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5 Of The (Unconventional) Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season


The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and the Post Office is bombarded with letters to Santa. Tiny tots’ eyes are all a-glow, and somewhere, someone is trying to roast nuts over an open flame. The holiday season has arrived, but doesn’t it seem like it has been here for a few months already? Families enjoy their own list of top Christmas movies, but by October, many families have already made their way to the end of their lists. Each year, the department stores start peddling their holiday decor earlier and earlier, as early as September in some places. The holiday season seems to last so long that it is hard to keep the magic running throughout its term.

At its core, the holiday season reminds society that we need to end the year focused on what truly matters: family, relationships, and serving others, at least, that’s the underlying theme of the top Christmas movies of this last century (It’s A Wonderful Life, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Love Actually, to name a few).

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Do the movies we enjoy as a family have to be about Christmastime, though? Are there movies out there that will help us focus on the main themes of the holiday season without bombarding us with saccharine speeches in the airport terminal, or front porch lovers under the guise of carol singers? Can’t we enjoy the goodness of the holiday season without all of the “extra”?

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Yes. If you are Christmas-ed out already, you can still experience the magic of the holiday season and enjoy top Christmas movies, even though Daily Mom’s list is a tad definitely unconventional. Keep reading to discover which movies you should add to your (unconventional) top Christmas movies list this year.

5 (Unconventional) Top Christmas Movies

10 Unconventional Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

This movie is the first in the Harry Potter saga and focuses on the importance of friendship and acts of selfless love while navigating the tricky waters of family drama, school bullies, and magic. There is even a scene with Christmas presents!

For the family who wants the magic of the holidays without too much Santa, this one is for you.

“> 10 Unconventional Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

When we give gifts during the holidays, we want to give the best to those for whom we care so deeply. Why not give the gift of the all-time best James Bond movie to them? Sean Connery stars in this film about Bond, James Bond, saving the entire world economy from none other than Auric Goldfinger. If Roger Ebert said it was the best, then we trust his two thumbs up to guide our movie-watching experiences this holiday season!

10 Unconventional Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

Laughter, tears, and Dolly Parton-who needs anything more? While this movie is better known for the stellar cast than anything else, this movie brings everyone to their knees with its emotional story-telling of Southern Women who navigate life’s ups and downs together. Whether you watch this movie alone or with friends this holiday season, you will feel like you are part of this team of strong women by the time the credits roll. That might just give you enough steam to get you through to the New Year and has earned this spot in our list of unconventional top Christmas movies.

5 Unconventional Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

Everyone wants to see the underdog come out on top, especially during the holidays. It just makes people feel good. Follow the story of Charlie, the poor boy who helps take care of his over-worked mother and four bedridden grandparents, until the day comes that he finds a golden ticket. Suddenly, his grandfather’s inability to walk is replaced with singing and dancing, and this movie takes us on a journey of spectacular imagination and ridiculous behavioral issues. In the end, this movie breaks the glass ceiling when it comes to whimsy, and gives us all the feeling that we need something sweet. Gene Wilder’s dry sense of humor encourages our imaginations to take flight and has earned this spot on our list of unconventional top Christmas movies.

5 Of The (unconventional) Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch This Holiday Season

Our final selection for unconventional top Christmas movies is actually a Christmas movie, but hear us out: This is not a feel-good movie. Fred Claus is NOT a good guy. He’s actually the brother of the perfect Nicholas (aka Santa), and there are some serious problems going on in this family dynamic. From bad investments to failed business ventures to an all-out brawl in the snow, these brothers tackle their drama head-on, and take a deeper look into their pasts as well as their current relationship statuses and career choices! Take this one out of the North Pole, and it might as well be a made-for-television drama starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. The real-ness of the content, as well as the fabulous performances of the star-studded cast, make this one of our top Christmas movies this year.

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for those of us who don’t live for Hallmark movies once November 1st rolls around, the movies that grant us the underlying theme of fun and togetherness will definitely fit the bill for some of our top Christmas movies during the holiday season. Of course, when you are with the right people, it doesn’t matter which movies you watch, because it’s the being together that creates the emotional attachment to whatever activity you’re engaging in. That’s where the magic of Christmas comes from!

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