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A Comprehensive Guide and Comparison of Vtech Baby Monitors


Whether you are a first time mom or a seasoned pro, one incredibly handy purchase for the nursery is a baby monitor. When it comes time to pick a baby monitor for your family, a Vtech baby monitor is an excellent choice for outfitting your home to ensure peace of mind and baby safety. Vtech is a globally recognized company for electronics, including products for infants, toddlers and early education learning. Whether you are a Budget Conscious Consumer, an I Like a Few Bells & Whistles Shopper, or a Tech Savvy Sophisticate, there is most certainly a Vtech baby monitor to suit your taste. Here is a list of pros and cons of 10 Vtech baby monitor models from which to choose.

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Vtech Baby Monitor Guide By Consumer Profile 

Budget Conscious Consumer 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The DM111 Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an entry-level basic Vtech baby monitor. If you’re looking for a monitor to place in your baby’s room and you only want to detect the sounds of a baby crying or sleeping, then this monitor will get the job done. The DM111 is super portable which makes this good for travel, whether that be to visit grandparents or the mountains.   

Pros: The DM111 features a clear audio connection, five level sound indicator, and a range of up to 1,000 feet. What makes this monitor so attractive is that it is super affordable.   

Cons: The DM111 is an entry-level monitor, which means that it lacks features that add convenience. Given the affordable price point, you shouldn’t expect more than the basics. Also, this monitor does not run on rechargeable batteries. 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The DM111 Audio Baby Monitor with 2 parent units is the exact same monitor as the prior model, but instead of one parent unit there are two parent units. The extra parent unit allows for multiple connections in more than one room of the house 

Pros: If you live in a two story house or have lots of bedrooms, then you might consider upgrading to the two parent unit Vtech baby monitor models so you’re not constantly moving the units all over the house. 

Cons: Just like the DM111 with one unit, this is a very simple, no frills, baby monitor so it lack other features that add convenience.  That being said, it doesn’t take away from the base functionality of the monitor. This unit runs on 3 AAA batteries and not rechargeable ones. 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The DM226 baby monitor has an adorably sweet teddy bear design for the nursery. The DM226 has one parent unit and one monitor. The added features on this model allows for two-way talk via intercom and has a range of 1,000 feet outdoors and 150 feet indoors.  

Pros: The DM226 has a rechargeable battery and very small night light on the nose of the bear. This Vtech baby monitor is cute! 

Cons: The DM226 is non-expandable, meaning you won’t be able to add additional monitors to the frequency if you have more than one story in your house or multiple rooms. This unit needs to be plugged in overnight and users have noted that the rechargeable batteries don’t last through the night. 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The DM221 is similar to the DM226, but without the teddy bear design. The parent unit of the DM221 runs on battery or AC power, has a range of up 1,000 feet outdoors and 150 feet indoors. This Vtech baby monitor also has a talk-back intercom and night light.   

Pros: The DM221 will get the job done, if the job is simply monitoring sounds and staying connected with babies. Plus, the intercom is handy for paging older kids AND your husband. The backlit screen of the parent unit is handy for when the lights are out.  

Cons: If you have a small house or don’t mind moving the unit throughout the house, then this model is great. Otherwise, the DM221 is not expandable and lacks convenience features found on a higher end Vtech baby monitor.  

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I Like A Few Bells & Whistles Shopper 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The VM2251 is a Vtech baby monitor with a video camera and screen. This monitor features a high resolution 2.4” color LCD screen. Other features include a two-way intercom, 5 level sound indicator, 2x digital zoom, rechargeable batteries and a range of 800 feet.  

Pros: If you’re interested in a video monitor, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, this unit is for you. This unit does not require WiFi, which means that you don’t run the risk of any would-be hackers, but then you also can’t view the monitor feed remotely on a cellphone. The camera angle is adjustable, so that’s a plus!  

Cons: This is not an expandable system nor does the camera pan. Consumers have remarked that the picture quality is grainy and the battery life is short when plugged in. Just remember that these screens are not intended to be 4K Ultra HD resolution like a television, so unless you’re ready to spend a lot of money, the resolution quality reflects the price tag.  

