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29 Awesome Men’s Stocking Stuffers He’ll Love This Christmas


Unique mens stocking stuffers make the holidays bright! Santa can be creative when it comes to filling up the stocking for the man in your life. Mens stocking stuffers do not have to be boring. Think big. Think creatively. Here are some ideas for awesome mens stocking stuffers he’s sure to love no matter his age.

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Does he want to watch his favorite local and cable tv shows without the huge cable costs that are always on the rise? Cut the cord and get the perfect mens stocking stuffers this season – SLING TV!

SLING TV allows you to watch what you want, where you want when you want. No need to pay extra for a special cable box if you want to watch on multiple TVs in your home. It’s available on almost any platform you’re probably using, like iOS, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and Android TV, and many more. On most plans, you can stream different shows on three devices at once.


SLING TV is flexible; there are no contracts. You can add or delete channels and change your plan whenever you want. You can cancel anytime, too (but let’s be honest – once you’ve tried SLING TV you won’t want to).

SLING TV also gives you 50 hours of live recording time that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection. You can upgrade that to 200 hours of recording time if you like. SLING TV also allows you to pause a show on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

If you’re looking for more family-friendly programming and college football, Orange is for you. More of a pro football and news kind of watcher? Blue might be more up your alley. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, go with the Orange & Blue package and get over 50 of the channels you’ll actually watch. International programming in 23 different languages is available as well.


Afraid the mens stocking stuffers will miss out on the premium channels? Don’t be. SLING TV lets you add almost anything you would want or could get from your regular cable provider from sports, premium movie channels, and so much more. Don’t forget to check out SlingTV’s selection of lifestyle programming like Stingray Karaoke, Quello concerts, on-demand fitness, and so much more.

Want to watch your favorite or new favorite shows with someone who can’t be with you? SLING TV watch party lets you watch live or on-demand tv while video chatting with friends and family.


Lastly, if you’re worried about not getting your local channels, worry no more! With AirTv, a separate available device, you can take your over-the-air channels wherever you take SLING TV.

With everything we’ve talked about and more, for hundreds of dollars less per year than your current cable provider, don’t you think SLING TV would be a perfect fit in his stocking this year? (We do, and we bet he does, too!)

Orange | Blue | Orange & Blue
SLING TV | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube



With the kids home for an extended period of time over winter break, your Internet bandwidth may be getting a run for its money! Make sure their free time is a little more balanced this season with Circle.

With the Circle Home Plus, you can view laptops, tablets, phones, gaming systems, and Smart TVs that are connected to your network. See all devices attached to each user, view how much time is spent per app, set reasonable screen time limits and bedtimes, reward kids with bonus time for good behavior and completed chores, and more.

Just connect your Circle Home Plus to your wireless router and then add devices in the easy-to-use app. Choose from a one-year or lifetime subscription and keep kids safe online through the holidays and beyond with Circle!

Circle Home Plus – Lifetime Subscription
Circle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube



This holiday season, give the gift of luxury with the woody aromatic fragrance of Moncler Pour Homme. This luxurious fragrance is available exclusively through Bloomingdale’s and is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face and delight their senses with its unique scent and LED display bottle. The scent combines Alpine Green with clary sage for an invigorating fragrance. With its leafy expanse of mountain pines, the fragrance evokes a sense of freedom. The scent reminds one of the freshness, coolness, and warmth of the great outdoors.


Its 150ml Eau de Parfum bottle features a LED screen adorned with a customizable illuminated message panel accessible through a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app. Moncler’s take on the global fragrance market is unprecedented. It’s an international brand synonymous with mountain heritage. He will be delighted to receive this fragrance as a luxury holiday gift as one of his mens stocking stuffers.


Moncler Pour Homme
Bloomingdale’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| Pinterest


Curated Eyewear 1

When it comes to eyewear, it should serve its main purpose of providing premium vision but adding the style factor is a major plus. Eyeleos is curated eyewear sourced with the highest-grade materials and acetates combined with the finest lenses to create a visual experience unlike any other.

