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8 Father’s Day Gifts For Expectant Dads


Dad’s really aren’t that complicated. When it comes to chores and honey-do-lists they are just like us, maybe even more so. The less they have to think about, or spend time and effort doing, the better which is why Dad will love a RoboVac 30C from Eufy this Father’s Day.

Eufy takes the chore out of cleaning by making it effortless, mindless even. Dad’s will love more time to watch the game or take the kids for a long bike ride because one chore can be completed without them being at home thanks to the handy app. What is not to love about a machine that gives us our free time?

The RoboVac 30C was voted Best Smart Robo Vacuum in 2018. This is because there was no detail left unturned when crafting this smart vac. Completely smart capable with WIFI, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility, program it once and it’s good to go. Dad can also set boundaries to ensure it only cleans specific areas. Per charge you get 100 minutes of cleaning, thus you can clean your whole house in just one charge.

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It has a 3-point cleaning system that includes three brushes and strong suction to work powerfully. It features large wheels that roll over the carpet and climb over ledges to get to any mess. It even has drop-sense technology that senses when it’s about to fall down the stairs or off of ledges. It is ultra thin at only 2.85 inches, allowing it glide safely under sofas and beds.

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The gift of time is always the best gift you can give any parent, especially as one of his Father’s Day gifts for expectant dads. The RoboVac 30C frees dad up so he can both help out mom and spend time with his new baby. Plus, let’s be honest mamas are going to love this one too.

RoboVac 30C

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