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6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss


Ready or not, here it comes. Every year the holidays seem to come out of nowhere. It is one holiday, two holiday, three holiday, and then bam, the year is rolling over and we are on our way through a new year. Don’t blink (or sleep) because you will miss something. Along with gingerbread and Frasier Firs, holiday stress makes its appearance as well. Don’t fret! Here are 6 easy ways to handle holiday stress like a boss.

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6Don’t Try To Make It Perfect

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

The 2020 holiday season is not going to be perfect. It is highly unlikely that any holiday season has ever gone off without a hitch with shopping lists, meals, family gatherings, and holiday cards. There are SO many ways the holiday season can go awry and send you over the edge. The sooner you embrace the beautiful, imperfect chaos of the holidays, the sooner you can alleviate holiday stress and enjoy making memories. After all, the photos of the kids crying on Santa’s lap have always been everyone’s favorite.

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5Simplify Gift Buying By Ordering Online

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

Pandemic 2020 has been preparing you all along. By now you are an online shopping queen. You know how to read those descriptions, take measurements, guestimate size, and price match. You have even figured out free shipping and returns. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sit your pretty self down with your electronic device and crush holiday stress by getting your shopping list checked off.

A great way to communicate your kid’s holiday wish list is to create a shopping list on Amazon and share it with your friends and relatives. The days of the toy catalog are long gone. Have the kiddos jump on their tablets and make a list. Once they have added everything (along with 10 things they don’t need and 10 they don’t know what they are), edit their list, and send links to people that will be wanting to know what they want. This will also help cut down on the duplicate gift fiasco. Life just got simpler and your holiday stress a little less. Your welcome.

4Ask Your Kids What They Want This Holiday Season, and Listen

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

Surely other mothers are guilty of overbuying during the holidays. We do love to spread some holiday cheer and the tree looks even more beautiful on Christmas morning with a pile of perfectly wrapped gifts underneath. The truth hurts: The kids do not need all of that “stuff”. Other downfalls to over buying are having to wrap all those gifts, cleaning up after the gifts are opened, and finding somewhere to store everything. Talk about unnecessary holiday stress.

How about this year, you ask the kids what they want and stick to it. The good news is that they don’t watch many toy commercials (or any commercials thanks to streaming) and most toy catalogs (along with toy stores) are nonexistent. If your little ones can’t talk yet, even easier! Throw a couple of things in a pretty box and call it a day. They won’t care what’s in there and you won’t either down the road.

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3Do The Fun Things First

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

There are plenty of holiday obligations to keep you busy. That’s exactly what they are: Obligations. How about this holiday season you sprinkle in more pleasurable shenanigans to lighten the holiday stress. Enjoy your favorite parts of the holiday season and forgo the painful parts. Do not tell your mother-in-law you were told you didn’t have to go to family dinner this year at the in-laws. Some things you just have to do. However, offset your obligations with fun festivities and watch the holiday stress disappear. If all else fails, a holiday cocktail here and there is bound to keep you warm and cheery.

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2Don’t Procrastinate

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

The woman running around the store frantically looking for toys and electronics that are at the top of their kid’s wish list does not need to be you. Even worse, you know that those items were scooped up months ago and there is no way she is going to be able to fulfill those requests. Don’t do that to yourself. Be sure that you begin preparing for the holiday well in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. Putting things off until the last minute will cost you time and money. Make a checklist (and check it twice) so that you don’t forget anything. Holiday cards, gifts, decorations, cookies, gatherings, outfits, pajamas, etc. Once you have your list it is time to prioritize. Let’s be honest, some things are not important. Now make a plan of attack and a deadline for each. Having your life organized will help you avoid holiday stress and make you as jolly as the big man himself.

1Self Care

6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

Put those tired feet up. They have shopped, decorated, dressed, and kicked some “To-Do List” ass. You deserve a break. A self-indulgent one at that. Taking care of others often comes easily. Taking care of ourselves, not so much. To keep up with the demands of the holidays and the holiday stress, take time to escape to refuel. Whether it’s a Starbucks run, a bubble bath, a treat for yourself, a nap, or time alone with your thoughts, be sure to reward yourself.

Be easy on yourself. 2020 has done enough damage. Don’t feel like you are the only one crawling across the finish line of this stressful year. Hopefully, you have been able to get into a jolly mood this holiday season and ice out holiday stress.

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6 Easy Ways To Handle Holiday Stress Like A Boss

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