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18 of The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home


When you’re looking for gifts for the cook in your family, you want something special, such as innovative gadgets or luxurious cookware. Help your cook have a more memorable experience in the kitchen by sprucing things up with luxury cookware and bakeware, special food organizers, and unique utensils.  If you want to impress your favorite cook, then this gift guide will help that dream come true! These are items that every chef or foodie needs.

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18 Gifts For The Cook In Your Family

Holiday 2020 Yo

Almost everyone has a foodie-loving cook in the home with a gazillion and one kitchen appliances to whip up their mouth-watering masterpieces. Not only has Brava taken a leap and combined 10 separate appliances into one, but they have a bakeware lineup that would even make Emeril weep; it’s that good. Other than the standard baking accessories that come with the Brava Oven, if you are going to step it up a notch with your culinary skills, you might as well do it quickly and easily with these gifts for the cook in your life. This holiday season, the recipient of this gift will be saving hours in the kitchen without sacrificing food quality or deliciousness. These are wonderful gifts for the cook in your family who is always in the kitchen making magic in half the time!

The place to start is the Brava Chef’s Pan. The signature enameled cast iron will expertly stew, braise, and bake your most family-favorite meals. Whether you have traditional favorites or curated new creations for culinary school (or just for fun), the recipes available with the Brava Chef’s Pan are sure to give you delectable dishes over and over again with loads of inspiration.

Simple recipes (like Slow Cooked Chicken Soup) are a breeze to prepare and make in the Brava Oven using the Brava Chef’s Pan. It will become so addictive, your special loved one will be calling you over for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, just to share their latest dish with you. Bonus yums for you! You’re welcome.

What about those everyday meals that don’t need a deep dish pan? No problem, the Brava Bakeware Set delights the baker who cannot help themselves; the oven seems to be always on! For the avid baker (and even small business owner baker), brownies, quick-breads, muffins, quiches, & eye-candy cupcakes are just a sampling of the sweet and savory recipes available with their high-quality baking equipment. Conveniently packaged in a bundle (perfect for wrapping one box), the Brava Bakeware Set includes the Square Pan, Loaf Pan, and Muffin Tin; the perfect assortment of gifts for the cook.

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A library of recipes awaits the home cook who values efficiently, gourmet-like meals made easy, and quality bakeware to bring their culinary skills to life. Delight your loved one this holiday season with an assortment of Brava luxuries and who knows, you’ll probably be invited over a lot more often to partake in the latest Brava-made meal!

Brava Chef’s Pan | Brava Bakeware Set
Brava | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


When you’re cooking for your family or friends you want a meal that everyone enjoys, leaving them feeling happy and satisfied. Mealtime for most families is a time to connect and spend quality time together. Family dinners and lunches build relationships and create memories that you will cherish forever. Having the right cookware can make the experience even more memorable! Amoretti Brothers create prestigious cuisine items that have been first seen in the luxurious villas of the Italian Renaissance.

This luxurious Copper Sauce Pan 2.8qt with Flower lid by Amoretti Brothers is designer cookware that is functional as well when you are looking for quality gifts for the cook. This exquisite hand-hammered saucepan is an instrument for a chef. This beautiful pan features a cast bronze handle and lid. It’s crafted from 2mm thick copper with a double layer of 100% pure tin for extra durability and evenly cooked meals. This is an ideal saucepan for cooking age-old family recipes. This pot shows off the Amoretti tradition of high-quality craftsmanship that has become the industry standard in the top kitchens around the world.


Exquisitely designed Italian cookware by Amoretti not only looks great in the kitchen but also creates flavorful dishes. Impress your family and friends with your great meals while showing off this elegant cookware. This is Italian design at its best and the cookware makes great gifts for the cook in your family.

Copper Sauce Pan 2.8qt With Flower Lid
CopperKitchenStore | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Holiday Guides

Have you already had your fill of holiday baking? Uninterested in all of the junk food that this festive season brings? Indulge in some great tasting, real-food pantry staples from Primal Kitchen, for gifts for the cook (or for yourself!), this year!