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

This Vtech baby monitor, the VM352-2, is a step up from the entry level video model. The camera lens on the VM352 is an upgrade with 170-degree horizontal pan allowing for standard views as well as wide angle/panoramic views. The VM 352 features two-way communication, remote digital zoom, a max range outdoors of 1,000 feet and a 5 inch full color LCD screen.  

Pros: There are a lot of convenience features packed into this mid range Vtech baby monitor, and the VM 352 does not disappoint. This unit’s panoramic views and night vision are great for catching a better view of the nursery.

Cons: Consumers of this model do not have many complaints. This model is not WiFi compatible, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless that feature is important to you.  

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The Tech Savvy Sophisticate 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The VM4261 Vtech baby monitor has a camera that pans and tilts 270 degrees. It also has a 1.33 zoom, plays five calming melodies, and has a 4.3 inch LCD screen. These features start to feel fancy and the monitor is priced only $20 more than the prior model. 

Pros: The picture quality on theVM4261 is pretty decent.  The extra pan and tilt, up to 270 degrees, is also convenient. You’ll have to decide how important the pan and tilt is for your household, and if its really necessary for for monitoring babies and toddlers. 

Cons: This unit is expandable, but according to users only two cameras at a time. So, if you want to expand you may have to buy another unit, which will will add up. The battery in the parent unit may not have longevity on its side and this monitor is a closed circuit system so it does not run on WiFi, nor is compatible with a smart phone (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The VM352-2 is similar to the earlier reviewed VM352 baby monitor, but includes 2 pan and tilt cameras. If your residence calls for two cameras, instead of one, then this is a nice option. The cameras are adjustable up to 170 degrees, have 2x digital zoom, transmit audio/video up to 1,000 feet, has a two-way talk back intercom, an option to play soothing sounds and lullabies, and a high resolution 5 inch LCD screen 

Pros: The wide angle lens on this Vtech baby monitor gives complete room views. While this might not matter when a baby is in a crib, it would come in handy when you’ve got a toddler roaming the house. As far as Vtech baby monitors are concerned, the video on this model does what it is intended to do.  

Cons: You could certainly buy a camera with a greater degree of pan and tilt to get a panoramic view and accomplish close to the same thing for less than the price tag of this model. Also, this unit is not expandable, if that is important to you. 

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The VM981 is a Vtech baby monitor that is expandable and WiFi enabled. The camera lens on the VM981 is a fixed view camera and has remote digital zoom. This model features a 5 inch LCD touchscreen and can be remotely accessed from a phone or tablet using the MyVtech Baby App. Other convenience features include two-way talk, full motion video and the ability to connect up to 10 cameras.  

Pros: So, it is super cool that you can record video and take snap shots from the monitor feed with this Vtech baby monitor. As an added bonus, this model allows for night vision.  

Cons: Between smartphones and other cameras, do baby monitors really need to record video and stills? Babies are precious so sure, why not? Just bear in mind that the price of the VM981 will reflect these features. Much like other models, batteries may die quickly and picture quality isn’t, well, 4K HD Resolution.  

A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

The VM991 is your watchful eye, whether at home or from your smartphone. Just like the VM981, this is a WiFi enabled model so you can listen, view, and comfort your child remotely using the MyVtech Baby App. This model also has high definition video, local or remote two-way talk, motion alerts, and a 5 inch color touchscreen. Unlike the VM981, the camera on this model pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side, tilts up and down, and zooms up to 10 times. 

Pros: This baby monitor reportedly has good WiFi range and the picture resolution performs as expected for this price point. This model is expandable up to 10 cameras so if you have a large house or property, you can have complete home coverage. 

Cons: The talkback features from cell phones may not be the most reliable. The 10x zoom feature is great, but it comes at the expense of resolution. The VM991 reportedly has battery life issues when the unit is removed from AC power, however this is a critique that is not unique to this Vtech baby monitor. 

A Vtech baby monitor is a solid choice for parents in the market for a baby monitor. When you read enough reviews, the pros and cons of baby monitor models tend to be the same. With that mind, it is better to make a purchase within the price range that suits your budget. And, keep in mind this little secret about baby monitors, these nursery add-ons are used way beyond the infant stage, they come in handy as your child grows into toddlerhood and beyond.  

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A Comprehensive Guide And Comparison Of Vtech Baby Monitors

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