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8 Simple Ways to Find Work Motivation (And Keep It!)


If you are one of those people who has a hard time finding work motivation – be it at home or at the office – then this article is for you! We can’t deny how frustrating it can be to have some big goals set without the energy to complete them. Sometimes though, all you need is a simple strategy or a little extra push to get going again. So, how can you make yourself work (when you really, really don’t want to)? Let’s jump into some tips for mustering up some added work motivation, shall we?

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Let Go of Distractions

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Distraction is the first and the most important factor that can derail you from work motivation. It could emerge from anywhere, such as family issues, relationship tensions, financial burden, or more. Sometimes the unnecessary use of social media plays a role. Or, you may find yourself watching too much television or movies.

To avoid that, you need to get disciplined. Think less about those problems, tensions, or burdens and focus more on what matters the most, like going for your objectives. Importantly, cut off the excessive use of social media and watch tv or movies only when you have achieved your goal of the day, week, or month.

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Organize Your Workspace

Daily Mom parent portal Work Motivation

A tidy working environment will always inspire you to work more. Therefore, look to keep everything in its place in your workspace, and toss what’s not needed. If you are working at home, be sure everything is within your reach, like your laptop, important documents, a writing pad, and a water bottle.

Creating a nicer ambiance in your workspace at home doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need to do is to decorate it a bit, find a working surface of a decent size, and importantly, a comfortable chair on which you can sit for a long time. Work motivation becomes much easier to find in a pleasant, comfortable environment.

Focus on the Positive

Daily Mom parent portal Work Motivation

You always need to try to look and stay positive, no matter what circumstances you are going through. Sometimes that is easier said than done, though. We know frustration is inevitable when you work your heart out to achieve something and it doesn’t turn out the way you expect. But patience is the key, as you can’t do much more than try again. Be positive and take your failure as the stepping stone, and make yourself face more in the future. The best you can do when a failure hits you is to stop wasting time thinking about it and to find the work motivation to try again.

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Find Someone You Can Work With

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Sometimes you just cannot find work motivation alone, be it the exercise you want to perform or the office tasks that need to be taken care of. That’s where a partner can help because you will each likely be in different mindsets at any given time. If one of you is not feeling like working out, the other may help get up and exercise or finish the tough task at hand. The same trick will work in an office setting as well.

Set Rewards

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It’s been tested and agreed that people work the best when they can get a reward for performing. You can use the same tactic by setting an objective and saying to yourself that if you get there, you’ll have a reward of eating your favorite food, drink, or doing something you love. You’ll surprisingly perform well to bag the reward – just make sure not to cheat in the process!

Select a Favorite Work Location

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There’s always a spot or two in the home where you feel happy to be. It may be beside the window, a corner in your living room, or another special place. Find a place you love, and if you don’t have one, create it! Head there with your books, gym equipment, or any task that need completion. Consider indoor and outdoor spaces. Sometimes a quick patio break or cup of coffee on the front porch provides just the escape you need. When you have a favorite room or place to be, work becomes less of a chore. You may find some extra work motivation that you didn’t even know you had!

Eat the Frog Early

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If you analyze the habits of successful athletes, entrepreneurs, millionaires, or anyone who has achieved so much in his or her life, you’ll find one thing in common: They all like to get the most difficult task off of their shoulders as early as possible during the day.

This trick works because when you have something planned to complete during the day, it feels like a burden on the subconscious. When you tackle it in the earliest hours of the morning, you feel good and can enjoy a sense of completion. Now, finding work motivation early in the morning is a dilemma on its own, but if you try it for three to four days, you’ll eventually make it a habit.

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Set Realistic Targets 

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You cannot simply aim to get to the goal in one day, no matter how hard you push yourself. The best way to find and keep work motivation is to divide the goal into bite-sized objectives to achieve. Importantly, make those objectives realistic and they’ll be easier to accomplish. By doing so, you will have a good reason to get out of bed early in the morning as you have some tasks for the day to tackle.

Motivating oneself to work sometimes gets very difficult, thanks to the countless distractions we have these days. It is difficult to think of work motivation when you have other things about your relationship or family in mind, let alone when you get lazy or embrace lethargy. You can get back on track by motivating yourself – just follow one (or all!) of the eight ways to find work motivation that we’ve listed for you above. No matter what state of mind you are currently in, you can always get yourself out of it – don’t give up trying!

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Daily Mom parent portal Work Motivation
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