Shake, stir, or blend your way back to post-holiday health and nutrition with Collagen Peptides. Help support hair, skin, and nails, and even aid in weight loss by staying fuller for longer, by simply adding bovine collagen peptides to your daily routine. These easy-to-use powders come in several delicious-tasting varieties and flavors, including Chocolate Coconut, Vanilla Coconut, Snickerdoodle, Matcha, Chai, and Triple Berry. (There’s Unflavored for blending into your favorite beverages, too.)


Looking to take your typical salad, veggie platter, main course or side to the next level? Punch it up with Primal Kitchen’s Dressing & Marinade selections. These healthy condiments contain all of the flavors you love, like Ranch, Caesar, Green Goddess, and Greek, without the unhealthy ingredients you don’t. And as you can see, the choices are practically endless. You’re sure to find a few that you love. Pick a few or buy a bundle!

Don’t forget to jazz up your favorite dish with tasty Primal Kitchen Pasta Sauces and Pizza Sauce. These make great gifts for the cook as well. For real-food pantry staples that satiate with simple, exceptional ingredients like avocado, oil, and collagen (with no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar, or soy!), explore all of the fantastic products that Primal Kitchen has to offer when it comes to getting gifts for the cook in your home!

Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel | Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel | Snickerdoodle Collagen Fuel Unflavored Collagen Peptides | Matcha Collagen Keto Latte | Chai Collagen Keto Latte | Triple Berry Collagen Quench | Ranch, Caesar & Green Goddess Dressing & Marinade 3 Pack | Greek Vinaigrette & Marinade | Marinara Tomato Sauce 2 Pack | No Dairy Alfredo Sauce | No Dairy Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce | No Dairy Vodka Sauce | Unsweetened Red Pizza Sauce
Primal Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Write Ups – Holiday 2020

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You can’t go wrong with getting the home chef in your life a great lineup of cookware and bakeware from NUCU this year. They’ve intuitively designed all their products to last, offering years of reliable performance crafting heartfelt holiday meals to remember. What’s great about NUCU is the ability to create the perfect collection. Select individual pots and pans in a large variety of sizes and finishes like stainless steel and nonstick, that best suit them and their cooking needs.

The 5 Ply Brushed Stainless Steel Curved Saute Pan is the best all-around pot. It works on gas, electric, or induction, and whether you’re making a simple sauce, sautéing, or boiling, this 3.5 qt. stainless pot is a great go-to. The riveted handle is strong but stays cool for safe cooking, and the entire pot is oven safe too.

If it’s loads of holiday cookies or just general baking your home chef is into, a collection of NUCU’s sheet pans is a great gift. This 7 Piece Non-Stick Aluminum Bakeware Set has an extremely durable gold non-stick coating to prevent cookies, veggies, or whatever is placed upon them, from sticking and over-browning. From the large 21×15″ sheet pan, to the three extra small 6.5×9.5″ sheet pans, and three pans in two different sizes in between, there’s a beautiful sheet pan for every baking need.

Stack them up and wrap them up for your favorite foodie. There will be nothing but tons of smiles from them with NUCU and their great cook- and bakeware under the tree. These are the types of gifts for the cook that keep them in the kitchen!

7 Piece Non-Stick Aluminum Bakeware Set | 5 Ply Brushed Stainless Steel Curved Saute Pan
NUCU| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Holiday – Ss

Having a way to keep your food fresh is the gift that keeps on giving, gifts for the cook that they will definitely appreciate. The Glass Vacuum Starter Set is an innovative kit that stores and preserves your food. With the included pump, you can extract the air in the container which will lock in flavor, keep your food lasting longer, and reduce odors. This Fresh and Save System allows you to both prepare meals in advance or keep leftovers for much longer than traditional storage containers. This starter set contains:

  • 1 medium glass vacuum container
  • 1 large glass vacuum container
  • 2 small vacuum bags
  • 2 medium vacuum bags
  • 1 rechargeable vacuum pump
Holiday – Ss

Whether you are meal-prepping, marinating, or simply refrigerating, this 7-piece system keeps its contents fresh up to 5 times longer. Featuring a double-walled design, the Zwilling containers are freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. You can also take your meals on-the-go with the Vacuum Lunch Box, a lightweight and breakproof plastic container that utilizes a removable or adjustable divider allowing you to separate your food items. This lunchbox is available in three different sizes.

