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9 Incredible Essential Oil Diffuser Sleep Blends for a More Calming Night’s Rest


Aromatherapy has a lot of benefits. Essential oils are known to help ease anxiety, reduce feelings of mild depression, and create a feeling of calm and relaxation. They are highly effective in improving sleep problems such as insomnia. While certain scents are great for reducing stress and can help you feel calmer, certain diffuser sleep blends can be more effective than using a single essential oil on its own. The right diffuser sleep blends can help reduce stress and promote a better night’s sleep.

Using Essential Oil Diffusers

Although there are different ways to reap the benefits of essential oils, using them with a diffuser is an easy and effective way to help guide you to dreamland. A diffuser is a device made specifically for aromatherapy. It “diffuses” or spreads the scent of your chosen essential oil into the air, which you then breathe in. Depending on the scent you are using, it helps you relax, destress, or focus, for example. There are a few different kinds of essential oil diffusers. Some are better for sleep than others – heated diffusers for example probably are not the best choice for using when you are trying to fall asleep, so they are not mentioned here. 

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An ultrasonic diffuser uses water to help distribute the essential oil into the air. Fill the diffuser with water, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils, and turn it on. It will start to emit a light mist that distributes the essential oil into the air. This type of diffuser doubles as a humidifier since it is also emitting moisture into the air, which has double the benefit in the dry winter months. 

Another type of commonly used diffuser that would work well for bedtime aromatherapy is a nebulizing diffuser. This type of diffuser does not use water to distribute essential oil into the air. Instead, a nebulizing diffuser atomizes the essential oil, breaking it down into small particles that are then distributed into the air. Because they do not use water, this type of diffuser takes more essential oil than an ultrasonic diffuser and runs for a shorter amount of time. The result is a more concentrated amount of essential oil being emitted. 

daily mom parent portal diffuser sleep blends

Another type of diffuser, and probably the simplest, is a reed diffuser. You have likely seen these before even if you do not realize it. Reeds that look like long sticks are inserted into a small glass bottle filled with scented essential oil. The oil is absorbed by the reeds which in turn distributes the scent into the air naturally. This method is more subtle than the other diffusers but is nice for distributing scent around the room continuously, even if it is subtle.

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Simple Diffuser Sleep Blends 

You can make your own diffuser sleep blends or buy blends that are premade from any number of consumers. Simple diffuser sleep blends are easy to put together yourself. You just need to start with the different essential oils that go into the blend. If you are using an ultrasonic diffuser, fill the reservoir with water and add the appropriate essential oils. The nice thing about these essential oil diffuser sleep blends is that you have the freedom to adjust them to your particular taste. So if you like more eucalyptus than lavender, adjust accordingly and add an extra drop of eucalyptus. 

daily mom parent portal diffuser sleep blends
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  • Lavender and Marjoram. Add three drops of lavender and two drops of marjoram oil. While lavender essential oil has a floral scent, marjoram essential oil is more herbaceous so they balance each other out well. Lavender helps ease tension or anxious feelings so you relax and have more peaceful sleep. Marjoram is perfect for diffuser sleep blends like this because it helps reduce feelings of stress. It also has the plus of promoting a healthy immune system, so bonus points there. 
  • Lavender and Eucalyptus. Add two drops of eucalyptus and two to three drops of lavender oil. Again, lavender is a superstar of diffuser sleep blends because it is used primarily to promote relaxation and better sleep. This blend is floral because of the lavender essential oil with a sweet, menthol smell from the eucalyptus oil. It might remind you a little of the vapor rub your mom used to rub on your chest when you were sick, which adds a little nostalgic happiness to the scent. 
  • Frankincense and Orange. Add two to three drops of frankincense and two drops of sweet orange oil. This blend may be a surprise. Orange oil may not seem like an obvious choice for diffuser sleep blends but it is known to help reduce anxious feelings, which can lead to better sleep. Yes, frankincense is an actual essential oil and not just an ancient thing you read about in the Bible. It has a lovely clean floral aroma that makes you feel peaceful and have an overall sense of wellness. Absolutely give it a try. 
daily mom parent portal diffuser sleep blends
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  • Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Add three drops of eucalyptus and one to two drops of peppermint oil. Of the diffuser sleep blends, this blend may not be for everyone. That is if you are not a fan of minty scents. However, if the Lavender and Eucalyptus blend gave you nostalgic thoughts to vapor rub, this one will take you there too, probably even more so. It has a lovely sweet, partially herbaceous, and full-on minty aroma that promotes sleep. It also has the tendency to make you feel like you are breathing easier, which can help make you feel calmer and help you relax.
  • Eucalyptus and Frankincense. Add two drops of frankincense and two drops of eucalyptus oil. With a lightly herbaceous menthol aroma from the eucalyptus essential oil and clean floral aroma from the frankincense, this is another one of the most relaxing diffuser sleep blends with essential oils that are known for their calming qualities.  
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While You’re at It…A Few Fancy Diffuser Sleep Blends

Once you get comfortable with mixing a few essential oils to make your diffuser sleep blends, consider getting a little fancier and combining three or four essential oils to get the ultimate night’s sleep. Here are few suggestions for fancy diffuser sleep blends to lull you to sleep at night. 

  • Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus. Add four drops of lavender, two to three drops of marjoram, two to three drops of cedarwood, two drops of frankincense, and one to two drops of eucalyptus oil. As diffuser sleep blends go, this one has it all. It mostly includes essential oils from the simpler blends, but adds in cedarwood, which is known to soothe your mind and help you unwind. This blend of scents has all the ingredients you need to relieve stress, reduce tension, and help you unwind so you can get a good night’s sleep. 
daily mom parent portal diffuser sleep blends
  • Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus. Add two drops of peppermint, two to three drops of tea tree, and one to two drops of eucalyptus oil. Tea tree oil is a wonderful addition to any of your diffuser sleep blends because it is known to reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia (with a nice side benefit of relieving congestion too). Soothing and herbaceous, this blend will make you breathe easier leading to an overall calmness and sense of well-being. 
  • Lavender, Frankincense, and Cedarwood. Add three to four drops of lavender, two drops of frankincense, and two to three drops of cedarwood oil. This blend is floral and woody with a nice clean aroma. It is such a pretty, calming blend. 
  • Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus. Add four drops of rosemary, two to three drops of peppermint, three drops of tea tree, and two to three drops of eucalyptus oil. Rosemary essential oil, though not mentioned in the earlier diffuser sleep blends here, helps reduce fatigue and nervous tension so it is another great scent to help ease you into dreamland. It has a nice herbaceous smell that is really soothing when you pair it with scents like tea tree and eucalyptus. 

While everyone has their preferences and favorite scents, all of these diffuser sleep blends use essential oils that are known for their calming and relaxing effects. Once you have used some of them and have a few favorite blends and scents, you can create your own diffuser sleep blends with whatever essential oils you like best. There is not one correct blend to help you get a more relaxing night’s sleep. The right blend to lead to better sleep is whatever makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

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