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15 Mother’s Day Gifts From Kids That Moms Will Love


This year make sure to find a few Mother’s Day gifts from kids that really show how thankful the kids are for everything moms are handling right now. Obviously, this year is way different than any other Mother’s Day. We have been practicing social distancing and moms are taking on more than ever before. Not only are we moms, but we are also acting as teachers, counselors, employees, and organizer of all things. It is a tough job, but we know it is what is best for our families right now so we are committed to this new, temporary, way of life that none of us could have imagined just a few months ago.

Moms with kids are under more stress than many others dealing with social distancing so it is a good idea to give her some Mother’s Day gifts from kids that really show how much she is appreciated. Here is our list of favorite Mother’s Day gifts from kids in the year of social distancing.

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Rp Mother’s Day 2020

This Mother’s Day is quite a bit different than other celebrations we have enjoyed in the past, but it doesn’t mean the Mama in your life has to put her own goals and habits to the back burner! Mothers take care of everyone else first, so this Mother’s Day, remind the special mother in your life that she is precious and that putting herself first will create a happy and healthy home for everyone. This is where Withings enters the picture.

Withings offers a variety of smart tools to keep you performing at your healthiest. This Mother’s Day, we love the Steel HR 36mm Sapphire Signature Blue & Silver. This hybrid smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android phones. This smartwatch seems to understand the busy and hectic life of moms everywhere! With its 25-day battery life, this hybrid watch tracks heart rate trends both day and night, plus continuously tracks heart rate in workout mode! The digital screen can send notifications to Mom no matter what she’s doing, and she can switch gears and check her stats- all with the push of a button. There is no telling what a Mom’s day will present to her, but this watch is a game-changer and will keep up with her all day, every day. Oh, did we mention it’s water-resistant up to 50M?

Sometimes, tracking both activity and caloric information doesn’t create the full package for health monitoring, and thankfully, Withings saw this and responded! Their new Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale (also compatible with iOS and Andriod) not only monitors weight, but also body fat & water percentage, plus muscle & bone mass. The automatic synchronization makes tracking health stats easy, and quickly stepping on this sleek scale gives her a comprehensive picture to help her maintain a positive impact on her health goals. Planning a run or bike ride? This scale will also give her the weather forecast. It doesn’t get more user-friendly than that!

Mothers are strong, but life can be depleting of mental and physical energy. This Mother’s Day, give her the tools she needs to stay on top of her health goals with Withings.

Steel HR 36mm Sapphire Signature Blue & Silver | Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale
Withings | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Mother’s Day Products

Sapling Shop literally has the perfect gift for every mom this Mother’s Day! Satisfying every budget and taste, Sapling Shop offers everything from skincare and soaps to baby carriers and nursing clothes. Sapling Shop specializes in hand-selecting products with the needs of moms and babies in mind. Sapling Shop offers baby essentials, big kid favorites, and mama essentials! The Badger Organic Moisturizing Face Oil is a great option for any mama that wants a safe, yet effective, daily moisturizing routine. Badger Organic Moisturizing Face Oil restores and protects even the most delicate skin. Badger Organic Beauty Balm pairs perfectly with Badger Organic Moisturizing Face Oil. One hundred percent natural and certified organic, the Badger Organic Beauty Balm is perfect for face, neck, and under-eye nourishment. Badger Organic Moisturizing Face Oil and Badger Organic Beauty Balm is gentle on sensitive skin. Both products leave skin feeling soft and smooth. What more could Mom want?

Sapling Shop has one of the most precious and unique gifts available for Mother’s Day. Their photo lockets are truly one of a kind. Surprise Mom this year with a special photo of a lost loved one or a favorite picture of her child(ren). The Elaine Locket Necklace features a timeless design that every mom, aunt, or grandmother will simply adore. Available in both rose gold and sterling silver, the Elaine Locket Necklace is personalized to showcase a photo that Mom will cherish forever. If you have a mom that has everything, we highly suggest checking out photo lockets from Sapling Shop!

