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21 Practical Back to School Gifts for Teachers That Will Show Them You Care


Our teachers have a BIG job ahead of them this fall–continue to shape young minds as usual, but amidst a global pandemic with many unknowns. There aren’t back to school gifts for teachers big enough to demonstrate the awe and appreciation we’re feeling for them right now. However, even a small gift at the start of the school year will show them how much you care. Here are some practical ideas for gifts that they’ll remember and treasure.

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When it comes to making sure our kids, our schools and our families are completely ready for a post-Covid-19 world, you have a few options. You can either wake up every morning at the crack of dawn and drive from store to store in search of hard-to-find disinfectant wipes and cleaners OR you can invest in a HygenX Vray Portable, High-Intensity UV-C Sanitizer.


The HygenX Vray Sanitizer can easily, quickly, and safely clean and sanitize all objects and surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria on everyday items, used and shared, in today’s classrooms, offices and homes. Featuring a rechargeable battery, this sanitizer is perfect for any home or school, as it is lightweight and cordless, and designed for easy portability.

Capable of hands-free and portable operation, Vray can be used to clean anywhere and anything in a classroom, home or office, regardless of size, including large toys, keyboards, instrument panels, touchscreens, and more. When wipes, paper towels and disinfecting sprays are hard to find, this tool makes it easy to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses such as:

• Coronavirus
• Bacillus
• Vibrio
• Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
• E. Coli
• Klebiella Pneumoniae
• Salmonella
• Staphylococcus Aureus


To start sanitizing, place items under the unit and turn the unit on. For larger items, hold the Vray over large items with the power on to sanitize. A patented safety sensor is activated as the unit is turned on, and will turn off automatically when the unit is tilted 30° in either direction, to prevent exposure to skin and eyes, and ensure exposure only to the intended sanitation target. You can also turn off the safe mode to allow the sanitization of odd-shaped and larger objects.


The HygenX Vray is sure to give you the ease-of-use, safety, and peace of mind you’ve been seeking to ensure every shared item, every object, and every spot in any room is clean, and that your kids are safe going back to the classroom! HygenX products make practical back to school gifts for teachers, too.

HygenX Vray Portable, High-Intensity UV-C Sanitizer

Bts Guides

When virtual learning happened suddenly this spring, many of us were caught unprepared. Amidst everything going on, our homes became schools and workplaces, too. Since it’s tough to predict how back-to-school will look this fall, it may make sense to get your tech gear in check early. Fortunately, JLab Audio has personal audio solutions for every family, and school supply list. Plus, Bluetooth headphones would make great back to school gifts for teachers!

Take the Epic Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds, for instance. With more than 70 hours of playtime available, these are the ultimate all-day accessory. Connect to a laptop by day and block out distractions while participating in video calls. After the school day is done, crank the tunes for an evening run. Earbuds stay comfortably in place, thanks to the custom earhook design and tips in seven different sizes. The integrated charging cable on the case (with the ability to charge a cell phone) was a nice surprise. And good news, they’re sweatproof too.

What if you need new earbuds, but don’t require sports performance? Check out the JBuds Air Icon True Wireless Earbuds. At a budget-friendly price point, these buds offer up to a 24-hour battery life and include multiple tips. Tune in to webcasts, listen to music or talk on the phone with ease.

Whether your learning is happening within school walls or virtually this fall, earbuds make great back to school gifts for teachers. With these and other options from JLab Audio, they’ll be set with the perfect personal audio solutions for back to school and beyond.

Epic Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds | JBuds Air Icon True Wireless Earbuds
JLab Audio | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Back To School

Stylish and versatile laptop bags are perfect back to school gifts for teachers. The Dagne Dover’s neoprene Ryan Laptop Bag will be such a welcomed surprise to kick the year off by showing your teacher how much he/she is appreciated. The neoprene material will help protect their laptop, tablet, or any other electronic devices from those accidental spills. With water and every other liquid on the planet being technologies worst enemy, this laptop bag will save their technology and look good doing so.

