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15 Unicorn Toys and Products Your Kids Need in Their Lives


If your kid is like every other kid in the world right now, they are totally loving the unicorn trend that is sweeping the nation. From ages two to 102, every one is falling in love with unicorn toys all over again, like Lisa Frank era 1995. These 15 unicorn toys and products are things you might not have even known existed but that you will definitely need in your life to live vicariously through your children.

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15 Unicorn Toys Your Kids (and You) Will Love

2Unicorn Bedding by SNURK

Snurk For Unicorn Listicle

Every child has a dream, and usually, that dream is to have a magical creature of their very own. Sometimes, that includes their very own unicorn. Parents, that is a hard wish to grant, unless you check out SNURK. This unicorn duvet cover is magically soft to the touch, and the unicorn print is so realistic, your little one will be sure to tell her friends that she has a real, live unicorn in her room. This duvet cover is pre-shrunk, so there is no fear of shrinking or discoloration when it comes to washing.

Kidpik & Nina Shoes

Do you have a little girl who wants to go on adventures with her unicorn every single day? Well, now she can! Nina shoes feeds a parents’ need for excellent, well-made shoes, while nurturing the special individual styles of little girls everywhere with their Britteni Unicorn Low-Top Sneaker. This sparkly silver shoe is solid and bright. The top of each shoe has a working zipper closure and is adorned with rainbow faux-fur and a silver unicorn horn! The insoles are memory-foam, so she will feel like she is walking on a cloud all day long. Everywhere she goes, your little girl will have her magical friend with her at every step with Nina Shoes.

Kidpik & Nina Shoes


Bumkins has so many adorable options for your little unicorn loving lady. From bibs to plates, mealtime will be a blast. Need to take lunch to go, Bumkins still has you covered with adorable unicorn-themed reusable snack packs. Teething got your little one down, no worries she will love the unicorn silicone teether for getting a bit of relief throughout the day. There is so much to love from Bumkins, check out all of their unicorn-themed products here.

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If your girl is into rainbows and unicorns, now is a great time to introduce her to the experience of a charm bracelet. Start that charm collection with CHARM IT!, the ultimate charm jewelry experience for girls ages 4 and up. We particularly love the rainbow charm bracelet with the addition of charms that will reflect her brilliant personality (rainbows, snow cones, unicorns, etc). Add all those little things that make her special and you’re sure to bring a smile to her face.

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Commissioned by artist, Juliet Meeks, this Wild Dill exclusive 8×10 print with a beautiful watercolor rainbow finished with a sweet floral bouquet at one end is the perfect addition to your rainbow baby nursery or any little girl’s bedroom.

13 Unicorn Toys And Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

Bring out your inner artist with these rainbow and unicorn garden stepping stones. Everything is included with these stone created pieces of art, including the paint to create a vibrant and colorful unicorn head or unicorn castle garden. They are weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about rain or bad weather ruining your wonderful work of art. Each set comes with 12 paints, a paint brush, instructions, and a color planning template to help you create a beautiful look.

13 Unicorn Toys And Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

13 Unicorn Toys And Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

Rainbows are taking over everywhere- including your floor! This large 3 foot rainbow floor puzzle is fun to put together and fun to play with. After you build the puzzle you can use it to play with your toy unicorns, dolls, and more! Great for ages 3 and up.

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What kid doesn’t love a giant surprise egg, and the anticipation of finding out what surprise is hiding in every Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise Heart is enough to make every little girl squeal! Rainbocorns hatch from a bright mystery egg with a unique reversible sequin heart that reveals a magical surprise when swiped! All 12 sequin hearts reveal different surprises and are removable, so you can wear them and share them too! Rainbocorns also have a fluffy, bright unicorn mane that’s fun to brush and groom. Their sparkly horns and butterfly wings add even more magic to every cute creature. Which one will you get? The Rainbocorn collection includes a Puppycorn, Kittycorn, Unicorn, Bunnycorn and Hamstercorn, each with their own sequin surprise as well as a little baby Boo-Boocorn, a tiny collectable hiding in a little egg!

X Unicorn Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

The Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is a 14” soft and sweet looking plush that has everything the unicorn-loving child in your family will love. She’s rainbow-colored kitten with butterfly wings and a unicorn horn. Bring her whole family along for the ride with the 8” assortment of all the rainbow plush characters.

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Introducing Noah and the Hairdorables! The girl Squad with “big hair don’t care” attitudes. #Hairdorables took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the words “hair” and “adorable” …accidentally coining the term “hairdorable”! There are 39 dolls across series 3 to collect. For your rainbow loving girl, keep an eye out for “Rayne.”

X Unicorn Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

This cute little wearable unicorn can be taken everywhere with you. It’s sweet, colorful tail wraps around your wrist and the interactive sounds and light-up eyes let you know how she’s feeling. Luna is the rainbow-tailed version but there is also Snowball, an all-white unicorn kitty, as well as Lulu Puppy Unicorn.

X Unicorn Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

Pillow Pets have been a favorite among kids, and now their favorite character is available for them to snuggle with every night. The Unicorn Pillow Pet comes in white, purple, teal, and pink and has a beautiful floral design on its paws, underside, horn, and inside her ears. The soft, plush fur makes it perfect for sleeping on or snuggling.

X Unicorn Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

Parents love unicorns, too, but in their own way. This fun game is a great way for teenagers and adults to get in on the unicorn action. Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game where players build a unicorn army to destroy their opponents. For ages 14 and older, it is the perfect unicorn item for the older fans who love unicorns but also love destroying people (in card games, anyways).


Do you have a unicorn loving little one? Or maybe you love unicorns yourself. Give these funky temporary tattoos from INKED by Dani a try.

Rainbows and unicorns are a part of every child’s imagination, and recently they have made a strong comeback. These 15 unicorn toys and products are some of our favorites this season. They bring the fantasy world into reality by way of clothing, shoes, toys, and even bedding wrapping your child in the world that they love – one of mystical creatures and magical rainbows.

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15 Unicorn Toys And Products Your Kids Need In Their Lives

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