Glass Vacuum Starter Set | Vacuum Lunch Box
Zwilling | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Write Ups – Holiday 2020

For the little gifts for the cooks who enjoy creating in the kitchen, Handstand Kitchen has the perfect gifts. No matter a child’s age or skill level, there’s something special for every child to enjoy unwrapping.

Every mini Martha or Emeril needs their own apron. Be a “whisk” taker with some fun, quirky patterns and pick up a set. The Donut Shoppe Deluxe Youth Apron Boxed Set and the Ice Cream Parlor Deluxe Youth Apron Boxed Set both include a matching apron, chef’s hat, and an oven mitt in the perfect size for Junior.

We love the fun bright, pastel colors, and functional accents like a large front pocket, adjustable closure, and hanging loop on the oven mitt. The aprons come in adult sizes too!

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Pair the Apron Boxed Sets with toolsets and you have an amazing gift set. For the younger or beginner cooks, the Intro to Baking Set is the perfect box to start with. This 17-piece set has all the tools a child needs to get baking, with an adult’s supervision of course. These quality tools like a whisk and rolling pin, a silicone loaf pan and cupcake liners, and recipes will help guide chefs of all ages to learn to bake a variety of goods from cupcakes to cookies.

Write Ups – Holiday 2020

For older children or those with more skill, the 3-piece Chef’s Knife Kit is a great way to take kitchen mastery to the next level. These kid-safe, BPA-free serrated kitchen knives have easy-grip handles in 3 different sizes, perfect for cutting veggies, fruits, and whatever comes their way. Get children involved this holiday season in the food prep while teaching them a lifetime of skills with Handstand Kitchen.

Donut Shoppe Deluxe Youth Apron Boxed Set | Ice Cream Parlor Deluxe Youth Apron Boxed Set | Intro to Baking Set | Chef’s Knife Kit
Handstand Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home

A great gift for the person who enjoys their wine, but also cares about the environment and prefers organic food and beverage will make one of the great gifts for the cook. This vegan sparkling Canned Wine comes in two flavors: Just Right White or All Day Rosé, also available in a combo case if you can’t decide! This clean and sustainable brand is gluten-free, low in sulfites, and has zero grams of sugar per serving.

Canned Wine
Besa Mi Vino | Facebook | Instagram

Cooks Who Feed

Cooking for your family is a lot of fun, but sometimes ingredients can get messy and create stains on your clothes. Aprons help to keep spills and splashes away from your clothes. This eco-friendly Apron was created to celebrate earth day. The Recycled Plastic Apron is stylish and made with recycled plastic so it’s lightweight and silky to the touch. This chef’s-favorite apron features an adjustable neckstrap with metal hardware, contrast stitching, double front pockets below the waist, and 36” waist straps. All the aprons are made from locally sourced, recycled, and natural materials.

At Cooks Who Feed they offer a wide range of handcrafted, ethically produced aprons, and the sale of one apron equals 100 meals for people in need. Their vision is to create a hunger-free world, one apron at a time!  The sale of each apron helps employ poor marginalized women, feed their families, and reduce food waste. This magnificent product empowers foodies everywhere to join a movement and fight hunger. Get yours now and give the gifts for the cook a chance to make the world a tastier place without dirtying their wardrobe!

The Recycled Plastic Apron
Cooks Who Feed | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Rp Hgg 2020

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Let there be peace on earth, and let’s do our best this season to keep it as green as possible! When searching for more earth-friendly ways of living types of gifts for the cook, it can be hard to know where to start. This holiday season, help your loved ones care for our earth with The Sister Collective.