The collection of men’s glasses showcase trendy, unique, and fashionable frames that bring out each wearer’s personality. The Claudette are oversized, round, two-tones glasses with a modern twist to a classic frame. Available in rose, midnight crystal, or green, these glasses are enhanced by a signature e-pattern metal detailing that makes them stand out among traditional spectacles. Each pair of Eyeleos glasses comes with a sturdy case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Eyeleos | Instagram

Bushnell Golf


If you have a golf enthusiast on your Christmas list, think about what gear can be a mens stocking stuffer that can also help improve his game. Bushnell Golf, an industry leader in high-performance golf tools and accessories has everything both beginner and experienced golfers need for a day on the links.

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The Phantom 2 is a handheld GPS that provides distances around the golf course to make those important golf shots are more accurate. No more squinting at the hole and guessing the yardage to determine which club you should use. This tool will literally change the way you play golf. The Phantom lets you focus on other areas of technique while the GPS does the work of strategy for you. The large, easy-to-read displays on the distance of each hole while also accounting for movable pin placement.

The Bite magnetic mount lets the Phantom 2 be easily available by mounting directly to your golf cart or if you prefer the walk, the included clip and carabiner allow you to hang it from your golf bag or belt. Additional features include auto course recognition, auto hole advance, a shot distance calculator, and the ability to track up to six hazards per hole.

Phantom 2 GPS
Bushnell Golf | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube


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The excitement of old Western movies is unforgettable, even to this day. The desire to capture the essence of the Old West lives in Outlaw, for the smooth criminal in your life that has stolen your heart this holiday. These handmade soaps perfectly capture the feel and smell of the Old West in a variety of soap scents ranging from campfire and gunpowder to whiskey and tobacco. Each Outlaw Soap is handmade, made in the USA with natural ingredients, and will wash away all the dirt and grime from the hardworking day. Bask and bathe in the scents of the Old West without the actual dirt and grime of the Old West. 

The pain of choosing only one soap out of so many amazing scents is difficult, thankfully Outlaw has a Sample Set so you can avoid the pain of choosing just one. In this amazing set are 7 different scents of Outlaw soap’s most popular scents. Each soap is handmade in the USA, vegan-friendly, kind on animals, and wonderfully scented to bring you back to a time of wildness. 

No one likes being stinky or smelly in any way, especially when winter begs you to snuggle up close. Outlaw has made Natural Deodorant in a variety of fun, illegal, and pleasing scents. These deodorants are aluminum-free, made in the USA, and with natural ingredients so it is hard on your stink and soft on your skin. Now the mens stocking stuffers deodorant can be smoky and clean at the same time. Then for date nights (or just because) or for anyone who reeks of badass, the Outlaw Cologne is the celebration of awesome, cowboy or cowgirl – being awesome, has no gender requirement.

Milled-Soap Sampler Set: 7-Pack | Handmade Soap | Natural Deodorant | Outlaw Cologne
Outlaw | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Men can always use a new wallet for the holidays…As we all know they will frequently carry their old wallet until it is falling apart at the seams. With Grip6 you can give your man a modern, sleek, stylish new wallet this year. Making a great stocking stuffer, the innovative wallet from Grip6 makes a perfect gift. Designed to last a lifetime, the wallets from Grip6 feature simple and easy yet totally secure access to your credit cards with a spring-loaded locking mechanism to keep cards in place, a slim profile, RFID blocking, high-grade aluminum construction, and are made in America. With a variety of designs to choose from and an option leather jacket and loop, a wallet from Grip6 will be his favorite holiday gift this year!

Business Pack Narrow Flatlay 7d82b39d 64e2 4f81 Af31 17db78644362 2000x

For your younger gentlemen, check out the Grip6 Kids’ Classic Belt Pack full of interchangeable belts and buckles that will meet all of their needs. From casual wear to uniforms for school, the Grip6 nylon belts are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust, switching up your look as needed. The Kids’ Classic Belt Pack contains 3 buckles and 3 straps giving them 9 versatile belt combinations. With ultra-lightweight belt buckles crafted of aluminum and soft, yet sturdy nylon belts with plenty of extra length, this sleek and stylish belt combination pack will have him covered in every season.

