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How to Throw an Incredible Virtual Baby Shower


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Every new mom (or expecting mom for that matter!) deserves to be showered with love and gifts to celebrate the coming baby.  Often, gathering everyone the expecting mom holds dear to her heart into one place is next to impossible…especially with the dawn of social distancing.  With these things in mind, consider throwing a virtual baby shower!  So many great ideas are available to help expecting mommas feel loved from afar.

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First Step in Hosting

The initial step of throwing a virtual baby shower is to figure out what type of shower you want to host. Will there be a live audio/visual component?  Or would the expecting mom prefer recorded messages from the guests?  Additionally, think through whether to collect money for one large gift or request guests to send his/her own gift.  

Next, create a guest list and invite these guests to the shower.  The internet introduces so many unique and creative printed and digital invitation options.  Regardless of your choice, make sure to think through a few crucial details for your invitations:

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  • If having a live shower via the internet, make sure to include the meeting link or ID in the invitation.
  • Pick a time of day to host the shower when other kids at home may be otherwise occupied/napping.
  • In looking at the guest list, especially if hosting a live virtual baby shower, make sure that all invited are educated on how to use the hosting site prior to the day of the event.
daily-mom-parent-portal-How To Throw An Incredible Virtual Baby Shower

Set the Scene

When hosting a live virtual baby shower, there are so many fun ways create an ambiance similar to a shower thrown in person.  First and foremost, request that all gifts arrive prior to the shower so that the guest of honor can open them during the event.  Cake and decorations are also crucial to throwing any baby shower. Have a cake or cookies delivered from a local bakery/at home boutique and pay for a balloon delivery that includes some adorable baby-themed balloons.  Also, don’t forget to determine beforehand who will keep track of each gift and its giver for thank you notes.

daily-mom-parent-portal-How To Throw An Incredible Virtual Baby Shower

Games, Games, and More Games

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, all baby showers have games.  While a virtual baby shower limits the gaming possibilities, there are still enough adorable options that both the guest of honor and the attendees will enjoy.  Here are five quick and easy ideas to use when hosting your virtual baby shower:

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  1. Match the baby to the grown up.  In the invitation, ask that everyone submit a baby photo to the host.  Email out a sheet with everyone’s baby photos and the names of everyone attending the virtual shower.  Whoever can match the most people to the baby pictures wins.
  2. Name that tune. Play five or 10 seconds of various songs with the word “baby” and see who can name the most songs correctly.
  3. Embarrassing baby stories…we all have one!  Ask everyone to submit an embarrassing story of themselves as a child and have the group guess which story belongs to which attendee – make sure to include the guest of honor!
  4. How well do the parents line up?  Prior to the shower, ask the expectant mom’s significant other a few set questions (i.e. how many kids do you want?  Who do you think the baby will look more like?  What are you most excited about?).  During the shower, have the mom-to-be answer the same questions and then compare responses.
  5. Who knows the momma best?  Email questions about the expectant mom to all guests before the shower.  Include questions like “How old was she when she had her first kiss” and “What is her favorite book” and “What is her real hair color”.  Get creative and potentially embarrassing depending on your mom of honor.  At the shower, have her answer each question to determine who knows the momma best!

Throwing a Shower Remotely Offline

Throwing a virtual baby shower with a live component can be nearly as or more stressful than hosting one in person – both for the host and the expectant mom.  For that reason, you may decide to forgo finding a time for everyone to gather and celebrate.  There are a number of ways to make her feel loved without a set date and time for a shower. 

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Any one of the following ideas can be used together, separate, as a surprise, or by alerting the mom beforehand.  Should you decide to use them all, here is a suggestion on how to spoil her for an entire week!  Divvy up gifts by guests or request money and coordinate yourself.  

  • Day one: Goodies.  Similar to the live virtual baby shower, find a local bakery and send her a cake or cookies of her favorite variety.
  • Day two: Decorations.  Whether balloons, streamers, or confetti, most can be delivered via a local delivery service from your nearest convenient store.
  • Day three: Diapers.  Determine whether she is using cloth or disposable and send diapers.  Every mom needs diapers!  
  • Day four: Wipes. Again, all moms need wipes.
  • Day five: Books. Send your favorite childhood book for the mom to read to her new baby.
  • Day six: Registry gifts.  This may be obsolete considering the number of packages that may have already arrived so do not feel obligated to additionally send registry gifts!
  • Day seven: Video messages.  Request that each participant record a quick and heartfelt message to the mom-to-be sending love and happiness…and virtual hugs!

Do you know what does not wait for a shelter in place order to be lifted?  A baby.  While a virtual baby shower may not be your first choice, all expectant moms are anxious and excited and can use all the love and attention available.  Show her how much she means to the special people in her life by throwing the biggest, best virtual baby shower imaginable!

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