With items like their Portable Bamboo Utensil Set and Beeswax Wraps, food while on-the-go does not have to leave a footprint of plastic waste behind. No more zipper bags or plastic ware as gifts for the cooks. Instead, use these Beeswax Wraps to cover your leftovers or your favorite lunch without leaving single-use waste behind, and your Portable Bamboo Utensil Set is not only compact and easy to use, but it is also reusable, so you’re enjoying your lunch and keeping mother earth happy at the same time!

When it comes time to care for our homes, the Swedish Dishcloth helps us stay clean. They are super strong, absorbent (holding 20 times their weight), and reusable 200+ times. We love that they’re 100% all-natural, biodegradable, and compostable. And we all know that the earth cannot digest dryer sheets, but lucky for us, Greenlife Wool Dryer Balls soften our clothes the greenway, removing wrinkles and static without adding to the landfills. Go green with gifting this holiday season with The Sister Collective.

Portable Bamboo Utensil Set | Swedish Dishcloth | Greenlife Wool Dryer Balls – White | Beeswax Wraps – Flowers
The Sister Collective | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Holiday 2020 Yo

You know your foodie friend cook needs these! The best gifts for the cook is one that naturally and easily preserves cuts of foods until the next meal. Keeping your foods, like fruits and vegetables fresh and brightly colored entices us all to eat “leftovers” that would’ve otherwise turned brown and yucky sitting in plastic bags. Not only with the Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs keep the cook’s food in your life fresh, they also open sealed cans and jars. Imagine taking a glass jar where freshly-made salad dressing was easily sealed and contained without trying to find a fitting lid!? Genius, right?!

Food Huggers® gifts for the cook keeps everything neat, compact, and organized with 3 x set of Five Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs, giving your cook a total of 15 colorful gadgets to make their life a wee bit easier. Plus, if your cook loves to share, they can gift a set themselves to a friend! Oh, and for those avocado-loving people in your life, the set of avocado huggers fits perfectly over the half they are saving for later. With two sizes for large and small avocados, you’re covered, literally, pit or no pit. Food Huggers, your cook will be tearing up with joy after receiving these, no onions needed.

Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs
Food Huggers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Holiday 2020 Yo – Pf Boxes Write Ups

Emerging Green has some practical gifts for the cook who is a minimalist and loves using natural products. During the day when they aren’t whipping up some masterpiece of a meal, let them take a sip of coffee from a Bamboo Coffee Mug (Set of 2). Not only are they durable to eliminate excessive waste, but unlike ceramic or porcelain mugs, bamboo is actually unbreakable and crack resistant! With a natural finishing to round out its effectiveness and beauty, it complements a wooden kitchen set beautifully.

Be sure to pick up the Dishcloths for Kitchen. As a set of 20, it makes cleaning up so much more convenient. The bamboo fibers pick up 40% more liquid than even the finest organic cotton counterparts. They’ll only get softer and softer while still taking in three times more water than its weight with continued use. They’re gentle and long-lasting which makes these Dishcloths for Kitchen come in handy on a daily basis making this one of the more functional gifts for the cook.

Bamboo Coffee Mug (Set of 2) | Dishcloths for Kitchen
Emerging Green | Facebook | Instagram

The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home

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Rounding out holiday lists and preparing menus is easier than ever now with Ultraviolet Wines. Created in Napa Valley, these wines are hitting the scene and making a lasting impact. For people who enjoy a smooth red wine, the Ultraviolet Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect choice. This wine is soft and velvety with notes of blossoms and berries and will pair perfectly with the main course, or anything fatty or salty. If something sinfully sweet is on the menu, like a decadent chocolate cake or cheesecake, this cabernet is so versatile that it will complement that, too!