American Flag Wallet | Kids’ Classic Pack
Grip6 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest



This year, make the holidays memorable with cool collectibles for that special someone! Youtooz collectible vinyl figures bring nostalgia and internet culture together into something everyone can enjoy. These collectibles ship in matte, embossed, and protective sleeves and will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

So if you have a family member who is a big fan of a wisecracking sailor with superhuman strength after eating spinach, then grab the Popeye collectible figure before it’s gone! This 5-inch collectible wears light brown sailor’s shoes, blue jeans, and his classic black & red shirt. It also has his signature anchor tattoos printed on each muscular forearm. The collectible box is illustrated with a summer day on deck with Olive, Wimpy, and Bluto. 

Also, don’t forget to add the Stonks figure to the collection of your friend who loves finance! This 5-inch vinyl figure is the perfect Christmas gift for your investment buddy who is on a roller coaster ride with Tesla stock going up and down. Dressed in a black tailored suit and tie, you can be sure that this investor knows what he’s talking about when he tells you to buy low. Behind the figure is a graph pointing up and to the right, which symbolizes the non-stop growth on the S&P 500. The packaging is designed to resemble the corporate boardroom, complete with “accurate” financial forecasts of Mr. Stonks’ investment portfolio. 

So don’t wait too long to buy these collectibles as they will be sold out soon! Youtooz has something for everyone on your holiday list and will bring heartwarming nostalgia to the season.

Popeye| Stonks
Youtooz | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

High Camp Flasks

The Firelight 375 Flask is a sleek, tough flask that keeps your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature all day long. It is designed for adventure and the great outdoors. It easily fits in a purse, backpack, or as one of the mens stocking stuffers this holiday. The Firelight 375 is a vacuum-insulated, leak-proof flask with a brushed stainless-steel construction. The 6-shooter tumbler attaches to the flask with a magnet.


The Firelight 375 Flask holds 375 ml, which is a half bottle of wine or liquor. A drink is always better when shared with a friend or a loved one. It comes in three colors: gunmetal, copper, and stainless steel. The Firelight 375 Flask is elegant and rugged.

Firelight 375 Flask |
High Camp Flasks | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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You know his smart device will always be charged and ready to go with the Zero Home Dock, wherever he goes for Christmas. This innovative and portable dock can charge up to 2 Wireless Zero Qi Pads simultaneously, and the extra USB port can charge a smartphone or tablet. He can charge his phone even if the phone case is 4mm thick using the Home Dock (wireless charging).

This allows him to charge his phone without removing his case, making it more convenient and cable-free! Now he can travel with complete confidence, knowing he has the Zero Home Dock to keep his smart devices fully charged. This Home Dock makes an excellent mens stocking stuffers or a tech-savvy friend for the holidays.

Zero Home Dock
Zero | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Sawyer Products

Sawyer Splint1

Give the gift of preparedness to the avid hiker and adventure lover in your family. The SP930 First Aid Standard and Finger SAM Medical Splints let the adventure lover be ready to perform first aid. The 36-inch orange, SAM splint will immobilize arms or legs with just a bit of tape or a wrap. Sam Splints make great mens stocking stuffers. It’s something a hiker and nature lover would love to have in an emergency, but may not make the investment for something they “might” need one day.

Sawyer Splint2

The bundle includes the waterproof, flexible, re-usable 36-inch SAM splint, as well as two-finger splints, a training DVD, tape strips, and a quick reference card. SAM Splints, which are the perfect addition to any First Aid kit, can even remain taped to the injury during an X-ray.

The Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent provides protection for your nature lover from ticks and insects. Use Permethrin Insect Repellent on shirts, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, boots, sleeping bags, etc… on your outdoor adventures camping hunting, fishing, and hiking. Sawyer’s Permethrin Repellent bonds to fabric fibers up to 6 weeks or through six washes, whichever comes first.

The repellent, which dries odorless, does not damage clothing, fabrics, or outdoor gear. The repellent is effective against 55 kinds of insects including ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, mites, and more. The 24-ounce spray bottle treats five outfits. Use the Sawyer Picaridin Topical Repellent Lotion for the skin to maximize protection from insects. Picaridin lotion is effective for up to 14 hours against mosquitoes and ticks, and up to 8 hours against biting flies, gnats, and chiggers.