Badger Organic Moisturizing Face Oil | Badger Organic Beauty Balm | Elaine Locket Necklace
Sapling Shop | Facebook | Instagram |

Jen’s Spring Guides & Listicles

TicWatch by Mobvoi is another smartwatch on our list for moms who want more than the functionality of a smartwatch. It is for the moms who want style to accompany all of the perks of having a smartwatch. The TicWatch by Mobvoi is the where form meets function. In fact, it was the winner of the iF Design Award 2019 and Red Dot Design Award 2019. See, we told you that it was stylish! It is offered in onyx black, platinum silver, and trendy rose gold. The stainless steel case is paired with genuine leather straps that highlight a classic watch design. Goodbye basic smartwatch design!

So what type of functionality does it offer? Let’s talk about it. First up is Wear OS by Google™ which provides proactive help from the Google Assistant™ and thousands of apps on Google Play. Wear OS by Google’s new design provides quick access to the information you need. The new notifications stream makes it simple to see your latest updates at a glance and the Google Assistant now provides proactive help throughout your day.

But wait, there’s more! The battery life lasts 2 whole days. TicWatch C2 is dustproof and waterproof and is even able to survive swimming in shallow water. The built-in GPS keeps you on the right track, while the NFC contactless payments keeps your wallet in your pocket and allows you to easily make purchases with Google Pay™ 2 with the simple wave of your wrist.

Then, there are the health benefits. TicWatch C2 has a 24-hour heart rate monitor to ensure your heart is ticking along like the TicWatch! Smart fitness tracking accurately tracks your fitness health and progress. Soon, you will even be able to track swim activities.

It is clear to see why any mom in need of a smartwatch this Mother’s Day needs a TicWatch C2. Your mom will be so thankful that you chose the stylish smartwatch that is a beautiful accessory that accents more than just her gym clothes. During this socially distanced Mother’s Day at home, she’ll have plenty of time to learn how to use her new TicWatch C2 so this is the perfect year to gift this watch.

TicWatch C2
TicWatch by Mobvoi| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

Mother’s Day

Even though this Mother’s Day we are practicing social distancing, we’re not practicing the art on how to be a hermit crab. This spring, get Mom out of the house while focusing on her health. Gift her a pair of Bluetooth In-ear Headphones headphones for wireless playtime in a design that’s optimized for her outdoor walks, runs, and time in the garden. All the controls she needs are on the knitted, tangle-free cord. And don’t worry, she’ll still be able to hear the kids around her as she jams to her favorite tunes or zens out for some much-needed deep breathing practices.

Go a whole new level with these chic and lightweight Adidas Headphones. The frictionless movement from warm-up to recovery to stretch and cool down is exactly what Mom needs. It’s the perfect gift from the kids to show mom that she can definitely have some self-care time all to herself.

Bluetooth In-ear Headphones
Adidas Headphones | Facebook | Instagram

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Mother’s Day

We all love our kiddos, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need breaks. These days breaks are few and far between. We are often overextended as moms, teachers, cooks, therapists, and those are just our “mom” jobs. We need time for ourselves more than ever. One of the ways to get breaks is through exercise, specifically running. Nathan Sports is a must-have brand when it comes to finding ourselves by hitting the pavement.

If you are working on picking up your mileage, chances are you are getting thirsty while doing so. Carrying a water bottle while running is child’s play. Take it up a notch with Nathan’s VaporSwiftra 4 Liter Women’s Race Vest. This vest is light comfortable and made for a women’s body. It is thoughtfully crafted with two storage pockets for phone, keys, or an energy bar. The bladder holds 1.5L of water for long runs. Everything you need to take you as far as you want to go is in one convenient vest. The mom in your life will love this vest.

Mother’s Day

VaporSwiftra 4 Liter Women’s Race Vest
Nathan | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Kristin’s Mother’s Day Drafts {2020}

Whether she’s working from home, working out, or simply needs to tune out and listen to some music to decompress from her day with the kids, this Mother’s Day give mom the gift of headphones perfect for any activity. We love the JLab Studio ANC On Ear Wireless Headphones with a 34+ hour Bluetooth playtime, active noise cancellation capabilities, and ultra-plush faux leather and foam cushions. Plus, with the easy fold and go design, mom will be able to take her headphones everywhere from the beach to the plane to the office slipping them into her bag while on the move.

