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30 Mother Daughter Activities That You’ll Love


Being home for the family is important, but sometimes it is nice to have some quality alone time with your daughter. There are many mother daughter activities that you’ll love, it just depends on interests. This time together creates a special bond and friendship which your daughter will cherish forever as well as continue with her children.

Alone time with your daughter every so often is needed. These outings help you both stay connected as sometimes it is very easy to disconnect. While sometimes difficult to manage, each child needs individual attention for at least 20 minutes each day, or a couple hours twice a month. Also, when spending quality time together, try to do things that interest the child and connect to their love language. Below is a compiled list of mother daughter activities that you’ll love, and on a budget!

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Mother Daughter Activities That You’ll Love

1Bookstore Date

The first of the mother daughter activities that you’ll love is going with your daughter to Barnes and Noble or any bookstore in the area. Grab a coffee and hot chocolate, and sit and read together a favorite book of hers, or even just browse through the magazines. Or maybe even read her a childhood favorite of yours!

2Pottery Painting

Who doesn’t love painting? Find a pottery place where you both can paint your own ceramic. Or maybe pick out a big plate or bowl and paint it together!

3Art Store

Head over to an arts and crafts store like Michaels. Grab some supplies to create something together. Pinterest has a lot of fun craft ideas to try! Alternatively, sign up for an art class right there in store.

4Spa Night

Create your own spa day or night at home. Give each other manicures and pedicures. Do facials together. Get all pampered up!

5Dress Up

30 Mother Daughter Activities That You'll Love

No little (or big) girl is too big to play dress-up! Daughters love spending time in their mother’s closets trying on clothes and shoes. Pull out those tucked away sequined gowns and prom dresses if you still have them. Maybe even put on some makeup and host a fun fashion show with your own created runway.

6Movie Night

Create your own movie night at home alone. Grab some popcorn and candy, cuddle up and watch a movie she loves.

7Write a Book

Create a story and write a book together. Illustrate it and get creative! Amazon has a publishing service where you can make money on any book you create!

8Cook or Bake

Find some fun recipes on Pinterest and get in the kitchen. Re-create a recipe and see how well you both did. You could even come up with your own recipe!

9Farmers Market

Find a day and time a big Farmers Market is open. Head there together and walk around checking out what’s for sale. Also, try some foods, fruits, and veggies you never tried before!

10Dance Party!

Get your groove on! Turn up the music and have a dance party! Even a dance off! Maybe choreograph your own dance together to a favorite song.


Girls LOVE makeup. So what better way than giving each other makeovers? Have fun with it. Do silly looks. Let her be creative on your face.

12Ice Cream Date

30 Mother Daughter Activities That You'll Love

Go together on an ice cream date. Order the biggest most delicious looking item on the menu and eat it together.

13Animal Shelter

Love animals? Go together to an animal shelter. Pet and play with the animals as well as some cuddling sessions together.

14Board Game Marathons!

Get some fun board games and sit and play. Maybe even look for ones that are funny. Grab a pizza and spend the night challenging one another while laughing and loving your time together. Laughing is great and healthy!


Together create your own small garden. Go to a nursery and find something you would like to plant. Each time, you can add more by planting seeds and taking care of the mini garden together. Whether you decide on a butterfly garden, a vegetable garden, or even just a small herb garden, enjoy watching your plants grow and thrive.

16Visit a Farm

Go to your local farm and feed the animals. Walk around and and enjoy time together with the animals. Spend time petting, feeding and and even taking funny photos of the animals antics.

17Create Your Own Picnic

Makes some delicious finger foods and head out side. Pack a basket with cheese and crackers, fruits, and maybe even some sparkling grape juice. Put a comfy sheet down, have a picnic together and engage in a nice chat.

18Old Pictures

Kids love looking at old photos of themselves. Take out the old photo albums and show her pictures of when she was a baby, toddler, etc. Share with her little stories and memories. She will smile from ear to ear!

19Balloon Fight

30 Mother Daughter Activities That You'll Love

Get serious and have a mini balloon fight session! Balloon fights are always fun and great for a hot day!

20Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and then do it together. You can get some great ideas from Pinterest.

21Play Ball

For some physically active mother daughter activities that you’ll love, try playing a game of ball. Any ball! This could be basketball, soccer, baseball, anything you both enjoy! Being active is a great way to spend time together.

22Car Rides

How about just hop in your car together and take ride to nowhere. Drive around the town. Sight see. This gives you both the opportunity to talk and communicate without the uncomfortable, forced stares. You can always turn up the music and roll down the windows letting the wind blow through your hair as you belt out the latest pop songs together.

23Science Project

Science is always a fun subject. Go create a science project together, even if she has no science project to turn in. Make an erupting volcano, a magnetic forcefield, a maze or some other science based project your STEM lover will enjoy (even if you’re no scientist yourself). Get creative!


Set up your own photo shoot! Create backdrops, outfits, props, etc. Take pictures of each other and some together. Even if that means selfies!

25Go Somewhere New

30 Mother Daughter Activities That You'll Love

Explore your area. Find a place you both have never been to and go together. Exploring new places is always fun, window shopping, wandering around outdoors, and seeing new sights is always an adventure.

26Shopping Spree

Now this is one of the best mother daughter activities that you’ll love. Shopping is what girls do best! Go on a shopping spree together! Make a fun day out of it. Maybe even find something matching to wear.

27Take a Class Together

This could be either painting, cooking, or even ice skating! Go for something you both aren’t so good at. That way you both are on the same level and can have more fun that way.


Go skating together! This can be ice skating at the rink or rollerblading around your neighborhood. Maybe even bike riding! Do what interests you both.

29Go on a Walk

30 Mother Daughter Activities That You'll Love

Take a nice walk together around your area. This helps you talk and enjoy one on one time. Look for pretty flowers, even girls love to check out interesting bugs, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out something new about this lovely little lady you’re raising today.

30Volunteer Somewhere

Volunteer anywhere together. This can be at an animal shelter or even an old age home. Serve dinner at a soup kitchen, head over to the nearest church to set up flowers, or even head to a school or library to work with low-income children. Helping others together is fun!

This list of mother daughter activities that you’ll love will give you an opportunity for to spend time alone with your daughter helping to create an unbreakable bond. These frequent bonding moments can help keep your relationship strong during times of miscommunication, hurt feelings, and even during their teenage years. Don’t feel that bonding needs to be something extravagant, it’s all really just a matter of one-on-one time spent together, connecting that is key.



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Sources: 17 Mother Daughter Bonding Activities to Stay Close and Connected at Any Age

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