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5 Steps to a Glowing No Make-Up Look


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Women aren’t taught to embrace a no make-up look. Instead, society’s emphasis is put on quick fixes. People want an immediate solution to their problem, that is one reason women gravitate towards make-up. Make-up is a way for women to feel they look their best and it can be achieved in 5-10 minutes. However, although make-up can be fun, it also feels so good to be doing healthy things for yourself that help you naturally look your best.

When you don’t have time to do your make up in the mornings, knowing that you have done things to help naturally bring out your beauty will bring you confidence in your no make up look. No more worries about how you will look when you don’t hear an alarm and your kid is running late for preschool, or you run into a friend while you’re out running errands. Most of us don’t always have time to put on make-up, and by doing these 5 things you can feel confident on those days when you don’t.

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Cleaning and Moisturizing Your Face to Get That No Mark-Up Look

For a lot of busy moms taking the time to properly wash our faces at night and in the morning can seem like one more tiring thing to add to our to-do list. However, you can totally change your mindset about this. If you think of that 2-3 minutes it takes to wash and moisturize your face at the beginning and end of our day as our luxurious “me time”, it can be something you look forward to instead of dread. Changing your attitude will make it something you look forward to and more likely to do everyday. 

Properly cleaning and moisturizing your face can decrease the likelihood that you will get acne, clogged pores, red patches, and dry flaky skin. Without those skin irritants, you’ll find that you aren’t needing to reach for your foundation to feel like your skin looks great because it will look great without it. This is one great step you can make towards your no make-up look. 

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Tips On How To Achieve A Real No Make-up Look

Proper Sleep to Get That No Make-Up Look

Getting a good amount of sleep each night can help your eyes look big and awake. Every mama can remember those nights when the baby consistently gets you up 4 times every night, then once the baby is in bed at night you find yourself staying up late to have some relaxing time on your own, knowing you will be exhausted in the morning. Then, when morning comes you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth and have to squint because your eyes are so puffy from exhaustion to even see yourself.

Once you finally get a good look, you see big purple bags under your eyes and feel your hand start to reach for your make up bag where your favorite concealer resides to cover up the outward signs of your exhaustion. Imagine how good it would feel every morning if you got even an hour extra sleep every night, instead of staying up late watching Netflix. Imagine the benefits you would see as your eyes feel bigger and more alert when you look under them and your purple bags are gone. Sleep can do wonders to help you not only feel, but also look great. You can optimize your health by simply getting a good night’s sleep.

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-Tips On How To Achieve A Real No Make-up Look

Hydration to Get That No Make-Up Look

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard that staying hydrated is so important. We need water to keep our bodies functioning properly, but did you know that staying hydrated can help our skin look healthy, supple, and keep our lips moist and juicy looking. Without the proper amount of water, your skin appears duller and wrinkles appear more prominent. For that youthful, smooth skin, making sure you drink half your body weight in water a day can do wonders.

Without the proper amount of water, our lips can end up looking like a dried-up apple. The easiest fix is to reach for a lipstick color to cover it up and distract from any dryness or flaking. Instead of always reaching for another layer of lipstick, think about reaching for your water bottle and taking a few big, long drinks. Drinking enough water will turn those dried apple lips into smooth, juicy, Snow White lips. No need for lipsticks and glosses, to give yourself healthy lips, just reach for your water bottle to help achieve a great real no make-up look. 

Embracing Our Differences 

Very few people in the world look exactly the same. Yet, we find ourselves trying to hide away the parts of ourselves that make us look different. Many women use concealer on beauty marks, foundation to cover freckles, lip liner to make our lips fuller, mascara to make our eyes bigger, and eyebrow gels to give us full thick fluffy, yet perfectly in place brows; covering up the things that make you unique and painting over it until we all start to look more and more alike. Finding love for the parts of your face that make you look unique can help you feel more confident in your true self when you are rocking that real no make-up look. 

Happiness Shinning Through Your No Make-Up Look

Do you see a difference when you look in the mirror feeling down or low, versus feeling happy and content? Your bodies definitely respond on the outside to how you’re feeling on the inside. Doing the things that make you feel peaceful and happy every day brings about a natural beauty in your countenance. It could be as simple as smiling at yourself in the mirror, playing some music that makes you feel happy while you’re getting ready in the morning, or reading a great book for a few minutes to start your day off right. Happiness really does look beautiful on everyone.

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The Real No Make-Up Look 

The things listed above are simple. They are probably things our moms have been telling us to do our whole lives. Somehow over the years, we’ve forgotten their importance, putting them off because you think you need to be a superhero and put on a quick fix mask of make-up. These simple things can help you achieve an awesome no make-up look to present your best self to the world each and every day.

Taking time to invest in your long-term beauty and health is such a gift to yourself each and every day. Instead of reaching for a quick fix mask every day to feel like you look beautiful, you can feel beautiful presenting your natural self. Use your make-up when you want to, in a fun and creative way to play with and enhance your beauty instead. Next time your toddler snaps a picture of you cooking them dinner in your sweat pants, messy bun, and bare face, you can feel confident that you are rocking that no make-up look like the radiant unicorn you are. 

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