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6 Quick Things to Do in San Juan for a Day


San Juan, Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful, historical sites, delicious food, and amazing nightlife. Just a short plane ride away from the Florida coastline, it is easily accessible and a day trip is totally plausible. You may find yourself wanting to stay for much longer to experience all that Puerto Rico has to offer, but if you can’t here are six things you can do in San Juan for a day.

6 Things to Do in San Juan

1Take in Some History

Wake up in the morning and check out the many historical sites around San Juan. Two great options to take you back in time are Castillo del Morro and the Fort of San Geronimo. These military forts were erected in the 16th century and were a vital part of the defense of the city. Many battles took place at these locations and you can see evidence of these as you walk the grounds. You can even see actual cannon balls used for these battles!

2Enjoy the Pristine Waters

After you get your learning on, you can venture over to Condado Lagoon for some water activities. You can rent kayaks and stand-up boards at several locations near the mouth of Condado Lagoon for a nominal fee. Here you can explore the area and enjoy the bays and coastline of San Juan.

If you’re lucky, you may even get to see manatees! Wild manatees call these small bays home and are very friendly if you happen to meet one. TIP: if you go to the furthest right corner of the bay (when you’re looking at the bay from the launch point), you just might say hi to one of them (make sure you bring some lettuce- they love to munch on it!).

3Have an Adventure Packed Afternoon

If you feel like you need some fast-paced adventure during your one day in San Juan, the Toroverde Zipline park is where it is at. This zip line park and ecological center has the longest zip line in the world, stretching 1.5 miles and taking riders a daring 95 MPH. The views, if you can take them in when going that fast, are breathtaking. Not only is this a place of adventure but it is also an protected area, giving you the most amazing views of Puerto Rico’s natural habitat.

4Take Some Time to Relax

Hit the beach and enjoy some snorkeling at your leisure. The waters around Puerto Rico are warm and a beautiful blue. Grab your beach towel and relax in the sunshine. There are various reefs near the beaches teaming with life that are sheltered from the big ocean. These conditions also make it perfect for snorkeling.

5Keep the Romance Alive

Sunset sailing along the coast of Puerto Rico is a wonderful chance for a fun and romantic evening. Board the beautiful sailboat “Amazing Grace” and take in the scenery and history of Old San Juan from the water. Here you’ll spend about 2 hours enjoying drinks, good food, and good company as the sun sets over the endless horizon.

6Soak Up the Nightlife

Visit Old San Juan and soak up the atmosphere, night life, and indulge on savory food. Venture out in the evening to Old San Juan and you will find a very vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Here you can enjoy dancing, street dining, music, unique bars, street vendors, and amazing food. Walk the streets and travel back in time on the cobble stone walk ways and historical architecture. This is a perfect way to end your day in San Juan.

Bonus: “Heineken Jazz Festival”

If you happen to be traveling at the end of March, you might be there during the annual Heineken Jazz Festival. This festival has grown exponentially over the years to become one of the most premiere festivals of its kind. Artists and enthusiasts come from all over the globe come to celebrate their craft and love of Jazz and Latin Jazz. The music is wonderful, the drinks are free flowing, and the venue is spectacular. The entire canal comes alive with the bright glow of green lights and beautiful music.

6 Things To Do In San Juan For A Day Daily Mom Parent Portal

Where to stay

Even if you are only in San Juan for one day, you will still want a place to put your belongings, change clothes, and clean up from all the fun you are having. Condado Plaza is the epicenter of San Juan and will give you easy access to all of your days activities. You can say in one of the number of hotels, villas, or even a rented home for the night. There are plenty of places to stay and with a central location in the city, it is the perfect for a quick trip.

Read more about staying in Condado Plaza here

San Juan is a beautiful city at the heart of Puerto Rico. It has so much to offer that you won’t be able to experience it all in one day, but with its close proximity to the US border, it is a perfect day trip when you just need to get away. These 6 things to do in San Juan will have you begging to go back to experience it all again.

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