With all the chaos of school mornings pulling together a healthy breakfast is is difficult. We all know that a healthy breakfast is the key to a good start to the day but 5 days a week with minutes from wake up to the first bell makes it hard. When you are tired of breakfast cereal and instant oatmeal, these quick breakfast recipes will help make your mornings that much easier.

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These easy quesadillas will please even the pickiest eaters. We love how quickly this meal comes together.

Chilly mornings call for a warm wake me up. This hearty dish made with einkorn porridge will keep the whole family feeling toasty all fall long.

These scones are not just a treat for the kids, mom and dad will love them too. Make this quick breakfast the day before with frozen blueberries to have a tasty pastry first thing in the morning.

Even the pickiest eaters will love these quick breakfast apple pizzas! This is a fun build your own breakfast game that will keep kids engaged and eating healthy.

If you are looking for extra antioxidants chai pudding is the way to go. This overnight dish will set in the fridge and be ready to eat in the morning.

Take your scrambled eggs up a notch by adding in some savory mix-ins. We love the combination of bacon and blue cheese in this quick breakfast recipe.

Remember grabbing fast food mc-sandwiches on the way to school? It’s time to make those a thing of the past when you save money and eat healthier by making them at home and freezing them for quick breakfast in the morning.

Loaded with protein, fiber and superfoods this is a quick breakfast that’s healthy to boot. Plus you can’t beat how pretty it looks!

It looks like a treat but it’s backed with protein to keep hunger away all day long. This easy breakfast will be your kiddo’s new favorite.

Frittata’s are the perfect way to ‘sneak extra’ veggies into your diet. The savory chorizo pairs perfectly with the sweet squash making this quick breakfast a special treat.

With only three ingredients this quick breakfast looks like a gourmet meal! Zucchini nests create the perfect kid friendly way to encourage healthy eating.

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Whip up a batch of these muffins on the weekend for a quick breakfast that you can snag on your way out the door each morning.

Packed with heathy omega-3’s there is no better way to start the day. We love this high protein easy breakfast dish.

No need to heat up the oven, this easy breakfast dish calls for cinnamon rolls in your waffle iron!

These granola bars are full of both nutrients AND flavor. Ideal for a quick breakfast you can also pack along a bar or two for a mid-day snack.

Have you ever thought about using your airfryer for breakfast? Now you can! This quick breakfast recipe is perfect for anyone on a Whole 30 diet.

Toss this quick breakfast together the night before and you will have a fresh and hot meal in minutes the next morning.

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This hearty and savory breakfast dish is perfect for anyone on a gluten free diet. Mix these up as you meal plan for the week ahead and breakfast will be ready before you can say ‘the bus is here’.

Getting everyone out the door for school in the morning doesn’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to rely on Starbucks for your morning meal! Planning ahead with a quick breakfast recipe help ensure that you and the entire crew are well fed and ready to take the day by storm.

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20 Quick Breakfast Recipes For Busy School Mornings

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