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Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album: Make 2020 A Year Well Lived!


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Let’s be honest, 2020 did not start the way that any of us intended it to. We never expected a pandemic to hit and for all of the plans for the year to abruptly come to a halt. Although your plans may have changed, that doesn’t mean that this time isn’t something to remember. In fact, now is the time to cherish your loved ones and start documenting these moments with the Artifact Uprisings scrapbook album.

daily-mom-parent-portal-Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!

Printing your photos is extremely important for both you and your children. Looking back through photos gives your child a tangible way to remember something. Growing up, you may be able to remember that your grandmother had a blooming rose garden, but having a tangible portrait that you can touch will heighten that memory – you may even remember what those roses smelled like. Who wouldn’t want a way to transport back in time to a certain memory?

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Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!
This scrapbook album is an absolute game changer.

Some of you are likely thinking “Well, why would I make a scrapbook album when I have all of my photos on my phone?”. While the digital age we live in is wonderful for so many reasons, you’re relying on your photos to be “found”. Once you take the photo, you have to scroll through an endless amount of shots just to find the one that you want.

When you print a photo, you bring that memory to life in a physical way. Once you touch it, it’s more likely you’ll be able to find it in your scrapbook album vs a phone that is seven years old and can’t hold a charge. And in most cases, it won’t be you looking for that memory but it will be your children.

Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album is an absolute game-changer for documenting your stories. 

This scrapbook album gives you the ability to preserve your stories in a tangible and stylish way. As opposed to a traditional scrapbook album, Artifact Uprising has created “chapters” based all-around how you want to tell your story. Your life and the memories you want to share are not always within the same time period.

Telling your stories in different segments or chapters can help give you the ability to connect with each moment rather than having them all bulked together. Think of your scrapbook album as a timeline, you could start with your maternity stories and document each aspect of your child’s life as they continue to grow. 

daily-mom-parent-portal-Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!

Though not every chapter in your life is a happy one. Some might be heartbreaking to remember, like living through a pandemic.

Children who are living through the COVID-19 pandemic of this world are having to stay home. They have no way of connecting with their friends or classmates, and a lot of kids don’t understand why. You may feel the need to protect them from getting hurt, just like you’re protecting them from catching this virus. But sheltering your children from their emotions is the opposite of what you should be doing. Kids Help Line states “Helping your child identify their feelings is the first step in helping them manage them. Kids who are able to identify, understand, express, and manage a wide range of feelings experience long term benefits to their mental health and wellbeing.” 

Instead of sheltering your children from the world, we’re living in, give them a reason to make 2020 a year well lived with a scrapbook album project. Take your camera and document the different things you’ve been doing through quarantine. Collecting four-leaf clovers in the yard, making masks, or snuggling by the window on a rainy day.

Documenting all of these moments will help your children feel connected to the things going on, knowing that no matter what they are safe and loved. This also gives them the ability to look back on these times and pull their scrapbook album out when their kids ask what it was like living through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

daily-mom-parent-portal-Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!

Our parents and grandparents all had photo albums. Traditionally, they were the ones that you peeled the plastic back and placed your photos inside the scrapbook album. The plastic casing around these images is not a good way to preserve your memories. The plastic can heat up causing damage, warping, and discoloration to your precious photos. The plastic scrapbook albums should remain in the past and instead you should replace it with the quality in an Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album to preserve your memories for future generations.

There is absolutely no plastic coating within with this scrapbook album, and instead, it has special cut-outs made to hold and store your images, as well as cute and sturdy photo corners to hold individual prints. If you’re wanting to hold something else along with your photos, there are a few pages that include little pockets for the items that are small, yet significant – such as four-leaf clovers or sea glass!

The quality of a scrapbook album is highly important. This album will be one that is passed down for generations, you don’t want it to fall apart before your grandchildren get a chance to see and feel the stories you want to tell. Artifact Uprising includes 33 pages that you customize before placing in them in the high-quality linen three-ring binder. This scrapbook album gives you the ability to remove and rearrange pages without damaging the album itself and having the ability to replace pages without purchasing an entire new scrapbook album is absolutely genius! This will save you the worry if your toddler ever draws on a page with a crayon. 

daily-mom-parent-portal-Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!

Artifact Uprising knows how to preserve the things that really matter to you, but you are the only person who can customize your scrapbook album to tell your story. With prompts on things that bring you joy, nostalgia, and gratitude, you’ll have time to remember and cherish each and every memory you write about. Although this year may not be what you expected, you can still make 2020 a year well-lived!

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daily-mom-parent-portal-Make 2020 A Year Well Lived With Artifact Uprisings Scrapbook Album!

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