It’s getting hot, hot, HOT! And even hotter for those experiencing a summer pregnancy. A mama’s body is working double time to provide blood and vital nutrients to both her and the babe growing inside. Her blood vessels are slightly dilating, allowing blood to come to the surface which makes Mama feel hotter than normal. Also, by the third trimester, her metabolic rate increases thus giving her that overheated feeling. Pile all of that on top of 100-degree heat, and well…her temperature is rising. Here at Daily Mom, we have certainly experienced a few hot summer pregnancies, so here are some of our veteran mamas tried and true tips for surviving a hot summer pregnancy.

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Tips for Surviving a Hot Summer Pregnancy

1The Pool is Your Friend…Your Best Friend

Swimming is an extremely effective way to not only cool down but also to exercise. The extra weight is supported by the water because in water you weigh one-tenth of what you do on land. While you may not feel up to the challenge of exercising in the hot summer sun, the pool may encourage you to do so. It is no secret that labor is well, labor-intensive, it requires a great deal of physical strength <another reason moms are awesome>. Swimming helps to build muscle tone and endurance, both of which you will need when delivery time comes around.

There are so many benefits to swimming while pregnant, some may even call it the perfect activity. The baby actually floats along with you taking pressure off your sciatic nerve. Swollen ankles? By submerging yourself in water fluid actually gets pushed away from the tissues and back into your veins (where it eventually gets pumped out by the kidneys).

Takeaway: Swimming in a cool pool is just what the doctor ordered.

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2Find the Perfect Fit

Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer Pregnancy

It can be difficult for women to feel comfortable during the summer, and while Nelly encourages everyone to take off all their clothes, that just isn’t feasible for Sunday brunch with the fam. So what is a pregnant mom to do? Find clothes that are loose fitting, well designed, and made with her ultimate comfort in mind. Some may say fashion takes a backseat to pregnancy, but with Pink Blush Maternity that is no longer the case.

Cute dresses that are both stylish and comfortable are all the rage for pregnant mamas. Pink Blush has all the selections you hoped for. The Charcoal Button Pocket Front Maternity Midi Dress is a quick favorite. Two small pockets adorn the front plus a cinched waistline and stylish buttons that make this a stand out dress. The length is perfect for keeping cool but not too short for chasing around your other kiddos.

summer pregnancy, summer maternity clothes

Another fun find from Pink Blush, is the Beige Solid Crochet Neck Sleeveless Maternity Dress. This light and airy design, set apart by the intricate neckline, makes it the perfect dress for any occasion this Summer.

Takeaway: Pink Blush has awesome summer maternity clothing finds.

3Be Aware of Swelling

Swelling is, for the most part, perfectly normal during pregnancy, however, that doesn’t mean it is fun. Women carry a lot of extra fluid during pregnancy and pressure from your uterus can cause swelling in your lower extremities. To combat the effects of swelling stretch often, avoid standing for long periods of time, and try to stay cool. Refer back to tip #1 on where to spend all your time this summer.

4Invest in Summer Maternity Photos

Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer Pregnancy

Do you have maternity pictures scheduled? Lucky for you, Summer Mama, the days are long and the light is perfect for gorgeous maternity photos. The Light Pink Off Shoulder Ruffle Trim Maternity Maxi is perfect for both pictures or Sunday mornings. It is long and flowy but still hugs around your middle to show off that adorable baby bump.

summer pregnancy, summer maternity clothes
Photos Courtesy of Ingrid and Vivi Photography

5Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important no matter what and a pregnant woman’s skin is even more sensitive than usual making it an absolute must. Melanocytes, pigment-producing cells, are working harder than ever during pregnancy because leaving your skin more susceptible to harmful UV-rays. There is even evidence that not wearing sunscreen while pregnant can place you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. The best way to deal with sun overexposure is avoidance, or at the very least stay out of it during the hottest hours of the day from 10am-2pm. Wearing protective gear, like hats, is also advised. New studies have found sunscreen containing oxybenzone can be dangerous to the fetus so appropriate sun clothing is likely your best option when outdoors.

Takeaway: Find Safe Sunscreens For Your Family

6Stay Hydrated

Dehydration occurs when your body loses water faster than it is taking it in. Water helps to maintain your body’s temperature. During pregnancy, you need more water than the average person because your blood volume increases by 40-50% plus your metabolism is working for two. In return, your body sweats more to cool itself off, thus making it important you drink enough water. Water is the basis for both the placenta and amniotic sac thus making it a vital part of pregnancy. Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to serious conditions including neural tube defects, low amniotic fluid, premature labor, and birth defects. So grab yourself a glass of the icy cold goodness and get to drinking, Mama.

Don’t forget foods that contain water. Experts estimate that we receive over 25% of our daily water intake from foods.

  • Lettuce- 96% water
  • Cucumbers- 95% water
  • Watermelon- 92% water
  • Strawberries- 91% water
  • Cantaloupe- 90% water

Takeaway: Drink plenty of water and forgo the sugary beverages.

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7Enjoy Your Summer Fun

Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer Pregnancy

There are so many activities to enjoy during the long summer days. Take advantage of these days but be sure to dress comfortably and stay cool. The Light Blue Striped Ruffle Sleeve Maternity Top is both functional and cool. Pair it with a cute pair of shorts and sit back in the shade while your kiddos run off their extra energy at the park.

9Plan Plenty of Indoor Activities

Becoming overheated is serious for both Mama and baby. If the body reaches a temperature of 102 degrees for a period of longer than 10 minutes, there could be complications for both baby and mama. If you become overheated, head indoors ASAP grab some water and allow yourself to rest. Call your doctor if feelings of lightheadedness, prolonged nausea, or if you feel faint.

In the heat of the midday sun, there are many other fun and entertaining indoor options for both you and the other kids. If you’re a first time mama spend these days catching up on your summer reading list or perfecting your latest hobby. Trust us, you won’t have much free time soon.

If you have other kids to entertain there are plenty of things to do for all of you. During the summer most libraries and museums offer daily kids programs, movie theaters offer special discounts, and if the kids need to run off all that extra steam, there are indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks perfect for working out those wiggles while you watch from nearby. A great tip is to plan out your summer ahead of time to make it less stressful once the kids are out of school. Check out what is available in your area and calendar out your days. That way you don’t fall into the summer rut where you spend the whole morning asking the kids what they want to do while they eat every unhealthy snack in the house and destroy the playroom.

Surviving a hot summer pregnancy can be tough, but if you play it smart, spend some time in the shade, keep your water bottle handy and wear the right clothes you will survive this summer with flying colors and baby will be here in no time. So, get your mocktail in hand, plan for plenty of summer fun, and take on the heat like the boss mama you are.

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Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer Pregnancy

Photo Credit:  Ingrid and Vivi Photography

Sources:  Unity Point Health, What to Expect

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