Fathers have a different, yet special bond with their daughters. A father’s role is of utmost importance when it comes to raising their daughters to be smart and confident, as well as powerful women. There are many different dad and daughter activities that both can do together every so often. This helps keep the bond between both father and daughter alive. It is very important that daughters have a strong lifelong connection with their father and regular activities or bonding time will help perpetuate and solidify this relationship.

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Here are 25 Dad and Daughter Activities to try:

1Bike Riding/Rollerblading

27 Dad And Daughter Activities

Bike riding or rollerblading, whichever both enjoy most! These are both great ways for a dad and daughter to get out and explore the outdoors together. And if she doesn’t know how to do either, even better as dads can be great teachers and forge a bond with their young daughters through lessons and experiences.

2Work Day with Dad

Girls love going to work with their parents, so a dad taking his daughter to work with him will be fun! Even if she misses a day of school he can show her what he does at work as well as teach her how to do those things herself. Girls will love getting to dress up and head to the office for the day, or even throw on some jeans and head to the mechanic shop, either way there is plenty a daughter can learn from a day at work with dad.

3Prepare a Family Meal Together

Instead of mom making lunch or dinner one day, both dad and daughter should make the meal together! Create something interesting, find something on Pinterest or Google and practice cooking together. A dad who may not cook often, but loves to grill could even teach his daughter the lessons of a ‘grill master’ and whip up a mean steak or burger. Cooking together is a great way to bond.

4Tell Each Other Secrets

27 Dad And Daughter Activities

Dad and daughter activities can be as simple as telling each other their secrets. This also helps build their bond and communication as well as trust. It is best to start when she is young so that she will always know there is a trusting relationship between the two. Remember, what may seem like silly secrets now lays the foundation for the big or important secrets, concerns, and more later.

5Build Something Together

Get building! Work on a project together. This is a great way to instill a love for science and engineering in young daughters. Take a trip to Home Depot and buy any materials needed. Some fun ideas include a robot, bird house, outdoor planter, or even a coffee table. And it doesn’t need to be done all in one day. Make a schedule to work on it slowly and perfect it.

6Water Park or Pool

Splash time is always fun! Make a day where both can visit a public pool or go down slides at a water park! If you have a pool at home, even better. Create some fun water games both can play and enjoy.

7Sing Together

Sometimes just taking a ride in the car together and putting on music and singing at the top of ones lungs can be so fun! Girls love to see their father chime in and sing to the songs they love. If both dad and daughter are musically inclined, practice playing or singing together for a true bonding experience.

8Build a Fort

Gather some sheets, pillows and whatever else that can be found around the house and build a fort together. Moms may not like it, but that is what makes it more exciting for daughters when enjoying this activity with their dad.

9Kid Friendly Concert or Show

27 Dad And Daughter Activities

Find a kid friendly concert or show! Maybe one that she would love, like Sesame Street or JoJo Siwa! Singing and dancing together or watching a show together is always fun. And then don’t forget to hit up the gift shop for a souvenir!

10Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a fun dance off? It is even more fun when dad is dancing too. There will be lots of giggles as she will find it funny when dad busts out his old school moves. This is a great way to bond!

11Create a Work Out Routine

Put on some work out clothes and create a work out routine together. Whether it be jumping jacks or sit ups, create a routine both dad and daughter will enjoy.

12Tea Party

Girls love tea parties. So why not have dad sit and play tea party with his daughter beside all of her stuffed animals. Use real tea, make cucumber finger sandwiches, and delicious tea cookies. Even dress up for the part!

13Go Mini Golfing

Who doesn’t love mini golfing? Teach her how to hit the ball into the hole. Get a little competitive, but not too much. Make it fun and enjoyable for both! Want to take it up a notch? Head to a Top Golf or even a driving range in your area and let dad teach his daughter the game; golf is a fabulous women’s sport as a girl grows up and can be a significant bonding experience with dad as well.

14Attend a Sports Game

Daughters always want to do what their fathers are, and that goes for sports as well! Take her with you to a favorite sports game. Buy her a sports shirt or one of those big hands. This is a great dad and daughter activity that may just begin her lifelong love of the game!

15Explore a New Place

27 Dad And Daughter Activities

Go out together and explore a new place both have never been to before. Exploring new places is not only fun, but perfect for bonding as it’s a place both dad and daughter have never been to. Hit up museums, nature trails, or even a new city or town. Walk around, take in the scenery and grab a bite to eat, all while simply enjoying each others company.

16Manicure and Pedicure

Yes! Why not go get a manicure and pedicure? Girls love getting their nails done and dads can just have their nails cleaned and trimmed. Daughters love seeing their dads doing more feminine things!

17Attend a Convention

Attend any convention! It all depends on what both dad and daughter love and enjoy. A fun one is the Minecraft Convention and so many girls love that game. Check out your local area for other ideas as well – comic book conventions, Star Wars conventions, Marvel conventions, and more.

18Play Dress Up

Yes dads, get out there and dress up. Dad and daughter activities that include something the daughter enjoys is great. Not only that, but she may get a kick out of seeing her dad dressed as a princess!

19Plan a Sports Day

A great dad and daughter activity is for dad to teach her a sport he likes to play. Whether it be basketball, soccer, baseball or football, she will love learning a sport her dad enjoys and may just lead to a future extracurricular activity she enjoys.


26 Dad And Daughter Activities

Go on a date to the fair or carnival if there is one in the area. Ride the rides together. Get some delicious carnival food. Have fun!

21Learn Something New Together

Find something both do not know how to do and learn how to do it together. This can be a sport, art project or recipe. Learning something new together is a perfect way to connect.

22Have Breakfast Together

Breakfast is not always a family routine at home during the week as there is frequently a rush to get out the door to school and work. Choose a day for dad and daughter to make a healthy breakfast and enjoy this meal together.

23Go to a Museum

Depending on the age of your daughter find a fun children’s museum or even an art museum to visit. Grab a Starbucks and make a day of heading to the museum together either experiencing something new, or enjoying something one or both of your is already familiar with. Similarly, look for festivals in your area such as street fairs, art festivals, Celtic festivals, seafood festivals and the like for experiencing new and interesting things.

24Go Fishing!

26 Dad And Daughter Activities

If dad loves to fish, go together. Teach her how to tie the line, how to throw it in the water and what to do if she catches a fish!

25Take Photos Together

Take the camera and get outdoors! Snap pictures of things you see and love. Even of each other. Taking pictures is always fun!

There are so many fun and simple dad and daughter activities out there you just need to make the time necessary to do this. The special thing about dads is that they can teach their daughters real life lessons such as fishing, changing a flat tire, and how to drive, and still make it fun! Fathers keep their daughters grounded; they are in integral part of teaching confidence, self-respect, and self-worth to young ladies and need to be a strong presence in their daughters lives. Dads who simply make the time to really bond and get to know their daughters can make a world of difference in the lives of their little girls.

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