For a more effervescent experience, the Ultraviolet Sparkling Rosé is a choice that will make a lasting impact on all its samplers! This surprising wine boasts the classic blushing pink color that houses the tiniest bubbles with the most flavor. This wine is floral, zesty, and is known to be the best California Sparkling Rosé under $30-a steal for lovers of fine wines everywhere!

Ultraviolet Cabernet Sauvignon | Ultraviolet Sparkling Rosé
Ultraviolet Wines | Instagram

The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home

When you’re sitting down to a delicious steak dinner with your family, you want a sharp steak knife that can easily cut into your succulent steak. The Schmidt Brothers will have you covered with their wonderful collection of high-quality knives when looking for gifts for the cook and their family. This company is well known for its world-class cutlery and kitchen tools for the traditional family.

The beautiful, modern, Heritage Series 5” Steak Knife from Schmidt Bros. is classy and durable, with a blade made of 100% German Stainless Steel, so keep this as one of your gifts for the cook on your list. It boasts the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve, which is a space for your forefinger to rest on the handle, allowing you to guide the knife easily. This chic steak knife is powerful enough to handle all your tableside meat cutting needs.

Heritage Series 5″ Steak Knife
Schmidt Bros. | Facebook | Instagram| Youtube | Pinterest

The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home

Keeping a kitchen clean might seem borderline impossible to some people. It really comes down to having the right cleaning products. Think gifts for the cook who is a clean freak. Casabella infuse makes refillable, reusable, and non-toxic cleaning products. The All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths contain electrically charged fibers that are used to pick up dust, dirt, and grime; which makes this one of the most useful gifts for cooks who like it clean.

These efficient cloths are great for lifting dirt off a variety of household surfaces including seal wood, mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone surfaces. The Microfiber Cloths can be washed over and over again. These cloths can be combined with the Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit which provides superior cleaning.

The refillable spray bottle and pocket-sized cleaning concentrate is tough on dirt but gentle on the environment. This reusable spray bottle has a built-in cleaner in concentrated form. You simply load the cleaner, add water and it’s ready to use on any household surfaces. With Infuse you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals because all the SaferShine formulas are non-toxic and free from phthalates, parabens, and carcinogens. The Casabella infuse products will leave your house looking squeaky clean with a fresh lavender and lemon scent.

Infuse All Purpose Microfiber Cloths | Infuse All-Purpose Spray Bottle Cleaning Kit
Casabella infuse | Facebook | Instagram| Pinterest

Rp Hgg 2020

SipClean makes staying healthy during the holidays easier than ever with their new canned alcohol-removed rosé. In a world where alcohol is queen, we’ve created a wine that gives you the same sipping experience without the consequences-or the calories! Weighing in at just under 30 calories, this rose rules the holiday festivities while keeping you happy and healthy. Cheer these gifts for the cook who needs to unwind after all that cooking!

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Sip-Clean 4-Pack
SipClean | Facebook | Instagram

Holiday 2020 – Michelle F.

If you are looking for gifts for the cook in your life, look no further than Kuhn Rikon. All of their products are fun and colorful, made out of the highest quality materials, and make any cook’s life easier in the kitchen. Their new Swiss Easy Clean Peeler is no exception.

This Swiss-made peeler has a featherweight design but is made for heavyweight performance. The razor-sharp carbon steel blade tackles fruits or vegetables with minimum effort. It has an elongated handle for a comfortable grip that is ergonomically designed for left or right-handed use. A detachable brush safely cleans the sharp blade and then clicks into place in the handle for convenient storage. Plus, the Swiss Easy Clean Peeler comes in six fun colors to match every kitchen.

Swiss Easy Clean Peeler
Kuhn Rikon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

With the holidays quickly approaching, you want the food to be fantastic whether you are getting together with friends or having a nice quiet family holiday at home. These fantastic products make great gifts for the cook in your family or social circle and will be cherished each time anyone uses them. So let’s make cooking for the holidays even more enjoyable by wrapping up these unique gifts for the cook in your life and enjoy every savory bite of their best dishes!

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The Best Holiday Gifts For The Cook In Your Home

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