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Best Breastfeeding Brands: Motherhood Maternity

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When you become pregnant, your clothing changes. You are no longer able to wear the regular clothes you had been wearing and now you need maternity clothing to accommodate your growing belly and other body changes. Motherhood Maternity is one of the most reliable, affordable, and well-known maternity and nursing clothing brands around. After you give birth to your little one, you will then need a whole new set of clothing to accommodate for nursing, pumping, and changes in breast size that may occur. Featured in this article are two basic, yet essential items all breastfeeding and pumping women should have, the Slim Fit Lift Up Nursing Shirt and the Clip Down Nursing Cami.

Slim Fit Lift Up Nursing Shirt

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Nursing mamas always need a casual shirt that they do not have to worry about having difficulty breastfeeding their child while wearing. The Slim Fit Lift Up Nursing Shirt is a short sleeve, scoop neck t-shirt that is perfect for everyday wear. The lift up double opening nursing function makes breastfeeding or pumping a breeze for both sides. New mothers will love this shirt postpartum because the design makes for a flattering fit on any body type.

The jersey knit material makes this nursing shirt so soft and comfortable it can be worn all day. The Slim Fit Lift Up Nursing Shirt is available in sizes extra small to 3X-large and comes in a variety of colors and prints including black, blue spacedye, blue and white stripes, grey spacedye, and black and white stripes. Pair this shirt with your favorite pair of blue jeans or even leggings for a comfortable, casual look.

Clip Down Nursing Cami

daily mom parent portal motherhood maternity

Another absolute must for postpartum moms is a go-to nursing cami. A cami is perfect to wear on its own, use as a layer under other shirts, or even sleep in. The Clip Down Nursing Cami is made from super soft cotton with spandex for a stretchy fit. The longer length is ideal to prevent the tank top from riding up and constantly having to tug and pull down. The one handed clip down function makes breastfeeding extremely easy, especially when you are using your other hand to hold your hungry baby and you need to feed them quickly.

The Clip Down Nursing Cami is available in sizes extra small to extra large and comes in both neutral and fun, bright colors including chalk pink, yellow, coral, blue, navy, spacedye grey, white, black, heather grey, and black with white polka dots. This tank top is so reasonably priced you will want several in your wardrobe to wear daily and go with any outfit.

About Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is a one-stop shop for everything women need from their first trimester through their fourth trimester. Motherhood Maternity understands that women are going to experience many changes in their body as they enter their pregnancy journey and transition to becoming mothers which is why they are committed to providing women quality clothing for this new and exciting time. From nursing bras and underwear to everyday clothing such as dresses, pants, tops, activewear, sleepwear, and swimwear, Motherhood Maternity has you covered.

Slim Fit Lift Up Nursing Shirt | Clip Down Nursing Cami

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daily mom parent portal Motherhood Maternity

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