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Designing the Perfect Toddler Bedroom with Nook


Is it time for your little one’s nursery to be converted to a toddler room? Do you have multiple children and want to let them share a room? Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran of siblings, the move out of the crib and into a “bid kid” bed is still a defining moment.

A big kid bedroom usually means the end of an era; the end of being rocked to sleep, the end of nightly feedings, and the end of a time when your child was solely dependent on you for his or her every need. That said, parents still want to ensure the safety and security of their now mobile toddlers, from their playrooms to their bedrooms.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook
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A toddler bedroom means more freedom and independence. It signifies a time in your child’s life when he or she is beginning to spread their wings, assert themselves (as all toddlers are known to do), and really let their little personalities begin to shine. This is the age of exploration and imagination, the time of fearlessness and affection, the stage where your child transforms before your very eyes from a needy infant to a tiny human who walks, talks, and performs tasks independently and to your amazement every single day.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook

For parents, this may be a bittersweet moment watching your babies grow up, knowing you’ll never get to go back, but it is also an incredible time where you will observe your child developing into the person they will eventually become, one day at a time. Parenthood, like childhood, is all about ages and stages, so if your child is ready to be a big boy or girl and update their room, look no further than Nook for all of the safest, stylish, most comfortable bedroom essentials.

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Creating the Perfect Toddler Room with Nook

Designing The Perfect Toddler Bedroom With Nook

The natural progression for a child is to move from a crib mattress (which usually fits a toddler bed as well) to a twin size bed. A twin bed is big enough to accommodate a toddler’s growing body and still make room for mom or dad during storytime.

Quality is key in choosing a twin size mattress because this bed could be your child’s bed through their teen years. Not only do you need a safe and supportive surface for your toddler, you may also want to consider the developmental needs of your elementary, middle or even high school-aged child. The Nook Pebble Twin Mattress is a premium foam mattress that has numerous benefits for your child’s sleep routine and will easily support with them as they grow.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook

The Nook Pebble Twin Mattress has many amazing features; however, the most notable is that this is an all-in-one mattress that does not require a mattress pad or sheets. This mattress has a completely removable cover that is easy to take on and off and is machine washable. You will never have to worry about the sheets popping off the corners of the bed or trying to get the mattress pad secured in difficult areas. Both making the bed and laundry day will be a breeze with Nook.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook

Made from safe, organic and non-toxic materials, the Pebble Twin Mattress is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The Pebble Twin supports developing spines by using a 100% non-toxic Cert-PUR-US foam core. The signature pebble cover is bathed in zinc and nanosphere technology making this mattress water-resistant and stain-resistant, helping to keep your child’s bed clean from those inevitable messes.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook

Breathable for your toddler, a comfortable escape for your tween, and sustainably made for your high schooler, Nook’s Pebble Twin mattress is the perfect mattress for your child at any age or stage.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

Ideal for pairing with the Nook Pebble Twin mattress in your toddler room is the Pebble Pillow Jr. Most pillows are simply too big for tiny toddlers, and even pre-school age children may not sleep comfortably, or receive the sleep support they need with a standard adult pillow. Furthermore, breathability is still a primary concern for parents of toddlers.  Bedding and pillows can be oversized and too loose, which can be dangerous.

Designing The Safest Toddler Room With Nook
Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

The Pebble Pillow Jr. offers just the right amount of support and incline for children 18 months and up. This organic pillow is safe, sustainable, hypoallergenic and water and stain-resistant just like all of Nook’s other innovative bedroom essentials. With a removable, washable organic cotton and eucalyptus cover, organic kapok filling, and soft, cozy pebble design, parents and their children will love the comfort and security this pillow provides.

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Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

Whether your toddler is still a little wobbly on his or her feet, or you have rambunctious children who love to wrestle, the Nook LilyPad2 Playmat is an absolute necessity for your child’s room. With the current housing trends opting for tile and wood floors over carpet options, the LilyPad2 Playmat will keep your little ones safe, cozy and comfortable in all seasons while they lounge and play.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook
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The LilyPad2 Playmat is a large, thick cushioned playmat that is safe and comfortable for kids. Made from organic cotton and eucalyptus fabric, this eco-friendly mat is non-toxic, breathable, and stain-resistant. The LilyPad 2 measures at 56” x 56” inches making this mat large enough to fit multiple children and their toys for hours of uninterrupted play. Parents can even join in on the play comfortably thanks to the LilyPad2 Playmat.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook
Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook
Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

The flexible, easy-fold design and carrying handles also make the LilyPad2 conveniently portable. Move this mat from room to room or even pack it up in the handy carrying backpack and take it with you when you’re on the go. This is the perfect travel accessory to take with you if you’re headed to a park, hotel, or grandparent’s house.

The water-resistant technology and antimicrobial safeguard protect children from messes and germs. The LilyPad2 will grow with you and your kids, transitioning easily from the floor of their toddler room to all of the older siblings’ extracurricular activities and more. The LilyPad2 comes in 6 vibrant colors and is machine washable.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

When creating the perfect haven for your toddler or young child making the furnishings “just their size” is important. The ability to reach their own books, dress in their own clothes, and climb into their own beds is really an empowering experience that boosts their confidence and self-esteem every time they succeed in accomplishing a task.

Perfect for encouraging this independence while also inspiring a lifelong love of reading is the creation of a “book nook” in their room. The Nook Pebble Lounger is great addition to this area because they are a perfect size, as well as fun, unique and inviting. Made with non-toxic foam, the Pebble Lounger is comfortably cushioned and padded for kids and parents alike.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook

Having a dedicated space to sit in a toddler room is a great way to inspire kids to have independent, alone time in their room. They can spend time reading their favorite books or watching a movie while sitting in their Nook Pebble Lounger. If they want to join the family in a common area, this lounger is easily portable and can be moved from room to room.

Designing The Safest Toddler Bedroom With Nook
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The Pebble Lounger has a sleek, modern scoop design that allows children to sit comfortably while still providing excellent lower back support. A removable and machine washable cover will keep this chair looking clean and new. The Pebble Lounger comes in 6 bold colors that will complement the look of any room. This chair is safe for children 18-months and up and will be loved by kids big and small for many years to come.

Pebble Twin Mattress | Pebble Pillow Jr. | LilyPad2 Playmat | Pebble Lounger Chair

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About Nook

After spending a significant amount of time searching for an organic crib mattress and finding themselves disappointed with available selections, the creators of Nook decided to design not only a truly organic crib mattress but an entire line of organic and non-toxic bedroom essentials for your babies, big or small. In addition to crib mattresses and nursing pillows, Nook designs products to complement your lifestyle from body pillows and full mattresses to portable playmats and more. Nook is committed to providing families with healthy, natural products that are not only stylish and reliable but also long-lasting.

Your child’s room is their own personal space, the place they sleep and play. No matter how big your baby becomes – toddlers, tweens, and teens included – parents want them to feel safe, secure and comfortable at home. With Nook, you can design your child’s space just for them. Most of their non-toxic, organic and sustainability made products are available in a variety of colors and sizes guaranteeing you will find the perfect style to fit their personality and grow with them through the years.

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Designing The Perfect Toddler Bedroom With Nook

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