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Giveaway: Bee International Gingerbread Houses


One of the best traditions of the holiday season is building gingerbread houses together as a family. The problem is that unless you are a Pinterest mom who creates amazing crafts, hosts epic birthday parties, and has themed drinks at her holiday parties, chances are your gingerbread house will end up looking like it belongs on an episode of “Nailed It.”

The idea of making a gingerbread house always seems like a great one until execution. As you start to get all those pieces out and gingerly (pun intended) try to put them together without breaking them or getting icing everywhere, you realize that making the masterpiece you envisioned flew out the window faster than Santa on Christmas Eve.

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Luckily there is an answer to many parents’ woes this holiday season. Bee International has created gingerbread houses with interlocking panels to help eliminate time and stress when creating your gingerbread house. The patented Link & Lock design helps you to build your structured and sturdy gingerbread house in less than 5 minutes with minimal icing. The only thing knocking this baby down is your kids’ little fingers trying to get a taste. No more waiting a day for the icing to harden or using up all the icing for the structure- now you can build decorate immediately.

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Bee International has several different gingerbread house building kits available. Classic kits with traditional candies like gumdrops, peppermints, and sprinkles are available as well as kits with a more modern twist like  NERDS, SweetTarts, Runts, and Bottlecaps. There is even one that every little one will love: a PAWPatrol kit!

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Daily Mom is giving away two Bee International Gingerbread kits: a NERDS, SweetTarts, Runts, and Bottlecaps version as well as the PAWPatrol version, to help you create some amazing holiday memories this season. Enter below for a chance to win!

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Modern Candies Gingerbread House | PAWPatrol Gingerbread House
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Giveaway Gingerbread Houses

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