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Handbag Day 2018


It’s comfortable, manageable, useful, and it’s your everyday go-to source when you have errands to run. We’re talking handbags! A much-needed and uniquely styled accessory women have come to cherish (but it didn’t start there). Whatever your fashion sense is when it comes to your everyday handbag or a special occasion handbag, make handbag day 2018 a memorable one. Let’s start with your best Instagram photos!handbag day - instagram

The “Un” Official Handbag Day 2018

If women could make Handbag Day 2018 an official holiday, it would certainly spark the sales and interests of local and major businesses alike. However, since this is an unofficially celebrated day, we’ve shown some of our favorite handbags off through popular social media channels. So which handbag are you grabbing today?

handbag Day – 3

As the season changes you may be tempted to reach into your closet and do a quick switcheroo. Been there, done that for way too many years in a row. On this day, change up your routine and go get that high-end handbag that you have been eye-balling, Amazon-comparing, and taking snapshots of the whole year. This is when you snap that fashionista money shot of you walking out of the store with your prized purchase!

The Handbag Dump

Your handbag may be your most used accessory and that means it’s time to dump it. I’m sure some women could lose a small mini bathroom kit complete with mirrors and extra makeup and still have room for the wallet, kids’ toys, and about 30 pens!

Ladies, it’s also time to consider the Handbag Dump. Whether you are switching it up for organizational purposes or ready to migrate into the next season’s must-have…give your handbag a good clean-up.

handbag day – collage copy

Now’s the time to take some quick social media “look what I found” pictures to show off. No need to be embarrassed either, as a matter of fact, your items will probably look the most “normal” compared to those who haven’t ‘dumped’ in quite some time!
handbag day – collage copy

Fun FACT: During the early 1900s, the term, Handbag was used to refer to men’s hand baggage.

handbag Day – 6 man’s_

Whether it’s in the new and out with the old…handbags are here to stay, so make a bold statement, and liven up your wardrobe. Bright and bold colors, or simple and chic, the choices are endless. Shop online or in store, just have fun with your handbags. Oh, and your handbag being functional is not required, ladies!


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