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5 Home Brightening Tricks to Accentuate Your House


When you think about the word home what appears in your mind is a place that feels like heaven; a place where you feel relaxed, loved and refreshed. But why is it that some homes fulfill that criteria but others don’t? Not all homes look like they are coming straight from Pinterest – bright, airy and cozy. Some look like a cave, despite being furnished with designer furniture and decorated with expensive art pieces, marble flooring, and wallpaper. Home brightening may be the answer you’re looking for.

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

After reading this, you might be sneakily looking at your own home’s wall, and suddenly you realize that “Oh…err…my own home looks dark! The right corner of my living room is a bit too gloomy. My bedroom should have been a bit brighter. Oh, why does my hallway look so dingy?” In short, it dawns on you that your home is actually dark. Not bright and airy, like those we see in interior design magazines or on Pinterest.

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Unlike popular perception, you don’t need to have a villa or a 10,000 square foot home to enjoy the feeling of living in a bright space. You also don’t need windows in every room (though it isn’t a bad idea!) to let the sun do its job without much effort. With careful planning and smart ideas, you can even turn your small home into a bright heaven.

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5 Home Brightening Tricks

Here are some tricks right from the secret playbooks of interior designers that will put the miracle touch on your house:

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

1Go With Light Shades

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

You might be a vibrant person and love splashing colors in your home. That’s good for you, but not for the brightness factor of your home. Look around and see, there might be a lot of dark colors splashed on your walls – red, maroon, black – which might be obscuring the light in your house.

You know, colors have their own science, and according to that, a dark color absorbs light, whereas a light color reflects it. So, you can take help from the science of colors to make your house refreshingly bright. Go with light hues, neutral shades or plain white colors, which scatter the light, making your house look surprisingly bigger, brighter and lighter. You might be thinking it is too boring to go with old-school white or neutrals when there are so many colors on the market with fancy names. Unfortunately, the truth is that white not only lifts your house’s mood but it also never goes out of fashion.

2Replace Your Doors

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

Your heavy wood, solid door – that never allows you to know what is going on the other side – is another big ‘no-no’ if you are aiming for a brighter home. Replace them with residential sliding glass doors to change the gloomy mood of your house. Glass doors do the same wonders as glass walls – they let the light penetrate from one room to another. The sliding glass door comes with an additional perk, as you can slide it and make your floor look spacious.

3Make your Place Mirror Palace

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

You: “O, mirror, mirror, which room is the brightest?”
Mirror: “Wherever I am hanging.”
The mirror reflects light, and that’s what you can strategically use to spread light in the room. Even rooms that don’t get a touch of natural sunlight, or are not filled with lamps can look brighter due to the reflective property of mirrors. The key is to position mirrors so that they reflect more light, such as opposite a window or in front of the wall lamps.

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You can also steal some tricks from the Disney movies. Remember those Disney mansions where a gallery wall is decorated with mirrors of different sizes? Well, that’s what you can also do – not turn your house into a mansion, but make it a bright and spacious space.

4Choose the Right Patterns and Textures

5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

Textures, fabrics, and patterns can make a place look expensive or mediocre. However, what you don’t know is they can also contribute to making a place look like a dark cave or bright heavenly room. Heavy fabrics such as fur, wool, and velvet give a place an overcrowded and exaggerated look. Rooms feel stuffy even if you are sitting alone in your room. Similarly, too many intricate patterns hanging on the wall are also a not-so-good option for the brightness of your room. So choose patterns and textures that are not too overpowering and draw immediate attention. Best to choose those that make a place feel bright and spacious while staying undertone.

5Rearrange Your Furniture

Besides all these secrets, don’t forget to rearrange your furniture. Sometimes, we place our furniture in front of windows, obscuring the smooth entry of sunlight in the room. Other times, we overcrowd them in one place, leaving no room for the free moment. Take a look around; maybe your furniture is the only thing that needs a touch up rather than a whole home brightening.

See? Creating a Pinterest-type home is not a big deal. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to upload your home’s picture on Pinterest because your very own bright home is on the way!

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5 Home Brightening Tricks To Accentuate Your Home

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