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Free Home Organization Apps To Get Your House In Order


Spark joy throughout your home and embrace Spring cleaning this year! First, grab copies of Marie Kondo’s books. Then check out these FREE home organization apps for inspiration and ideas on how the entire family can help to declutter the house and keep track of those important papers! All of these apps are available for download on Google Play and iOS.

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Home Organization Apps

Homer is a home organization app that makes it possible for homeowners to keep track of all types of information, such as mortgage documents, lease paperwork, and warranties, so users aren’t digging through jammed drawers trying to find it when they need it. Create a free account and then answer a few questions. Once your residence type is set up, begin adding rooms. After all the rooms have been added, users can begin adding specific information for the high-priced items in those rooms including make, model, and warranty information for every item – making it easy for users to find the information for repairs or warranty replacements.

For older items, Homer provides users with the ability to photograph the section of the item that has the serial number, make and model. For new purchases, users can scan the receipts. Take photos of everything in your room. Homer also allows users to photograph important documents like contracts, vaccination records, and passports and store this information under the documents tab of the app.

Home Organization Apps

Tody allows users to stay on top of house-cleaning and other chores. After setting up the account, begin by selecting a room in your house and then add the various tasks that need to get done and how often you want to do them. Once the task has been completed, tap on that task and click “Just Did It.” When it’s time to complete the task again, Tody will send you a notification to remind you.

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3My Stuff Organizer

Home Organization Apps

My Stuff is similar to the other two home organizations apps in that it allows you to photograph your belongings and store them in organized tabs within the app. But, unlike the other two, users will receive notifications when warranties are about to expire and users can also keep track of what items they sold, donated, or loaned out to friends. Users can also add the names of the friends they loaned those items too. Never forget who has your second-favorite pair of shoes again!

4Cozi Family Organizer

Home Organization Apps

The Cozi Family Organizer is just that! It’s a home organization app for the whole family. When creating the account, users need to pick a password the whole family will remember. Cozi allows users to connect their Google and Apple calendars to this app, making it easy to stay on top of family and individual activities. Cozi also makes it possible to sort through your shopping lists, keeping a separate list for grocery stores and wholesale stores. There’s also a separate tab to keep all of the favorite family recipes.

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Home Organization Apps

OurHome is another home organization app for the entire family to use. In addition to keeping track of who is supposed to perform which task, it also assigns points for each completed task as well as deducts points for poor behavior. All of these points can add up to a reward of mom and dad’s choosing. The reward can be photographed and saved within the app, allowing the children to see what they’re working for.

Home Organization Apps

Homey is one of the only home organization apps that allows parents to transfer allowance money to their kids through this app. BUT! Connecting bank accounts to the app for payouts is a premium feature. Homey allows parents to set daily goals for their kids. The children can see what percentage of their goals they’ve met. Parents can also set up recurring tasks, such as emptying wastebaskets for each of their kids. Once the task has been completed, kids can take a picture of the empty wastebasket and upload it to the app so parents can see the completed task.

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Home Organization Apps

S’MoresUp is the last of the home organization apps mentioned here. Similar to the other apps mentioned, S’MoresUp allows users to assign tasks to their kids that include required reading time. It also allows parents to assign chores based on the age of the kids. Children between the ages of 4-6 can be assigned tasks such as clearing the kitchen table and putting their clothes in the hamper. Children between the ages of 7-10 can be assigned tasks such as putting their laundry away and vacuuming. Parents can even track their children’s behavior with this app.

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These home organization apps have everything adults need to keep their homes and their kids organized. Never lose important papers, forget trash day, or leave laundry in the washing machine for over a week again. Let these apps make organizing your home easy!

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