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3 Compelling Reasons You Should Use Black and White Decor to Up-Level Your Home


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With literally thousands of color choices out there, why would you choose black and white decor? Here are some things you probably didn’t know about these unassuming colors.

Whether you just moved into a new place or you’re feeling the itch to redecorate, finding the right colors can be overwhelming. Should you go with your favorite color? Something bold and fun? Maybe something bright or stately?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but going with a color other than a neutral will likely result in you re-painting again in the future. When trends go out of style or you simply change your taste you’ll be tasked with choosing a color, again.

Believe it or not, that opens a whole new can of worms as colored walls can be incredibly difficult to paint over. Most colors (other than neutrals) can change the added color in hue when re-painting. Even darker colors will alter slightly when painted over other colors.

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Let’s talk about what these colors actually translate to us. Black and White decor carry lots of subconscious meaning to our minds.


When we see the color white our brain believes the room is bigger and brighter. Since white reflects light so well it gives the illusion that the walls hold more space. When natural light pours in, it bounces off the walls and creates an effortless, light, and airy feel. For smaller rooms, this can be a huge help. Our minds equate brighter to not only feel more spacious but also more inviting.


Don’t be afraid of black. It’s often seen as too overpowering or intimidating but this color has several wonderful attributes. Black does the opposite of white and absorbs light rather than reflects it. Because of this, black creates depth and focus. Good Housekeeping actually praised it for being one of the top colors for your front door. They named it one of 14 best front door colors to instantly add curb appeal to your home. They recommended this shade of Benjamin Moore in Jet Black specifically for its high endurance and standout look. House Beautiful has boasted the color a sure-fire way to make a room feel intimate and cozy.

3 Insightful Reasons You Should Use Black And White Decor To Up-level Your Home
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Benefits of Using Black and White Decor Together


We’ve learned that white creates the illusion of space and black creates depth. Any great interior designer will tell you that you actually need both for a well-styled room. The greatness of using black and white decor lies in their flexibility. With a seamless base of neutral colors, you can add and accessorize with any color you choose, bright or otherwise. You can easily liven things up in your layout and arrangement with bold colors and calm down the tone by subtracting them. Pairing the two colors together as your foundation allows your furniture pieces and heirlooms to be more prominent and on better display. Many experts express that every room needs a dash of black to ground the color scheme and add depth. Literally any style is possible with black and white decor as your foundation.

Want to rock the Boho Look? Hunker shows us how to take a black and white decor room and style up the vibe in a flash! Simply add textures like tassel throw blankets, and earthy, wooden pieces to create your own laid back haven.

Are you more into an Artsy and Bold feel? Emily May Designs illustrates perfectly how some interesting picture frame placements and alternating wall colors can turn any space into a work of art.

Do you need added color in your life? Not to worry! Kate Pearce Vintage gives us an inside look into her brightly colored, wonderfully eclectic home. With black and white decor as her base, she had the freedom to incorporate lively colors and heirloom items without sacrificing a cohesive and put-together feel.

Interested in the glam and luxury vibe? Black and white decor can aid you in that too! In this little corner by Danielle Moss, we find all the trimming and adornments we need to live our best life. This timeless style is not only modern and romantic but also conveys that you have excellent taste.

Even the ever-popular Modern Farmhouse style leans on black and white decor to maintain a clean and rustic vibe. Pop Sugar shows us examples that Joanna Gaines herself would be proud of. There’s a clear-cut reason the famous author and designer chooses this combination often–it simply works!

High End Look:

There’s a reason they call it, “Classic Black and White.” The combination never goes out of style. It holds a special nostalgia and boasts a relevance that is timeless. It adds sophistication and feels more expensive. This color combination has been a staple in every interior designer’s tool kit for ages.

It Adds Value:

Did you know that houses with black and white decor as their base colors sell for over $6,000 more than similar houses painted with different colors? When a can of paint can make that much of a difference, it’s definitely worth looking into! Not only will your home have elevated style but you’ll add value to your house in the same stroke!

3 Insightful Reasons You Should Use Black And White Decor To Up-level Your Home-daily-mom-parent-portal

Redecorating a space can take a great amount of effort. Don’t fall victim to the color trends! Go with something tried and true, something that will add actual value to your space, and something that will grow with you as your tastes change. This timeless pairing of colors is easy to find, easy to style, and best of all, easy to play around with. Up-level your home overnight with these tips and tricks for using black and white decor today!

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3 Compelling Reasons You Should Use Black And White Decor To Up-level Your Home-daily-mom-parent-portal

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