Some fabulous features of the Ryan Laptop bag include a designated interior laptop sleeve, additional interior, and exterior zipper pockets plus a specific smartphone slot for smaller smartphone size items. There is also a key string, slots for their favorite pens, a money holder, and plenty of space for a charger, water bottle, etc. This laptop bag comes in six different colors, two size options (medium or large), and a crossbody strap for hand’s free capabilities. Start their year off right and in style with Dagne Dover Ryan Laptop Bag.

Ryan Laptop Bag
Dagne Dover | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Unique Vintage 11 Dm Export 215

Teachers have a challenge to face this coming school year and if you are looking for some thoughtful back to school gifts for teachers, complete with a silver lining of protection, then Tru47 is the place to shop. Literally, they have the silver-lining of protection woven into their face masks. Teachers have lots of students and parents to meet and their children will probably be in and out of daycare. So with the highest quality 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver, plated on to a superior rip stock nylon, they’ll have the protection they require whether inside or outdoors while social distancing.

This year, protection for back to school gifts for teachers should be comfortable and extremely breathable so that they are usable for longer. Since every style like the Kids Silver Mesh Mask, the Copper and Silver Face Mask, or the Silver Mesh Mask Cup are all re-usable without continuous washing, they are incredibly cost-effective and environmentally friendly. What we love most is:

  • Silver is a scientifically proven antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent
  • Copper is known to be effective as a disinfectant, reducing the life and spread of germs, bacteria and viruses; an effective antiviral layer
  • They are highly breathable and excellent for indoor and outdoor activities
  • It’s extremely comfortable and adjustable with a moldable nose-bridge for securing fit

For the teachers in your life with kids who need to go to day care as well, true silver is the new-wave of face protection masks for those who are continually in contact with others this back to school season.

Kids Silver Mesh Mask | Copper and Silver Face Mask | Silver Mesh Mask Cup
Tru47 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Bts Guides

Most of us have had at least one extra-special teacher in our life. You know the one. He or she spends extra time on their planning, makes learning math fun, and has the best, most memorable science experiments. They truly teach from the heart and it shows in every little thing they do. Spoil these special educators in your children’s lives this fall with a thoughtful gift from Plum Paper.

The Elementary School Teacher Planner (Large – 8.5” X 11”) will help teachers stay organized and the oh-so-pretty cover designs are sure to spark a smile! Many types of notebooks, stationery and planners are available, but Teacher Planners are specifically crafted to include tools geared to the type of teacher they are—Preschool + Kinder, Elementary, Middle + High School or Homeschool. In addition to annual, monthly and weekly calendars, they include features such as the My Class section, parent communication logs, seating charts, behavior logs, checklists and professional development trackers. All of their important info, organized in one simple place? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Bts Guides

Now for the best part… Planners from Plum Paper are entirely customizable. That’s right, you select a cover from a variety of fantastic designs, add your name, monogram or a quote, and choose your favorite page layout (again, customized down to page headers and subject areas, if desired). Finally, add extra features such as stickers, extra lined pages, reflection pages and more. The result is a full-featured planner that will perfectly fit any daily routine, workplace and lifestyle.

Bts Guides

For added fun, snag some adorable Seasonal Stickers for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Easily (and colorfully!) mark holidays, birthdays, snow days, vacation days and much more. Stickers can be repositioned and also written on. So take a look, begin customizing a planner online and prepare to make your favorite teacher’s day, with gifts from Plum Paper.

Elementary School Teacher Planner (Large – 8.5” X 11”) | Seasonal Stickers: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer
Plum Paper | Facebook | Instagram

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Organization is key when it comes to starting school and that goes for parents, teachers, and students. There are always small, various items that seem to clutter a desk or workspace and with a catch-all valet from Clayton & Crume, these items can be neatly gathered together. Made from premium, full-grain leather, this Large Valet is a great home or office accessory.

