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15 Photos of German Winter to Help You Get into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is one of the most magical times of year. It warms our hearts and gives us the opportunity to see pure joy in the hearts of our children and our loved ones. Here at Daily Mom, we want to spread a little more holiday cheer by sharing some photos that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit from one of the most magical places in the world- German Christmas Markets. So curl up with some hot cocoa and scroll through for some Christmas magic. 

1. Enjoy Hot Chocolate (or hot German gluhwein for the adults)

Gluhwein for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids

2. Try some traditional Christmas foods 


Best sausage you’ll find anywhere

3. Go see some amazing holiday decorations!

Decorations through the roof!

4. Get up close to the sights and smells of Christmas

Get up close to the sights and smells of Christmas

5. Find unique gifts for your loved ones

Find unique gifts perfect for the unique people in your life

6. You will find endless treasures at German Christmas markets

Endless treasures to find at the Christmas Markets

7. Enjoy a sweet treat!

The bigger the cotton candy the bigger the smile

8. There are handmade gifts and homemade food at every stand

Handmade gifts and homemade treats

9. Start making your Christmas wish list…

What are you putting on YOUR wish list?

10. Head back to your hotel to cozy up next to the fire

Feels like being right at home, but you don’t have to do the dishes

11. Enjoy delicious food

Savory comfort foods are what make the holidays special

12. Take an evening stroll to see the holiday lights

Talk a walk through town to see the beautiful lights…

13. Hike through a true winter wonderland

…or go on winter hikes through the beautiful forests

14. Build a snowman (he might even come to life!)

15. Have a snowball fight!

16. Christmas is about spending time together

Spend time teaching others about Holiday Traditions…

17. Cherish moments with the ones you love

Many of us wait around all year long for the magic that is Christmas spirit. There is no other place on earth that does it better than Southwest Germany. With their over-the-top Christmas markets you will feel like you’re in a Hallmark Christmas movie or right outside Santa’s workshop. You might not be able to get there this year, but at least these 15 photos can help you get into the Christmas spirit. 

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