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6 Perfect Photo Locations for Any Occasion


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When you’re booking your annual family photo session, you’re bound to have problems finding perfect photo locations. With so many options out there, it can be a little overwhelming trying to narrow down which backdrop looks best for your family. 

With so many photo locations in the world, it comes down to exactly what fits with your family and how you want your photos to look. From having a ton of greenery, fall colors, or a beach vibe, there is so much variety to choose from! Let’s talk about the details and differences between each type of photo locations.

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If you’re wanting photo locations that have a ton of greenery, then you’re in luck! Almost anywhere you go you’ll find little nooks and crannies full of trees or vines. Photo locations that are full of greenery are great for family photos as they fit nearly any mood. 

You can give your family session a more natural feel or an extremely elegant one based on the outfits you choose! In greenery locations the outfits compliment the colors, so you can be as casual or fancy as possible. We only suggest not wearing green as your family color as you may blend in a little too much with the scenery.

Photo locations full of greenery are best if you’re wanting a lot of colors behind your family. If you’re looking for a more clean backdrop, then skip the green as it can make the image look a bit busy.

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Beach or Lake

daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

Hello, water photo locations! Beaches and lakes are hands down some of the best photo locations you’ll find. As soon as you step near a body of water and breathe in that fresh air, your mood will be immediately heightened. 

In fact, according to AllBetterCare, “The health benefits of seawater and ocean air also calm our brains by providing negative ions — oxygen ions with extra attached electrons. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach also contributes to the strengthening and healing of the brain.”

So beach or lake photo locations will already give your family session the boost it needs, especially if you have older kids who don’t want to go through taking photos. On top of that, photo locations with a body of water offer a very clean backdrop along with a lot of variety for different shots.

daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

You can start by taking classic family photos, and then move on to getting photos of you and the family playing in the sand or even getting in the water! These types of family photos are the moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and not become just an average family photo.

If you’re planning on using beach or lake photo locations, make sure to make a whole day out of it with the family!

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daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

Parks are by far the easiest places when you’re looking for photo locations. There are tons of local parks nearly everywhere you go, and the best part about them is that they are well maintained! No worrying about it being flooded with an abundance of trash when you arrive, public parks take pride in their cleanliness. And because those parks are well maintained, they are perfect for when the weather changes and those fall leaves start to pop!

While parks may seem like the most ideal when it comes to photo locations, they do have some drawbacks. Since parks handle the majority of their landscaping, they may charge you to have a permit for your session. That money goes straight into keeping the park clean for future families who are using those photo locations. 

If you’re planning on bringing your dog along for photos, you’ll want to make sure with the park that they allow dogs. Most national parks do not allow dogs, but some smaller public ones may. Either way, you’ll want to check on the park’s website beforehand to ensure there are no permit fees or restrictions when it comes to your fur babies.


daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

Looking for more unique and breathtaking photo locations? Mountains are one of the most incredible backgrounds you can have for nearly any session. Most people typically have a traditional family session with a greenery or beach background, but if you want to level up your annual photos consider taking a trip with mountains in the background.

Whether there’s a local lake around the area where you can see the capped mountains or your family is up for a hike through the wilderness to get to the top, photo locations within the mountains always bring a breathtaking and surreal vibe to your photos.

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daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

Photo locations in the city offer an urban twist to photo sessions. These photo locations are perfect for small families or seniors! With so many artists doing big wall art throughout major cities, it’ll be easy to find unique backdrops every corner you turn.

The one drawback to photo locations in the city is the crowds. You’ll often have to wait for other people to move before you are able to get certain photos, but if you’re up for the wait it’s worth it! You can get fun photos of you crossing the road, with art behind you, or even have fun with a simple brick wall!


If you are thinking that photo locations in the desert would be dull and just full of sand, you’d be wrong. The desert provides so much variety when it comes to photo locations! While there are locations with long stretches of sand, there are many points in the desert that have pops of greenery, sand, and even a mountain all at once.

Your family will be able to play in the sand without having to worry about your little one running straight into the water. Deserts have so much light that your photos will likely be bright and full of life. Wearing pastels or neutral colors do really well in desert photo locations, but you won’t have to worry too much as these types of photo locations offer a very clean background for your photos.

Trust your Photographer

The best piece of advice that we can give you when you’re looking for photo locations simply trust your photographer. Your photographer has likely shot in an abundance of places and knows what areas work best and may even know of a few photo locations you’ve never heard of!

Whether you’re looking for photo locations for your family session, couples session, seniors or just to take some updated headshots, knowing what each location can offer will make the biggest difference! Before choosing your photo locations, make sure to imagine how you want your family photos to look on the wall. It’ll make the biggest difference in finding the right place if it fits into what you have in your head.

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daily-mom-parent-portal-6 Perfect Photo Locations For Any Occasion!

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