Stuff your outdoor lovers stocking with Sawyer Products SPF 30 Stay-Put Sunscreen Lotion. The long-lasting, water-resistant, sweat-resistant, fragrance-free lotion protects you with a breathable, non-greasy Matrix Formula. The lotion absorbs deep into the skin. It is enriched with aloe vera and vitamins. The family size 8-ounce bottle boasts a tottle so it can be attached to a belt or backpack.

SP930 First Aid Standard and Finger SAM Medical Splints | Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Bundle | SPF 30 Stay-Put Sunscreen Lotion |
Sawyer Products | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Third Eye Headlamps

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Looking to light up his holiday with cool mens stocking stuffers? Be sure to add Third Eye Headlamps to your shopping list. The TE14 Headlamp – Peaks will be a treasured gift for your favorite practical friends and family members. With six brightness settings, this handy headlamp is suitable for everything from shedding extra light on his handyman projects to hiking, biking, or running after dark. Make his holiday merry and bright with Third Eye Headlamps!

TE14 Headlamp – Peaks
Third Eye Headlamps | Facebook | Instagram

Nathan Sports


The outdoor lover in your life will love these new Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses from Nathan Sports. They are great for any outdoor activity because they are designed with athletes and adventurers in mind. The polarized lenses reduce glare and are scratch-resistant, improving comfort and visibility, while the lightweight frame is built for strength and flexibility. These sunglasses are made to endure the toughest tasks or trails all while staying on your face thanks to their non-slip design. They are perfect for anyone on your list who enjoys the great outdoors.

Summit Polarized Running Sunglasses
Nathan Sports | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

Lazarus Artisan Goods


The handmade Cord Traveler lets you head to the coffee shop, your in-laws, or the beach with the cords for all your devices organized and tidy. No need for a jumbled mess of cords, pens, and wires at the bottom of your bag, while you try to figure out which one goes to the device you want to use at that moment.

The Cord Traveler, made of 100 percent beautifully stitched leather, lets you store your cell phone charger, tablet charger, headphones, or even a pen in the leather loops. Once everything is in the Cord Traveler, you roll them up and toss the Cord Traveler in your bag with your devices. The Cord Traveler comes in four different leather colors: stone, signature chocolate, persimmon, and mocha.

The Cord Taco lets you keep your headphones or cell phone charger neat and tidy. This handcrafted accessory, (great mens stocking stuffers) is made of 100 percent genuine leather in rural Honduras. It looks like a tiny leather taco with an antique brass snap. The artisans at Lazarus Artisan Goods start as part of a 3-year paid vocational program with Mission Lazarus, where they go to school for free, including their books, lunch, and a daily stipend. At Lazarus Artisan Goods 100 percent of the profits go back into these educational programs.

Cord Traveler | Cord Taco
Lazarus Artisan Goods | Facebook | Instagram

Pair of Thieves


Pair of Thieves has quickly become a one-stop-shop for men in need of high-quality basics. From socks and underwear to tees and loungewear, each item is made with high-performance fabrics to allow for breathability, moisture-wicking, and softness. The 4-way stretch and no-chafe seams allow for all-day wear without any discomfort. The Every Day Kit Boxer Brief 4 Pack includes 4 pairs of their signature boxer briefs in a variety of dark colors. The SuperSoft cotton + viscose blend creates a feeling, unlike anything your skin has ever experienced. If boxer briefs aren’t his thing, trunks, briefs, and boxers are also available, which are perfect for the traditional mens stocking stuffers.

Every Day Kit Boxer Brief 4 Pack
Pair of Thieves | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Stocks always make great stocking stuffers and the fun and colorful socks from Lavley make a great choice this Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for him or her, a gamer, a golfer, or a grill master, Lavley has the socks that will bring a smile to their face and keep their tootsies warm and trimmed this holiday season!

I’d Rather Be Golfing | I’d Rather Be Gaming | Math Nerd Socks
Lavley | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Sound Feelings

daily mom parent portal sound feelings

For the minimalist, straightforward person that appreciates practical items, such as toothbrushes, they’ll love Sound Feelings for the perfect mens stocking stuffers. When all they need is a Plain Toothbrush, the classic, old-fashioned toothbrushes as well as the perfect Sampler Pack of six different brushes will do just nicely for them! This set has simply designed brushes with different bristle textures, extra soft, soft, medium, hard and extra hard.

