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Best Baby Essentials: Safety 1st Forehead Thermometer


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There’s nothing worse than when you have a sick child and you aren’t sure what’s wrong with them. A quality forehead thermometer tops the list of baby essentials that you must keep on hand at your home. A hand to a baby’s forehead is not a reliable way to determine whether or not your child has a fever. Yes, you may be able to tell that they feel warmer than usual but you won’t know the level of a fever that a forehead thermometer can provide. The Safety 1st Easy Read Forehead Thermometer is a digital thermometer that takes your baby’s temperature in one second and provides an accurate reading with the click of a button.

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Safety 1st Easy Read Forehead Thermometer

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The Safety 1st Easy Read Forehead Thermometer is a stress-free, no touch temperature thermometer. Within just one second after pressing the button, the temperature will display on the easy to read screen. If your baby has a high temperature, the fever light bar will glow to indicate that the child has an elevated temperature over 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit. For parents that like to keep track of their child’s temperature, you can utilize this thermometer’s memory recall that will allow you to look back on the last 25 readings that were taken to evaluate the progress of your child’s condition.

If your child is taking a nap or is down for the night, this forehead thermometer also has a feature allowing you to use the backlight and mute function to take your child’s temperature while they are sleeping without waking them up. The auto-shut off feature will help conserve the battery life of the thermometer so you don’t have to worry about making sure it is turned off after every use.

The Safety 1st Easy Read Thermometer also works on taking the temperature of liquids allowing you to gauge if certain liquids are at an appropriate and safe temperature for your child. Finally there is no more guessing if your baby’s bath water is too warm or if their bottle of formula is too hot to drink.

How to Use Safety 1st Easy Read Thermometer

  1. Line up the red LED dots directly on your child’s forehead.
  2. When the dots are directly over one another that will indicate that the thermometer is at the right distance.
  3. Press the read button.
  4. Listen for the beep to know the reading is complete.
  5. Use the wait reminder to know when the thermometer is ready for a second reading.
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Easy Read Forehead Thermometer
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About Safety 1st

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This company’s mission is all in the name. Their priority and goal is to put safety first when it comes to the security and well-being of babies, toddlers, and children. From the car to your home, Safety 1st is committed to providing protection to your kids whether they are eating, sleeping, playing, bathing, or traveling in a car or stroller. Established as the brand leader in child safety 30 years ago with its little yellow BABY ON BOARD sign and the first true collection of home safety products, Safety 1st now offers the very best in baby gear from car seats and monitors to childproofing products, and more.

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daily mom parent portal forehead thermometer

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