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6 Awesome Playroom Organization Tips for the New Year


You’ve done one of the hardest things- gotten rid of all the old toys- but now it’s time to figure out where to put the new ones. After the holidays the last thing you want to do is spend more money, but somethings are simply worth the investment. And your sanity is one of those things. 

Toy Organizer

A storage shelf is a must-have in every playroom. Not only does it allow you to get everything off of the floor, it also allows you to better organize your child’s toys so they are easy to clean up and easy to find when it’s playtime. 

A toy organizer like this one is key when it comes to keeping your playroom organized. The shelf is the perfect size for kids so they can easily access everything on it. It also comes with 8 toy storage bins in coordinating neutral colors so you can be organized (and stylish) right from the get-go. 

One of the best parts about this toy organizer is its slanted shelves. The slanted shelves allow the bins to be visible from the top so your child can easily see what is inside without taking out every single bin and dumping the contents on the floor. It also helps with easy clean-up because they can see what should go in there.

Book Shelf

Books are the cornerstone to any child’s playroom but keeping them neat and organized is a challenge. Traditional bookshelves are often messy looking. Books are constantly falling over and don’t stand up, or they are just shoved in there making everything look disorganized. It also makes it harder for your child to see what books are available, making it more likely that they pass them by without a second thought. 

daily mom parents portal Playroom Organization Tips For The New Year

However, this open concept bookshelf allows kids to easily see the book covers, making them more likely to stop, drop, and read. All of the books face outward so covers and illustrations are visible. It also helps to keep the books neat and organized- books are no longer falling over and your kids can easily slip them back into the slots when they are done. 

daily mom parents portal Playroom Organization Tips For The New Year

Tip to Make Your Playroom Organization Extraordinary: To make the book area more accessible and inviting, try rotating the books out by season or theme. You can also surround the area with comfy pillows and a few soft toys or blankets so kids will want to cozy up and read.

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