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Complete Your Hospital Bag Checklist with The Ultimate Hospital Bag


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Is your due date quickly approaching? Do you have everything ready? If you plan to deliver your baby in a hospital or birthing center, you will want to have a bag packed and ready to go with everything checked off your hospital bag checklist. If this isn’t something you’ve thought about yet or haven’t prepared for don’t worry.

Many mothers before you will admit, they were never truly ready either. However, if you are looking for a little help in the packing and preparation department, Llama Momma is an incredible company that is dedicated to taking this responsibility completely off a mom-to-be’s shoulders and having everything ready for them.

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When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag

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It is recommended that you have your hospital bag packed and ready to go sometime between 32 and 35 weeks. This is about halfway through your third trimester and an important time to be prepared in the event that you go into labor early. A baby arriving earlier than expected is already going to be stressful enough. Pregnant women do not need the added stress of having to go to the hospital without a bag with their personal items.

Typically, after delivering your baby, you will spend two nights in the hospital and it may be extended another day or two if you have a c-section. During this time away from home, you will want to have several essential items with you that will make your stay at the hospital a little more comfortable. If you are a first-time mom you may be feeling like you have no idea what to pack. Luckily, Llama Momma has taken the guesswork out of packing by creating The Ultimate Hospital Bag, a fully stocked hospital bag ready to go with everything that a soon to be mom would need during their time admitted in the hospital.

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The Ultimate Hospital Bag

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

The Ultimate Hospital Bag is more than just a bag filled with supplies. It is a symbol of motherhood. Heading to the hospital is just the beginning of a journey that takes women through possibly the toughest moment of their life immediately into the most joyous. After enduring the labor and delivery of a baby, no matter the level of pain or difficulty experienced, all women deserve to return to some feeling of normalcy. The items in the Ultimate Hospital Bag will help women not only achieve comfort but also assist them on the road to recovery.

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

Self-care is extremely important following the birth of a baby. So many women become consumed with caring for their little one that they forget to take care of themselves. This could both prolong the recovery time as well as effect postpartum health. The Ultimate Hospital Bag has thoughtfully included supplies to help speed up your healing time such as gel bead ice packs for both breasts and perineum, pads, maternity underwear, reusable nursing pads, perineal spray, nipple butter, and muscle recovery balm.

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Everything on Your Hospital Bag Checklist Included

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

When considering your hospital bag checklist, expecting mamas can easily become overwhelmed. Questions like “What do I need to pack for me?”, “What do I need to bring for the baby?”, and “What is the hospital going to provide?” all arise. Many first time moms will agree they either overpacked, packed things they never ended up using in their hospital bag or forgot certain items that they wished they had brought. The Ultimate Hospital Bag includes only items that will be useful to mothers and babies.

  • “The Mommy Bag”, a large duffel bag to hold all the items on your hospital bag checklist
  • A “Mommy’s Treasures” Clutch with toiletry items including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, pads, reusable nursing pads, soap, deodorant, hair ties, a hair mask, perineal spray, nipple butter, and muscle recovery balm
  • A nursing bra
  • A 5 piece pajama set (nursing robe, nursing top, pants, matching newborn gown, newborn hat)
  • Maternity gift set (2 breast gel ice pads, 1 perineum gel ice pad strip, disposable covers)
  • Reusable nursing pads
  • Maternity panties
  • Portable bidet
  • Foldable tote
  • Going home outfit for momma (black hooded sweater and matching pants)
  • A “Babies Necessities” Pouch with an organic cotton onesie, a wooden comb and brush set, and a soft, body scrubber
  • Burt’s Bees Getting Started Kit (baby lotion, baby shampoo, body wash, diaper cream, and nourishing baby oil)
  • Changing pad

After seeing everything that is included in The Ultimate Hospital Bag you will see that with the exception of possibly a few extra items, there is nothing more to pack and you are completely set with all of the essentials on your hospital bag checklist. There is nothing more to do except wait for the moment when it is time for you to make your way to the hospital and meet your little boy or little girl. Your stay in the hospital will be so much more enjoyable and stress-free knowing that you have everything you need right there with you.

When Should You Head To The Hospital

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

It may be difficult for women to know when they are officially in labor. It is not uncommon for many women to go to the hospital thinking the time has come to just be sent home because of false labor or Braxton Hicks contractions. If you have a symptom such as your water breaking or you are experiencing contractions that are consistently coming every few minutes lasting 30 to 45 seconds each, this is a good indication that you should grab your Llama Momma Hospital Bag and start making your way to the hospital.

Other signs you may in labor and need to head to the hospital include:

  • your baby “drops”
  • your cervix dilates
  • cramping
  • increased back pain
  • loose-feeling joints
  • diarrhea
  • you lose your mucous plug
  • stronger, more frequent contractions

About Llama Momma

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

As most expecting mothers do as they near their due date, they begin to research what to pack in their hospital bags or watch YouTube videos about what items should be on their hospital bag checklist. This is where the founder of Llama Momma became overwhelmed and decided that there needed to be a kit that not only has everything a mother would need in the hospital but also access to important items that will help mothers with any breastfeeding and recovery struggles they may encounter in the hospital or once they get home.

daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

Llama Momma is committed to helping not only first-time mothers but all expecting mothers by letting them focus on taking care of themselves and their new baby instead of worrying about what they packed. In addition to the Ultimate Hospital Bag which is already packed and ready for you, there is the Build Your Own Hospital Bag which gives you the options to customize your Mommy Bag. There is even something for Dad’s! Expecting fathers can get either a Daddy Bag duffle bag or a backpack where they can carry everything they need for themselves and their baby.

Ultimate Hospital Bag
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For more things to consider for your hospital bag checklist, check out these Hospital Bag Necessities.

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daily mom parent portal Hospital Bag Checklist

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