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24 Gourmet Food Gifts for the Foodies You Love


We all eat, but there are just some people who just love their food. We’re talking a huge appreciation for all things edible. So what do they expect more than beautifully wrapped food gifts sitting under the tree that are delectable, desirable, and delicious? From meats and seafood to cheeses, desserts, and accouterments to please, plus everything tasty in between, we’ve put together an amazing list of gourmet food gifts for the foodies you love.

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Gourmet Food Gifts for the Foodies You Love

24 Gourmet Food Gifts For The Foodies You Love

If there was ever the perfect food gift for a foodie-friend of yours, it’d be the Focus Starter Bundle. It’s a matcha-loving morning blend to elevate your senses while energizing your mind and creativity for the upcoming day. Simply scoop and blend this green elixir to have the most perfect and productive day.

We cannot refuse the opportunity to Slip Your Chocolate on a daily basis, so neither should you. So if you…err we mean a loved one craves chocolate, then put this on your food gifts chocolate list. Literally, sip away the stress with each swallow and indulge in chocolatey bliss as a brew or blend. We even suggest taking nibbles of the Dark Coconut Milk Chocolate for a creamy, velvety-smooth perfect blend of “milk” chocolate to round out your senses and satisfy a guilt-free chocolate indulgence. Drop these 100% organic gems into a stocking and thoroughly enjoy shopping for food gifts that will delight all the senses!

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Sea To Table is a seafood lovers paradise. With the pandemic limiting restaurant dining, this is the solution to experiencing a premium seafood dinner without ever leaving your house. Delivered right to your door, Sea To Table is a subscription service that provides fresh, frozen, and perfectly portioned seafood choices at a shipping schedule that fits the needs of you and your family. Sea To Table also offers delicious recipes and cooking tips to enhance your seafood at-home dining.

For the fish fanatic, the Fish Lovers Box gives you a wide array of high-quality fish choices including Alaska Coho Salmon, Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Gulf of Main Redfish, Northwest Pacific Cod, Atlantic Winter Skate, and West Coast Dover Sole. The Sweet & Succulent Seafood Set combines the sweetest and richest flavors the sea has to offer. This box includes four 5 oz. lobster tails, three 12 oz. packs of Atlantic Winter Skate, and three 10 oz. packs of the Atlantic Sea Scallops. If these choices aren’t your preference, there are tons of other curated boxes to choose from that make perfect food gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

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Skip the sweaters and socks this holiday and give the gift of steak! The Holy Grail Steak Co. connects farms and ranches with consumers that care about the quality of the meat they consume.

The Steakhouse Direct Favorites Flight is a collection of four of the best-selling steaks shipped directly to your door. Each piece is hand-selected, aged five or six times, and precision cut. The four steaks chosen for this sampler include Upper Prime Blank Angus Flat Iron, Upper Prime Black Angus Filet Mignon, Tajima Prestige American Wagyu New York Strip, and Tajima Prestige American Wagyu Hibachi Steak. Holy Grail Steak Co. delivers food gifts of the premium, much-appreciated-by-a-real-foodie type.

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Carne Collective

Calling all steak lovers! You need to try yourself or give food gifts from Carne Collective this holiday season. Carne Collective offers only the highest quality, pasture-raised, and certified Angus steaks. Design your own subscription box by choosing the cuts of steak you know you’ll love and throw something new into your cart to broaden your steak palette. The filet cuts are large, juicy, and practically melt in your mouth, or try the New York strips for ultimate mouth-watering flavor. Make memories this holiday season with Carne Collective.

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Add a huge pop of festive fun to your holiday baking with Sprinkle Pop sprinkle mixes. As you can see, these are no ordinary sprinkles. Sprinkle Pop creates colorful pieces of confectionery that will wow your family, friends, and followers. The bright, vibrant colors combined with thoughtful and unique candies in varying shapes and sizes will transform your sweets from baked goods into mini-works of art! And the best part is these mesmerizing sprinkle mixes taste just as good as they look.

You can switch out your sprinkles for each season too. Spice up that pumpkin pie with rich reds, browns and oranges. Enhance your PSL with marshmallow-flavored sprinkles, or dreamy fall colors accented by maple leaves and shimmery burgundy sugar pearls. Top cookies for Santa with icy blues, white snowflakes, bright Christmas red, shiny metallics and adorable snowmen. Ring in the New Year bright silver, glamourous gold, sparkling black, translucent confetti and glitter stars.

Delight and dazzle gift recipients this winter and all year long with Sprinkle Pop!

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When looking for the most purposeful food gifts for that special someone, Addictive Wellness is your stop for those foodie chocolate lovers on your list. Even more so, it’s the perfect place to shop for the (health-conscious) foodie who appreciates pure, unadulterated, and potent adaptogens conveniently stored in delicious indulgences. The Heart & Love Connection is the “happifying” collection for those who love food and self-care. Love is the premise of this collection that continues to give and give long after the holidays are over. Your thoughtful food gift includes:

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