Toothbrushes can even be used on your face and lips with the Exfoliation Toothbrush. From brushing your teeth to a gentle exfoliation is perfect to add to your (already daily) hygiene routine. It’s as effective as microdermabrasion but in toothbrush form. Then, for the kids, keep it minimal and effective as well. For the kiddos, the small, soft, and the same simple design toothbrush is meant to last brush after cleansing brush. The Kids Old-Fashioned Toothbrushes gently remove food and plaque, no cartoons and fancy packaging are needed!

Sampler Pack | X-Soft Adult 1 | Kids Old-Fashioned Toothbrushes
Sound Feelings | Facebook | Youtube

Well Told


The College Town Map Insulated Tumbler is a unique, eye-catching way to show college pride and is perfect for this year’s mens stocking stuffers. It comes decorated with a map of your favorite college town in school colors, of course. (Just type your college town into the link, you will be surprised how many college town maps are available on the College Town Map Insulated Tumbler.

The outside of the 20-ounce tumbler is powder-coated for durability and grip. The triple-wall vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. The college tumbler has an easy slide-close top to prevent spills. It’s perfect for on-the-go – to work, to class, the gym, or vacation. Well Told makes a variety of products to celebrate college towns both big and small including Clemson, SC; Tallahassee, FL, New York, NY; Boston, MA, Chapel Hill, NC. and many, many more.

College Town Map Insulated Tumbler
Well Told | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Loop Earplugs

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Loop Earplugs are the most stylish way to experience safe and comfortable noise reduction. The Experience Pro Ear Plugs reduce sound by 18 to 20 decibels, allowing noise to filter evenly across low, mid, and high frequencies. The comfort of these earplugs is far superior to traditional era plugs. They are made to wear for a long while. This set includes earplugs, 4 sets of silicone tips in different sizes, 2 sets of loop mute, and a carry case. They make the perfect mens stocking stuffers.

Experience Pro Ear Plugs
Loop Earplugs | Facebook | Instagram


231591008 4598915843460330 5489447045947586769 N

Keep it cold, or keep it hot. Whatever you’re drinking, The Transit is the mug for you. This 16-ounce stainless steel mug is insulated and features modern lines in its sleek design. With unmatched temperature regulation, this cup will be your go-to for coffee, tea, beer, or anything else you prefer at a certain temperature. For up to 48 hours, your coldest drinks will stay cold, and for up to 4 hours, your hottest drinks will be oh-so-warm with this mug from EcoVessel. The multi-position slider lid and silicone base help this mug keep up with your busy life and makes the absolute best gift idea for anyone on your nice list.

The Transit
EcoVessel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest



Looking for the perfect mens stocking stuffers for the runner in your life? Refresh their achy feet with some added arch support from STRUTZ this winter.

The patented STRUTZ PRO cushioned arch support brings extra cushioning and padding to every step. The gel-foam arch will contour to their foot to support and raise the arch. Goodbye pain from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, fallen arches, and more! And good news, keeping feet more comfortable may also reduce leg and low back pain as well. Make your gift recipient – and their feet – happy this holiday season with STRUTZ!

STRUTZ | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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As sure as Santa will come down the chimney, you can bet that at least one toy or gadget is going to wind up broken before New Year’s Eve. Fix it instantly – and make it stronger than before with Bondic! Bondic is not glue but a new tech way of welding with plastic. It’s easy to work with (you won’t get your fingers stuck together!) and works with all materials: plastic, wood, ceramics, glass, and more. They are the perfect mens stocking stuffers for the Mr. Fix It in your life.


Bondic Holiday Gifter Set
Bondic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Geekey Multi-Tool


When Santa is looking for mens stocking stuffers this year, he’s sure to give Geekey Multi-Tool to all the guys out there. The Geekey is a compact durable multi-tool with 16-plus functions. It is solid 420 stainless steel, a bit bigger than a traditional house key, but it can serve as a closed wrench, a multi-fitted screwdriver, a wire stripper, and a file.

The Geekey can also be used as a ruler, an open wrench, a bit driver, even a bottle opener, and much more. When you have a Geekey on your key ring, there is no need to hunt for the lost screwdriver or a certain tool, with 16-plus functions, the Geekey can do just about everything.

