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Best Nursery Accessories: Tommee Tippee GroEgg


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There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby. That little angel looks so peaceful and content resting in a deep sleep; yet, many parents would admit feeling scared, anxious, or paranoid when their child is sleeping. There are so many things to be concerned about that parents feel the need to constantly check on their child during the night or when napping. Are they breathing? Are they cold? Are they hot? Are they laying in the proper position?

Many of these worries can be eased with a thermometer for room temperature such as the Tommee Tippee Groegg Nursery Thermometer. This innovative thermometer monitors the temperature in your child’s nursery giving parents reassurance that their baby is sleeping safely and comfortably.

The Right Temperature for Your Baby’s Bedroom

daily mom parent portal thermometer for room temperature

Research shows that a higher room temperature is associated with an increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which is why the GroEgg is such an important device. Keeping your child’s bedroom at the right temperature can be challenging especially during seasons where outside temperatures can be very cold or very hot leaving parents unsure whether or not they have set their thermostat at the appropriate temperature.

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Many times parents cannot tell whether their baby is sleeping at a comfortable temperature just by looking at them or touching them. It is also not uncommon for parents to assume their baby will get cold during the night and layer them in warm pajamas with a blanket over them and then find their child sweating a short while later. Tommee Tippee understands that many aspects of parenthood can be a guessing game which is why they are dedicated to creating tools and accessories like the GroEgg Nursery Thermometer that help take the guesswork out of daily parenting challenges.

Thermometer for Room Temperature: Tommee Tippee GroEgg

daily mom parent portal thermometer for room temperature

The GroEgg Nursery Thermometer is a one of a kind thermometer for room temperature in the shape of an egg that changes color with the temperature of the room. This digital thermometer will display the temperature of the baby’s room in either Fahrenheit or Celsius on the LCD screen. The temperature will also be accompanied by either a smiley face or frown face that can easily indicate whether the room temperature is ideal for your child.

The Tommee Tippee GroEgg Nursery Thermometer is convenient to read and easy to understand. A yellow glow and a smiley face means the nursery is at the perfect sleep temperature of 61° to 68° degrees. The blue glow indicates that the room is too cold for your baby and the red color notifies parents that nursery is too hot.

The GroEgg also serves as a gentle night light. The light is just enough to illuminate the bedroom for parent’s to peek in on their little one’s without being too bright to potentially wake up your sleeping baby. This thermometer for room temperature is a great nursery accessory that allows both parents and children to have a restful nights sleep without worry, questions, and concerns.  

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About Tomee Tippee

daily mom parent portal thermometer for room temperature

Tommee Tippee offers a huge range of simple and intuitive baby and toddler products such as bottles, cups, sleep sacks, pacifiers and more. The company’s mission is simple: to make everyday life easier for families everywhere. The Tommee Tippee toddler range includes BPA-free toddler drinking and feeding products to help teach children how to eat and drink, offering a seamless transition from those first steps, through to independent feeding and drinking.


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daily mom parent portal thermometer for room temperature

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