While many weddings are not child-friendly, some welcome even the youngest members of the family. Unfortunately, the concepts of family-fun and weddings don’t always go hand in hand or play out as desired when kids are at weddings.

Does the thought of attending a wedding with your kids leave you feeling anxious? From preparing entertainment to avoiding any behavior outbursts, going to a wedding with your kids can feel like a juggling act. This survival guide will cover everything you need to know when kids are at weddings to make sure the couple’s special day runs smoothly.

kids at weddings

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1Consider a Sitter

If your children are really young or if they’re exceptionally high energy, it might be worth considering a sitter for the duration of the wedding. This is especially true if your family will be present at the wedding since they won’t be able to step in and provide childcare during the event.

The responsibility of looking after your children will fall on your shoulders the entire time. Depending on the length of the wedding, this might be too much to ask of your kids. You know your children the best. Ask yourself if they’ll be able to behave for the full 4 to 8 hour period.

2Don’t Expect Your Kids to Understand

5 Tips For Attending A Wedding With Your Kids: A Survival Guide

Watching friends or family say “I do” is one of the greatest joys, but don’t expect your kids to get that same warm feeling. If they’re younger, they don’t know why they have to sit quietly for so long during the ceremony. They don’t know why they can’t pick apart the flower arrangements or dip their fingers in the dessert display. Be understanding of their point of view to avoid unnecessary frustration.

3Dress for Success

Kids can be picky when it comes to their wardrobe. Some kids like to wear PJs 24/7 while others think superhero capes make an acceptable accessory. When planning your kid’s outfit for the wedding, be practical. No scratchy materials or uncomfortable shoes.

In addition, don’t steal the limelight. We all know kids are adorable. Yes, your little man will look handsome in a fancy waistcoat, but is that really what this day is all about? This is the couple’s special event, not dress up. Keep the clothes reasonable. They’ll still get plenty of awws.

Similarly, you’ll want to consider your own outfit. If you’re traveling to a destination wedding, you might have to pack light. Packing a dress for destination wedding locations isn’t always simple, but make sure it’s at least practical. You need to be able to move quickly if your little one needs a break from the excitement.

4Take Breaks Regularly

5 Tips For Attending A Wedding With Your Kids: A Survival Guide

Kids are easily overwhelmed. The music, crowds, and constant action at weddings will leave their little heads swimming. It’s essential for you to make sure there are areas for them to get away from the excitement, even if only for a few minutes. Luckily, this is possible in just about any wedding venue.

Notice your kid is gearing up for a potential tantrum? Escape quickly into a quiet corridor for some quiet time. Is your little one tired and in need of a nap? Pack a stroller for a break from the crowds for nap time. These little breaks will make sure your child makes it through the entire event.

5Pack Entertainment

Take what you need to occupy your child. If he or she has a special toy, take it. Think of quiet toys and games that don’t take up much space or create a distraction. As a bonus, keep some of this entertainment a surprise. Fresh, new toys are much more exciting than the same old things your kid has at home.

In addition to entertainment, bring snacks. Kids at weddings get hungry. They don’t understand why you have to wait so long for dinner to be served. Even then, they might not like what’s on the grown-up menu. You don’t want a hungry kid on your hands!

Surviving with Kids at Weddings

As long as you’re prepared with these survival tips above for kids at weddings, your kids will handle attending a wedding beautifully or even be able to be included in your own wedding. Your family and friends understand what it’s like to have kids. They won’t fault you for needing to leave a bit early, or step outside for a break, if your kid is getting restless.

Make the most of this special day and time you have together. Even if your kid doesn’t fully understand what’s going on around them, they’ll be glad they’re included in such an exciting event.

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kids at weddings

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