Geekey Multi-Tool | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Whiskee Straw

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Do you love smoothies, powdered mixtures, or even an iced coffee but hate when the drink is not fully mixed or gradually begins to separate? The Whiskee Straw is a revolutionary straw and whisk combo that allows the user to not only mix the contents within your cup but keep it mixed while you sip. The Whiskee Straw Set includes a 16 oz. straw, a 24 oz. straw, a cleaning brush, and 2 silicone tips. The Traveler Bag is a heavy-duty silicone bag that lets you take your set with you where you go, keeping it protected and clean. It is washable and reusable and comes in 4 different colors.

Whiskee Straw Set | Traveler Bag
Whiskee Straw | Facebook | Instagram

Southern Scholar


Put your best foot forward this holiday season with high-quality men’s dress socks from Southern Scholar. They’re a luxury brand that designs men’s dress socks that are comfortable and fashionable. Each sock is engineered to form fit to your foot and leg so that it will stay up all day.

The Midnight Blue Ribbed Sock comes in two different sizes mid-calf and over the calf. These exquisite socks are made up of a 200 needle count knitting, making them durable and super soft. The socks are also antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, perfect when you are on your feet all day at office holiday parties.

Each pair is crafted from a one-of-a-kind signature material blend of polyester and viscose and comes with a unique signature style card to help men pair their socks with the right outfit. These high-quality socks will make great mens stocking stuffers for the refined gentleman on your list. The Southern Scholar men’s dress socks will always leave a lasting impression no matter what the occasion.


Midnight Blue Ribbed Sock
Southern Scholar | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Gentlemen’s Hardware

Gentlemen Hardware Actual

The stainless steel 9-in-1 Wilderness Multi-Tool for camping and outdoors makes an excellent addition to the list of mens stocking stuffers for your wilderness man. The 4 by 1-inch multi-tool includes a knife blade, a saw, a flint scraper, a corkscrew, a removable flint rod, a flathead screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, and a tin/bottle opener. You can cut veggies for dinner with the knife, start a fire with the flint or tighten a loose screw on your camp stove, and more. The convenient tool is designed to make life simple for the outdoor adventurer.

9-in-1 Wilderness Multi-Tool
Gentlemen’s Hardware | Facebook | Instagram

Doctor Plotka’s MouthWatchers

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Your teeth are a big part of your image and keeping your teeth healthy and clean is very important – especially after all those holiday treats! Doctor Plotka’s MouthWatchers has made toothbrushes that go above and beyond the basic act of “cleaning” your teeth. The Family Gift Pack contains six different brushes, two adult brushes, two-child brushes, and two travel brushes for the whole family.

These toothbrushes compliment the holidays nicely with the silver-infused brushes that eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi within 6 hours of brushing. The duel-layered bristles allow for a deeper, more complete clean. Not only are these brushes made to last and clean well, but they also have comfortable grips. It really will feel like the best brush ever!

Family Gift Pack
Doctor Plotka’s MouthWatchers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Lifekey is a wearable technology that allows you to share your location with friends and family that you wish to keep informed of your many adventures. Now, Lifekey has expanded to our furry friends as well with their new Fetch Mini Digital Pet ID. This innovative collar tag provides instant notification of your pet’s whereabouts through GPS location. Additionally, you are able to store important information about your pet such as vaccinations, vet’s name, and other health data that may need to be accessed. Fetch Digital ID Tags are made with durable, scratch-resistant, silicone that’s quiet, smart, and able to withstand any adventure. 

Fetch Mini Digital Pet ID
Lifekey | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Bottle Group

Men want to smell “manly” but they also need to control chafing, rashes, and skin irritations that so commonly occur in their nether regions. This holiday season stuff their stocking with a bit of Nutdust to provide the relief they need everywhere from their armpits to their thighs, and everywhere in between! Featuring a powerful blend of essential oils and nutrients, Nutdust will provide comfort and skin protection while also preventing chafing and body odors in all of their hard-to-reach (and sweaty) places.

Nutdust Body Powder
Nutdust | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mens stocking stuffers do not come one size fits all. But, of course, there is sure to be something for every man – from socks and underwear to streaming TV subscriptions and polarized sunglasses. Make shopping for men’s stocking stuffers fun this year as you enjoy these ideas.

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