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5 Ways To Celebrate Winter Solstice


With a chill in the air and warmth in our fuzzy-lined boots, the winter solstice is upon us!

Marking the shift in the seasons, winter solstice is one of the original catalysts for winter celebrations. It is both a mystical time that represents change and an astronomical event that reminds us that we’ve reached the time of the year where the nights are longer than the days. From around the world, most people find it the perfect time to capture the joys of winter– celebrating the shift in weather, light, and embracing all the blustery feels!

Winter solstice, meaning ‘sun stands still,’ lands on December 21st this year. With what feels like the longest of days, there’s actually the same twenty-four hours time as any other day! (Gotcha!) The solstice occurs when we are furthest from the sun’s light and it’s the only day where darkness reigns longer than the light. 

While some focus on the shortness of light, many like to consider the brighter side of things! Going forward each day after the winter solstice offers new light– leaving many to embrace the lighter days to come as we make our way back towards summer.

Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

Whether (weather!) you’re snuggling into winter or wishing your way towards spring, there’s light each way that you looks at it. With the primary intention of winter solstice celebrations to release the dark in favor of the light, here are five ways to celebrate the winter solstice and make each day feel brighter!

1Head Outside

Snowshoeing, brisk walks, playing in the snow. Spending time outdoors can help the winter days feel brighter, especially when the sun is shining high. Vitamin D and fresh air are just what the doctor ordered!

2Light Up The Night

Candle lights, twinkle lights, setting lanterns up high– additional light can add a feeling of warmth on a long, cold day. Yule logs were traditionally lit and would burn through the night. Want to try something new? Here are some BRIGHT ideas when it comes to lighting up a room. Try these fun Glow in The Dark Pens, Glow Jar &  Glow Pillows or hack along with Glow Snow!

3Craft Orange Pomanders

DIY some natural and refreshing decorations. Slicing large oranges (Or keep them whole!), they make a zesty and delicious representation of the sun. Cloves add the perfect smell of warmth and winter. You can even put them outside to feed the birds!

4DIY Bird Feeders

Speaking of birds– outdoor animals can use a little extra love this time of year. Craft some homemade bird feeders for your backyard. It’s a fun way to help out our feathered friends when their food sources are scarce in winter. Try this fabulous recycled bird feeder if you’d like to give that a try!

5Set Goals and Intentions

A season of change calls for reflection and new beginnings. Take time to look back on the year and consider new and exciting ways to move forward! Making a journal might be the right (write!) way to move forward!

There are so many ways to brighten the long, cold days of winter.  Taking part in winter solstice celebrations can spark creativity and bring light to this astronomical event and tradition that has been celebrated since long ago.

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