter season and heat up the party.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Everyone needs a hearty vegetarian option for their holiday party appetizers. This item can also be prepared ahead of time. Just leave a moment to bake on the day of the party. Many stuffed mushroom recipes have a variation on the filling. This recipe uses the rest of the mushroom and a variety of cheese to make a creamy and rich taste.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Whether or not you are playing “Hava Nagila” at your holiday party, make a statement with Matzoh Ball Shooters. It can be difficult to make a good matzoh ball. So, only take this holiday party appetizer on if you are ready and want to wow the crowd.

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A Little of Both

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

This might be one of the only holiday party appetizers that actually looks like the holidays. Nothing is more festive than these Sparkling Cranberry and Brie Bites. This treat will fill the cheese and crackers quota for your party. Try not to have too many.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

You will not believe how much flavor is packed into such a small bite. On top of the bacon and dates, there is also honey and goat cheese that add an extra punch to this holiday party appetizer.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Give your guests an option with a DIY Latke Bar. Just make a few latkes ahead of time and set out some options for toppings. Dip options can be sweet like applesauce or savory like sour cream. Dealer’s choice.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Make your own version of a “Christmas Ham” for your holiday party appetizers. You only need two ingredients to make your candied bacon – bacon and brown sugar. Make sure to use real brown sugar; nothing else will carmelize as well. Use the leftovers for a Bloody Mary the next day. You are welcome.

15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

Let your creativity run wild with this recipe. When making chocolate covered pretzels you can use extra icing or sprinkles to add variety. Add a twist and use holiday colors for the icing and decorations. Watch out because this recipe might just turn into a tasty craft project.

There are many options for hosts looking for the perfect mix of holiday party appetizers. It is important to not be too stressed by the holiday season. So, only pick a few appetizers that you will enjoy making and have the time to make. If all else fails, there is always pizza.

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15 Crowd-pleasing Holiday Party Appetizers

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