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Finding Life-Changing PMS Relief With Jubilance


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Women across the world experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome) in different ways, but it’s safe to say that searching for PMS relief is a common thread among all women. According to Mayo Clinic, PMS has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, some strong enough to affect a woman’s day-to-day life. Symptoms can be physical, such as weight gain, fatigue and sore breasts, as well as psychological, such as mood swings, irritability and gloominess.

While there are some over the counter treatments of varying effectiveness available for the physical symptoms of PMS, many women are left with little resources to address psychological symptoms that can make life incredibly difficult for days or even weeks of every month. PMS related mood changes such as crippling anxiety, mood swings, uncontrollable irritability and bouts of severe hopelessness are, unfortunately, regular parts of the monthly cycle for many women. 

To date, scientific efforts to find relief for women with emotional PMS symptoms have been scarce, but a new women-led company, Jubilance, is on the scene and changing that.

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Common Misconceptions about PMS

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We’ve all heard the advice: “Don’t go swimming if you’re going to start/ on your period.” “Don’t go to bed with your hair wet.” “Just relax.” “Go for a walk, it’s all in your head.”

While this advice is all well-meaning (giving the benefit of the doubt here) it’s not necessarily helpful or true. While science has proven that blood flow can change while you’re swimming, being in the water won’t make you ill, attract sharks, or even cause others around you to become ill. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal PMS Relief

Going on walks can be beneficial in some cases with PMS and cramping, but it is not the case for every woman. Walking and getting your body moving can definitely help relax different parts of your body and increase support for those cramping muscles, but if it’s an especially difficult day, no one wants to get their shoes on and hit the pavement. Going to sleep with wet hair is just going to make your pillow soggy, and trying to “relax” doesn’t offer any solid solutions. 

These common misconceptions about PMS and menstrual cycles, in general, are not only unhelpful, but they can be harmful to a woman searching for answers or solutions to PMS relief; during what seems like an unbearable time in her life. Enter Jubilance. 

Introducing Jubilance

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Jubilance for PMS, a nutritional supplement, is an advanced, science-based solution for PMS relief, especially PMS mood symptoms. Powered by a patented ingredient called thermally stabilized oxaloacetate (OAA), Jubilance is the only over-the-counter product for emotional PMS on the market backed by peer-reviewed clinical trials.  And with zero fillers, dyes, gluten, or preservatives, you can truly feel good about supplementing your body’s needs with Jubilance. 

What causes PMS?

For decades, too many health professionals have believed that PMS is caused solely by female hormone changes that, outside the use of hormonal birth control, can’t be changed. But recent scientific discoveries are showing that hormones are only a part of the root cause of PMS. For example, studies comparing women with severe PMS symptoms and women who experience no symptoms at all have shown that the two groups have no difference in hormone levels throughout their menstrual cycles.

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So what else besides hormones is happening? The answer has to do with those intense food cravings PMS often brings. We’ve all been there, driving down the road and suddenly needing a chimichanga and french fries STAT. During PMS, the body expends extra energy in preparation for menstruation, leaving the brain with less access to sugar than at other times. The junk food cravings are simply your brain shouting for more energy. 

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When parts of the brain, especially your cerebellum, don’t receive enough sugar, all sorts of emotional symptoms can occur. Increased anxiety, gloominess, irritation, mood swings, and stress all add up to those PMS symptoms we all have become familiar with. Jubilance works to address the root causes of these symptoms and provide PMS relief by modifying brain sugar and glutamate levels during PMS.

Jubilance contains one active ingredient, oxaloacetate (OAA), along with Vitamin C to ensure maximum bioavailability. OAA is a key metabolite supporting energy production, the glucose system, and proper cellular functioning. OAA has also been shown to reduce excess glutamate levels and increase GABA levels in the brain in animal trials.

Finding Life-changing Pms Relief With Jubilance
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When glutamate levels are too high and GABA levels are too low, the brain goes into overdrive, making the common symptoms of PMS more intense. Hunger, irritation, and anxiety are all key players here (think cravings). Clinical trials show that OAA helps balance GABA and glutamate levels to improve PMS mood swings, and the majority of women finally begin to experience PMS relief and feel like themselves again during their menstrual cycle.

Try It For Yourself: PMS Relief

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Jubilance is a women-led company on a mission to help women feel their best all month long by fueling PMS relief. Clients can try Jubilance risk-free and experience the benefits for themselves. In gold-standard peer-reviewed clinical trials, women who took Jubilance daily for only one month experienced PMS relief in the following ways: 54% improvement of PMS-related gloominess, 51% improvement of PMS-related anxiety, 36% improvement of PMS-related stress, and 18% improvement of PMS-related irritability.

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You can see the full study on the effects of Jubilance related PMS relief and more details on Jubilance’s website and in the Journal for Obstetrics and Gynecology Science. 

Finding Life-changing Pms Relief With Jubilance

Interested in trying Jubilance? You can try your first bottle for 50% off. The offer includes free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee. You can also browse hundreds of Jubilance customer reviews where real women share the PMS relief they experienced. Some are quite inspiring. 

“I can’t even explain how much Jubilance has changed my life. To put it simply… I AM NOT CRAZY ANYMORE!!!! After 25 years with PMS… Finally, something that ends the nightmare.” – Gabriela 

“I have struggled horribly for over 15 years with awful emotional PMS issues, especially anxiety. Within a week of taking Jubilance the difference was tremendous, I feel like me again after so many years!“ – Shasta

“I’ve had two straight months of no PMS at all! My first ever full 60 days of being level headed, happy and calm after a lifetime of struggle.” – Kolette

Finding Life-changing Pms Relief With Jubilance

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Finding solutions for problems and PMS relief that don’t seem solvable creates a life of freedom, health, and happiness. Jubilance offers real, scientific PMS relief, and has solved an age-old problem that has affected the lives of women all over the world for centuries. See for yourself how great life can be when you experience real PMS relief. You’ll be feeling your best with Jubilance. 

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