Items like keys, pens, remotes, wallets, and glasses can be kept together in an organized fashion as well as protected from hard surfaces. The Leather Valet is simple yet classic, adding a mature look to any existing decor. This tray can also be unbuttoned to lay flat as well as customized with up to 3 monogrammed letters. This valet comes in two sizes in either a natural color or dark brown color. Turn to Clayton & Crume for fantastic back to school gifts for teachers during this fall shopping season.

Leather Valet
Clayton & Crume | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Write Ups – Back To School

We’re not going to sugar-coat it. This school year will probably be one of the most extraordinary, and possibly difficult for teachers and parents alike. So when it’s time to start cooking dinner, break open a bottle of Ripe Life Wine. The Clambake Rosé is a delicate and refreshingly crisp rosé. If you like light and smooth, dry wines this is the perfect way to finish the day.

Sure, it was made and goes perfectly with a seafood feast (umm… it’s called Clambake afterall), but also is really great on it’s own as well. So sit back and relax with these indulgent back to school gifts for teachers, and just take this school year one step at a time.

Clambake Rosé
Ripe Life Wines | Facebook | Instagram

Back To School- Next

Masks are the new black right? Schools all over the country are implementing masks requirements for teachers and students alike. Rover, your go-to store for all things pet related, is now offering adorable animal-themed masks. These adorable Cloth Face Masks are the perfect back to school gifts for teachers. Rover offers a variety of fun products for the animal-loving teacher in your life like their Kong Box. Pups, kiddos, and teachers will be impressed with these adorable gifts.

Back To School- Next

Cloth Face Masks | Kong Box
Rover | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Write Ups – Back To School

Back to school means learning and friends, but it also means playing and sharing germs. Help keep your child’s health, as well as the rest of the family’s health, as pristine as possible with Everyone. They create fun and effective natural products, blended with pure essential oils that work for, well… everyone in the household. Get stocked up with plenty of amazingly smelling hand soaps, 3-in-1 washes, and hand sanitizers before the first bell rings. Treat your favorite educators with back to school gifts for teachers that will keep them healthy and germ-free all semester long.

Kids 3-in-1 Soap | 3-in-1 Lotion | Hand Soap | Hand Sanitizer Spray 6-Pack
Everyone | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Back To School

Teachers this coming school year will be doing more work than ever to keep our kids safe and educated. So when you’re thinking of back to school gifts for teachers, skip the apples on the desk and instead give her a gift that she will cherish forever. AJ’s Collection has a huge line of customized jewelry, from bracelets and necklaces to even gifts for men!

The My Little Heart will keep your kid’s teachers constantly smiling as they wear it to school each day. The My Little Heart is made of sterling silver with a small heart pendant right in the center. You can add any custom stamping to the necklace, so you can have it include your child’s name, the initials to her school, or even a simple “love you”! Whatever sweet message you choose to customize this necklace, the My Little Heart necklace is a teacher’s gift that will remind them of how loved they are each school day.

My Little Heart
AJ’s Collection | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Back To School 2020 – Michelle F

Teachers work so hard. Not only do they teach our kids all day, but they take work home every night to grade papers and plan lessons so that our kids reach their utmost potential. This year, give stylish and useful back to school gifts for teachers with Desenio’s limited edition tote bags. Their Abstract Face Tote Bag makes the perfect tote for all their papers and school supplies.

The Abstract Face Tote Bag is made of 100% recycled cotton with long handles for easy carrying. With eight stylish designs, you will find the perfect tote so all of your little one’s teachers can take art wherever they go!

Abstract Face Tote Bag
Desenio | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

daily-mom-parent-portal-Back To School

When you’re looking for gifts for teachers, keep in mind the amount of stress that they have on a daily basis. Not only are providing an education for your child, but they are also teaching them how to become a functioning adult. They spend the entirety of their day caring for your little ones, that they oftentimes forget to take care of themselves. My TheraBox has one of the best gifts for teachers – the Self Care Subscription Box! These subscription boxes can be a one time gift, or you can give it to your teachers for the full year!