JLab Studio ANC On Ear Wireless Headphones
JLab Audio | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Mother’s Day 2020

As moms, our smartphones are filled with random photos of our little ones. But oftentimes, these precious memories stay on the phone never to be seen again. With the Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer, you can remember these moments each and every day with prints! This 2″ x 3″ printer connects via your smartphone and you can print a sticker of your photo within seconds! This portable and ink cartridge-free printer allows you to it anywhere you go, whether you’re at the office or a family vacation! Get ready to flood your walls and scrapbooks with your memories of this Mother’s Day!

Lifeprint Ultra Slim Printer
LifePrint | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Mother’s 2020 – Ss

Gift boxes are excellent Mother’s Day gifts from the kids. It’s something they can enjoy opening together and discovering what surprises are inside. The Smoko Supreme Box is a monthly subscription box filled with unique and fun goodies. Smoko is Australian slang for taking a short break from the daily grind of work. Whimsical gifts in each box let you bring the fun to your workday. Kids will love giving the Smoko box to their moms because they will get to play with everything inside with them. If there is a specific item you want you can pick items separately as well.

Supreme Box
Smoko | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Mother’s 2020 – Ss

Displaying your child’s artwork is a joy for all mothers. However, hanging every new picture or switching out drawings in a frame becomes a hassle as your child creates more and more art. The Articulate Gallery saw a need to make this task easier on parents and designed a range of slot-sided picture frames to make interchanging your child’s masterpieces quick and simple. The Triple Gallery is a 9 x 12″ frame with three windows to showcase multiple pieces at the same time. The Triple Gallery can be hung portrait or landscape.

9 x 12″ Triple Gallery
The Articulate Gallery | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kristin’s Mother’s Day Drafts {2020}

If the mother in your life loves plants but doesn’t have the proverbial green thumb, give her the gift of plants she can keep alive and thriving this Mother’s Day with a gift box or subscription to Succulents Monthly. These hardy and easy to care for plants have become all the rage recently, and Succulents Monthly makes it easy for everyone to enjoy these interesting and intricate plant species. Each box is packed with unique ceramic containers and pots from around the world, sized just right for that month’s plant(s), along with the plants and everything they need to grow and thrive. Easy to follow potting and care instructions make planting and maintaining your succulent garden a truly zen experience.

Succulents Monthly Box
Succulents Monthly | Facebook | Instagram

Kristin’s Mother’s Day Drafts {2020}

This Mother’s Day you don’t have to skip the spa, bring it home to mom with a gift set from Dazzle Dry giving her the ability to do salon style pedicure and manicures in the comfort of her own home. While many moms might be fretting over the current state of their nails during the current pandemic, Dazzle Dry offers high-quality nail care perfect for DIY. From their Nail System that helps improve nail quality while also providing strength, nourishment and long-lasting adhesion, to the wide array of lacquer colors available, Dazzle Dry dries in just 5 minutes and lasts up to 3 weeks without all the harmful chemicals or UV lights needed for gel nails. Hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free, moms everywhere will love a gift set from Dazzle Dry this Mother’s Day.

The Nail System | Nail Lacquer
Dazzle Dry | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Elena Spring Items

If you have a book lover in your life, then a bookmark with their favorite character or just something they love or collect is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. All bookmarks from My Bookmark are handmade with polymer clay so they are beautiful, unique, and sturdy. The mom in your life won’t have cheap paper bookmarks or ones that get lost easily- now she can have a bookmark that she loves and cherishes. You can even create a custom bookmark with My Bookmark.

My Bookmark has several different designs- some with your favorite characters. This Darth Vader bookmark is perfect for the Star Wars lovers in your life, while the Mermaid Tale, Unicorn, or Cat Tale bookmarks are just a few examples of bookmarks that speak to your mom’s favorite things. These beautiful, handmade bookmarks are perfect for booklovers!

Darth Vader | Mermaid Tale | Unicorn | Cat Tale
My Bookmark | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

We have provided a wide range of products that are Mother’s Day gifts from kids that moms will love. While some may require dad’s help to execute, the end result will be a happy mom this Mother’s Day who knows all of her efforts during this unprecedented time are appreciated. That is something we can all use in the spring of 2020.

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Mother’s Day Gifts From Kids That Moms Will Love

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