The Self Care Subscription Box is full of 6-8 wellness goodies, from face masks to aromatherapy, each gift is meant to focus on relaxation and wellbeing. It also includes a happiness activity to boost the happiness your teacher deserves. What better gifts for teachers than a subscription box that reminds them to “treat yo self”!

Self Care Subscription Box
My TheraBox | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Bts Guides

A squeaky clean classroom is going to be a must-have this school year. Why not include a Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System from Turbo Mops in with your antibacterial wipe and hand sanitizer back to school gifts for teachers?

Having a professional, commercial-grade floor mop in the classroom is helpful for addressing minor messes in between scheduled cleanings. Use as a dust mop for cleaning up dirt or as a wet mop for a deeper clean on vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile or wood surfaces. The environmentally friendly mop comes with two microfiber mop pads and two scouring mop pads–all washable and reusable.

The Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning Systemis so versatile–it works on floors, walls, ceilings, tables, benches, and more. Create a welcomingly clean environment for everyone heading back to the classroom this fall with Turbo Mops.

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System
Turbo Mops | Facebook

Bts 20 – Ss

Back to school means back to early mornings and like most parents, we can’t get our day going without a cup of coffee first. Grounds & Hounds is an amazing company that is not only responsible for creating delicious coffee but also dedicated to giving back to animals in need by donating 20% of all their profits to rescue organizations and shelter.

For a chance to sample different flavors of their coffee, the Three Blend Starter Kit is the way to go. This variety pack includes three packages of either whole beans, grounds, or single-serve pods to provide your preferred brew style. Coffee samplers as back to school gifts for teachers? Yes, please!

Three Blend Starter Kit
Grounds & Hounds | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Rp Bts 2020

Teachers have been given an extraordinary task in 2020, from converting their in-classroom curriculum to virtual learning to hanging on by a thread as legislators demand more effort outside of the classroom to provide options to students of all economic backgrounds and cognitive abilities. Teachers are our heroes, and communities need to step up and provide whatever they need to teach our future generation. This year, give back to school gifts for teachers that tell them that their safety and health is top of mind with ViruShield.

This shield is reusable, strapless, and clear. Protection will be present at all times with maximum comfort while children can still experience full range of emotion and connection with their teacher. This vital protection provides much-needed connection for relationships with students and will help your child’s teacher start this year off on the right foot.

ViruShield | Facebook

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With schools slowly opening up and parents’ concerns about their child’s health while at school, we can understand that your stress and anxiety levels may be slightly more elevated than years before. Your child’s health also includes their mental state and how well they can handle such dramatic changes to their little worlds. That’s why we love having All The Calm Strips. They help calm your child (and it works for you too, Mom and Dad) as a sensory stimulus.

Imagine using a simple strip of durable vinyl to assist with soothing anxiety and nervous fidgeting! This year, use Calm Strips to easily ground and promote a calming scene on your child’s phone, computer, desk, iPad, dinner table, or where ever you need it most to help them cope with the ever-changing world around them. Calm Strips are helpful to have on hand and make thoughtful back to school gifts for teachers, too.

All The Calm Strips
Calm Strips | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Back To School 2020

From laptops to cell phones, tablets to gaming devices, keep cords organized this fall with the Tech Pouch from Peak Design. A perfect teacher gift for all of their essentials, this tech pouch is ideal for organizing everyday essentials, keeping them all in one place, and simply preventing all the cords and cables we now use every day from getting lost. Interior origami-style pockets allow you to store more than ever, while still keeping your items accessible and easy to find. Elastic loops offer additional storage for SD cards, pens, extra batteries, and more. Further, with an external pass-through for easy charging, this tech pouch is easy to use even on the go. Weatherproof and durable, the Peak Design Tech Pouch is an easy solution to the constant cord problem we all seem to have these days.

Tech Pouch
Peak Design | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

We are so grateful to our teachers, administrators and staff members for everything they’re doing to get the new school year up and running smoothly. Show your appreciation with thoughtful and practical back to school gifts for teachers. They’ll have even more reasons to smile as they welcome their students back to class this fall.

Still looking for ideas? Here are even more back to school gifts for teachers that they’ll love.

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